July 1-5, Talks

July 1-5, Talks

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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26 thoughts on “July 1-5, Talks”

  1. Brother Raymond A.J.M. Zisk

    Dearest Friend Of Madjugorje: For More Doses Of TRUTH; WE NEED Your ADVICE(Or Criticism) About The Catholic Churches Teaching On NFP-(Natural Family Planning)!!!… IT CAN Be SEEN That NFP IS NOT O.K. In The Eyes Of THE Heavenly Father Because It RESULTS In UNNATURAL LUSTFUL FORNICATION WHEN MARRIED Couples ELIMINATE God’ DIVINE WILL From Their Married Life As To WHEN; And How Many Children God Wants In Each Family For His Kingdom On Earth!!!… SO Just As THE PILL IS SINFULLY Classified By The Church AS A SERIOUS SIN; NFP [IS] A FORM Of Sinful FORNICATING By Married Couples Because It Eliminates God’ Divine WILL AS To How MANY Children Married Couples Have!!!… Bible Scripture States That Fornicators Will NOT Enter Paradise And NFP [IS] A Sinful Form Of Fornication!!!… REPENTANCE [IS] NEEDED!!!… AHMEN!;And AMEN !!!…….

  2. Michelle Dobek-Koinberg

    Thank you!!! I appreciate your guest sharing his knowledge with us! I knew it was lying voices on tv! Our Lord had a plan! Let us do his will not your own! Our Lady is our guide. Thank you!!

  3. Michelle Dobek-Koinberg

    Thank you!!! I appreciate your guest sharing his knowledge with us! I knew it was lying voices on tv! Our Lord had a plan! Let us do his will not your own! Our Lady is our guide. Thank you!!

  4. When children can not have normal childhoods, the salt of the nation is spent, worthless.  Then it must be purged. Trump is the father of the abomanation causing desolation, the purge vaccine and the covid lie! He is not President because America was never true but created from lies and you say you know lying voices. Then have you discerned the lies of Satan in the book of Job? Or do you blur in your discernment? God gave the Russian Christians church to the Jewish atheist for decades. There was no church. Christian America followed Trump into hell and Biden is on the same the Obama path. Why? Gay life style is the path of hell, Trump sold it.  People forget, Trump earned his acting card. Satan loves to setup two people as two false choices, Hillary verses Trump. Trump joined Hillary and Hitler as mass murderers when he killed 10 people in Iraq to kill the Iranian general. You keep forgetting your mission, to train others in community living from the soil. Let the dead bury the dead.

  5. I wanted to add to a comment I made….Thta woman who got shot was a Trump supporter why would she go alog with this. ? Also I have re viewed the videos and I don’t notice blood on her as she comes down the corridor but I do see blood after she got shot ,also the hospital issued a statement that she had died……That’s quite a lot. could she have had some blood from when she went through the window.?I know there was a lot of staging but the fake death is harder to keep hidden. Wondering what you think ?

  6. Harvinne Higginson

    Thank you friend of Medjugorje for an outstanding piece of truth,thank you for your faithful dedication to Our Lady,indeed you speak HER messages with truth and conviction,I myself would have believed those lying,vitriolic voices if it was not for this site.But we are called to pray for those people.Father,what a gift you have given to us,Our Mother’s presence on earth,if if was not for Her intercessions,the world would have perished a long time ago.I can’t believe it’s Our Lady’s last year with us.Thank you again friend of Medjugorje and all your staff,you are the light in this darkened world.Always look forward to your writings and radio wave.God bless each and everyone.

  7. Ashli Babbitt was a known Trump supporter and Q enthusiast.  Are you implying that she was one of the bad actors that day?  Eye witness testimony is not always reliable.

  8. Thank you FOM for having Jeff share what he personally witnessed.  Jeff, thank you for coming forward.  I pray you have the courage to continue to share this information.  My mother has taught me to pray for discernment and to pray for wisdom.  I do not subscribe to social media platforms, I do not watch any of the well known news outlets because of the 9th commandment…. “Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor!”  So I do see how blinded Christians are and how STRONG EVIL IS right now.  It is very discouraging but thank you FOM for giving this encouraging message!    

  9. We were there too a bit later and on the west side. Thankfully we were forewarned of Antifa’s presence and no bathrooms. Saw the gas masks and hubby noticed bulletproof vests. I noticed the profanity on the signs they carried – ugh!  We prayed caritas’ exorcism prayer while still riding the metro as we knew what could be ahead. Having attended past Marches for life where crowds are estimated at 1 million, hubby guessed there were well over 2 million and we couldn’t see the east and south sides.  Left about 2:30 – Mother Nature calling – also felt the urge of the Holy Spirit to move on. It felt creepy. Heard on the way back the Capital has been breached. Saw emergency vehicles moving slowly down Pennsylvania Ave. Why didn’t they take an alternate route on the next block?  Happy to support a great president. Thanks for your prayers. 

  10. I believe in Medjugorje, I was blessed to go in 1990.   I’m just trying to wrap my head around this. What about the family of this so called victim.  They were interviewed, were they in on this hoax too?

  11. Thank you for this broadcast really enjoy listening and it really helps me bring peace to know that Our Lady will take care of us!

  12. This gives me so much hope! I have felt that what happened at the capital,  was not true Trump supporters. And I’ve seen video and heard other eyewitness testimonies that testify to that. This is the first I’ve heard regarding the woman who was supposedly killed. But, this is why this is home base for me. So much deception being sold as truth…Our Lady is our Arch…Jesus is our Anchor. Praying the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of the blind and TRUTH prevails! 

  13. Listened to this broadcast, it confirmed a video I watched last Friday night on a conservative site! 2 gentlemen who stage for a living (Example: disaster drills @ hospitals). These guys had video inside capital when everything was going on inside (same video I saw on National news Jan 6) & were going over events in slow motion to show how someone had staged event. Several people were pointed out as they’d played more than 1 role, at event. They had footage of “shoot women “ & pointed out things “paramedics” didn’t do that a real paramedic certainly would! They even declared her dead immediately without even checking her out or looking for a pulse! There was some blood by her mouth, even the way she fell looked staged, she even moved her left leg, kind of posing it a certain way, while lifting her head, then putting head back down on floor. It was all so bizarre & watching it I know they were correct, it was staged.There’s many more details I saw, that  I have no doubt in my mind this was “setup” to blame PDJT! We are dealing with evil, I put nothing past these people ! I watched late Friday & when I went to share video Saturday it had been taken down!All I can say is we all must continue praying! 

  14. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing this.  I am so thankful for your amazing faith! I am so hopeful listening to your words. I completely agree this was staged.

  15. i have been on a total news fast (even from EWTN a “Catholic perspective”) The toxicity of the lying voices, the hate, anger and vengeance of the a Democrats is way over the top.  Thank you for the interview with a true eyewitness and not the doctored video being presented by the “prosecution “. It is pure theater being bought by so many lukewarm Catholics and frightened people.  God bless you and may our Blessed Mother keep Caritas safe.  Thank you, Susan

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