July 3 Update: Our Lady to Appear Second Time Tonight 10:30 PM!

July 3 Update: Our Lady to Appear Second Time Tonight 10:30 PM!

Our Lady graces those at Caritas with a second apparition tonight for the vigil feast, to take place at 10:30 PM! Be united in prayer!

July 3, 2013 A.D.

During tonight’s apparition which took place in the Bedroom of Apparitions, Our Lady told Marija that She would again appear in the Field at 10:30 P.M. for a second apparition today. Everyone was moved hearing about this incredible grace. This is a special grace and opportunity not only for those gathered at Caritas, but for those following from your homes, gather your family, friends, prayer group members, neighbors, everyone, to pray in unison with those in the Field at Caritas, Alabama for the vigil feast of the Birth of the United States. See times below for your local time:

To Be United in Prayer for the Vigil Feast of Our Nation 10:30 p.m. Caritas time.

Your Time Zone Apparition Time
Eastern Time 11:30 PM
Central Time 10:30 PM
Mountain Time
Mountain Time Alternate
8:30 PM (Standard Time)
9:30 PM (Daylight Time)
Pacific Time 8:30 PM
Alaska Time 7:30 PM
Hawaii Time 6:30 PM
Brazil Time 12:30 AM (July 4)
Sydney, Australia 1:30 PM – (July 4)
Seoul 7:40 AM – (July 4)
Beijing, Singapore 10:30 AM – (July 4)
Calcutta 10:00 AM – (July 4)
Baghdad, Moscow 6:30 PM – (July 4)
Jerusalem, Athens, Cairo 6:30 AM (July 4)
Warsaw, Paris, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Medjugorje 5:30 AM (July 4)
Nigeria 4:30 AM (July 4)
South Africa 5:30 AM (July 4)
Kenya 6:30 AM (July 4)
London, Dublin 4:30 AM (July 4)
United Arab Emirates 7:30 AM (July 4)

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10 thoughts on “July 3 Update: Our Lady to Appear Second Time Tonight 10:30 PM!”

  1. It was an amazing evening in the field! I thank God I was able to be in the presence of grace twice in one day! Words cant describe it!

  2. Thank you!! Though I cannot be there, I will be with all of you on both occasions,, O what a wonderful Mother we have, God is so good to us, though I do reside in the US I know it needs (US) and all the countries of the world will be saved by Her coming, She is the the Mother of All Nations I will tell everyone and will copy as many as I could to let everyone know.

  3. We are so blessed to have her Presence with us in America at this time, thank you and eternal gratitude to our Mother Mary, Marija and Caritas, and all the people there and around the world. O AMERICA WAKE UP, Blessed Mother we love you

  4. Sandra Ranallo

    Thank you for all that you have done for us in heaven for us humans, animals, planet, all living things. Thank you for praying for a rebirth into this great nation under God. The nation needs a rebirth. All should be called back to you, to our Jesus Christ, God, Blessed Mother, apostles, saints, and angels in heaven. Please breathe a new nation to be protected under your wings and to please stop the carnage of innocent people being killed. Also, around the world such as Israel and the Middle East. Lord we pray that this constant fighting and wars please stop not only here in the United States, but also in other countries as well. I pray for the goodness of hearts in all people to come together in family dinners as the family once did. To have compassion, to help one another, to be kind and hospitable to one another, to pray together and go to church together as the family once did. To be thankful, grateful, appreciative, and good in all deeds, thoughts, hearts, and prayers.

  5. carmel herbert

    I have just prayed with my Thursday Two Hearts prayer group we pray the Rosary stations of the Cross and other prayers after Mass every week with up to six other ladies, I will endeavour to pray at 2.30 today as well if I can Thank you and God Bless….AUSTRALA NEEDS PRAYER Carmel

  6. Shirley Russell

    I hope to be in prayer at 10:30 pm CDT here in San Antonio, TX. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you as you are in the presence of Our Blessed Mother. How wonderful it must be to be in Her presence! She knows why I am not there. I will be in prayer. Dear Blessed Mother: I love you so much and thank you for praying for me, my family and each and every one of us, your children. You know how much we need you and love you. We pray for all of your intentions and we believe we already see your plan of action at work. We will continue to pray for our nation to be converted to Jesus and to you, Mary, and for our reconciliation and conversion. We pray that Our Blessed Lord will have mercy on each and every one of us, our nation and the world as we celebrate the 4th of July our Independence and we thank you, Mary, for helping us to gain our Independence and Religious Freedom once again. We love you, Mary, Our Mother. Love, Shirley

  7. Thank you Bless you for helping us determine the international date/time line to assist us in-in the moment participation. This is truly graceful of you. Some of us also have ” conditions ” with nerves and the charts you publish through Caritas are wonderfully helpful! PEACE ON EARTH!! PEACE,PEACE,PEACE,HUMANITY,CAREING,SHAREING,LOVE

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please e-mail the time of apparition for the fourth of July. Gratefully in Our Lady and Christ, ~Kim

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