July 2, 2009 – Consecration to Our Lady

Today, July 2, 2009, the pilgrims who are attending the Five Days of Prayer at Caritas will be making their individual consecrations to Our Lady during the time of apparition. We invite you to do the same. Click here to read the Consecration Prayers to the Two Hearts.

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  1. Why were my grandparents ‘preppers’? Some thoughts about this. Definition of terms. [b]Panic hoarding:[/b] to take more than the fair amount of neccesities from common commodities during wartime, pandemics or unstable economic times. [b]Supply stocking:[/b] setting aside provisions in increments while supply trains can restock easily,  and without causing interference of supply and demand. What is the difference?  Simple.  Read the signs of the times.  Setting aside provisions and becoming a mocked at ‘prepper,’ is actually an economically stabilizing action, whereas panic hoarding offends charity. If you buy and stock your pantry in order to provide your household with enough to keep your house fed for at least a few months, then when panic grips society, the poor, and those who could not afford to stock up will be supplied easier because the stores would have restocked what you stockpiled during times of plenty.  This wisdom is lost on our present age.  Those who grew up in the 20s and 30s knew this. My suggestion would be to keep a pantry full by buying in increments during times of plenty in order to safeguard the stores supply.  Panic is a strange beast when it hits. Stockpile in order to avoid hoarding. This will bring peace.  And if panic does not come during these most unprecedented times,  then you will have to make less trips to the grocery store.  Clear conscience.  The greatest source of grace and power for me personally,  seems to be coming from Our Lady of Medjugorje,  and this ‘friend.’ Thank you

  2. That was absolutely powerful and beautiful at the end. Peace is total abandonment to God and our Lady. ❤️

  3. Having Congressman Mo Brooks, on the February 4, 2021 Radiowave Mejonomics show was powerful, insightful, and brutally honest with what is going on in the United States government.  People are blind to what is going on and are being led astray by the Democrats.  The Democrats are not subtle about it either, it’s blatant.  Maybe people are choosing to be blind? On another note, peace, as stated by the liberal wording in the montage seems that it could lead to problems.  As compared to the Way of Life’s Peace, Christ is the center of their lives.  Mary is the focus and the one who leads us to Christ.  Thank God for Mary because she is are only Hope at this time.  My last comment is to say– Way to go Luke for your insightful comment–to bad others aren’t as insightful and reflective as you are.  Take Care, and as always God Bless.  Joanne

  4. Thank you Friends of Medjugorje, Hats off to the State of Alabama. You are fighting a good fight, may we all follow suit. In the love of Jesus and Blessed Mary Mary Alice

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