Ivan’s Prayer Group Apparition at the Blue Cross-June 4, 2007

Ivan’s Prayer Group Apparition at the Blue Cross-June 4, 2007


Last Monday, May 31, 2007, Ivan’s prayer group apparition was closed, and therefore, not open to the public. Tonight, however, the pilgrims from all over the world who are presently in Medjugorje were invited to attend. The apparition was at the Blue Cross, a sacred place at the foot of Apparition Mountain; sacred because of the great number of apparitions of Our Lady over the years. Rain had been threatening all day, and eventually began falling, with strong winds, in the late afternoon, thoroughly soaking the ground and the stony path leading up to the Blue Cross, making it a very slippery and muddy climb.

Blue Cross Medjugorje
The Blue Cross at little after 6:00 p.m. Monday night where in just a little over an hour later the crowd began to flood in. The whole area was filled with many thousands of pilgrims for Our Lady’s apparition.

Our Caritas group had already climbed one mountain today, leaving their hotel at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and heading towards Cross Mountain. Despite the great effort made by several of our pilgrims climbing the large mountain, they were ready to ascend Apparition Mountain this same day if Our Lady gave the call to climb it tonight as She did last week, but instead She chose the Blue Cross. The threatening rain didn’t bother them. They were just excited to be able to be with Our Lady. However, all during the evening services at St. James Church, the skies began clearing and by the time the Rosary began in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition at Blue Cross, a beautiful star-lit sky, devoid of all clouds, had settled above the village. Just before Our Lady appeared, Ivan requested that there be no photographs taken during the apparition, and then he asked everyone to kneel down. Silence fell over the crowd when Our Lady appeared to Ivan. The apparition was a long time, going on for many minutes. It was a perfectly beautiful evening with Our Lady. Ivan gave a description of what happened in the apparition last night, first in Croatian, then English. Following is a summary of Ivan’s description.

pilgrims gathered for Medjugorje visionary Ivan’s prayer group
Moday evening at 9:00 p.m. June 4, 2007. The pilgrims gathered for Ivan’s prayer group, where Our Lady would soon appear to him. Ivan is in the middle with his back to the camera, wearing a gray shirt.

“Tonight, Our Lady came very, very happy. And at the beginning She said, ‘Praised be Jesus, my little children.’ And after, Our Lady prayed a long time with Her hands extended over us. She gave Her Motherly blessing to all of us and a blessing for all the religious articles, rosaries, everything that was brought for Her blessing. And after, Ivan recommended all of our intentions, petitions, all our families, and especially the sick people. And after, Our Lady prayed a long time, especially for the sick. And after, Ivan prayed with Our Lady one Our Father and Glory Be, and after Our Lady, while leaving, said ‘Go in peace, my little children.’”

A special petition was written and brought to the Blue Cross for the apparition tonight. It read,

“Dear Blessed Mother, You know all the hearts of those who will be reading about your apparition tonight on mej.com, and we ask, while in your presence tonight, that in a special way you will bless them, that you would grant them the grace to feel your love, and that you will touch those hearts who you are inviting to Medjugorje in these days. Open their hearts to the invitation to come and be in your presence and open all doors to make a pilgrimage possible for them. We present to you all the petitions and intentions of their hearts, and pray that you will intercede for all their needs while we are with you on your Holy Hill. And as the rain watered the rich soil and fields in Medjugorje today, may the graces from your apparition water the souls of your children around the world who hunger and thirst for your blessing. Thank you for coming tonight.” The Caritas Community

This petition was lifted up to Our Lady during the apparition, and prayers were offered to Her on your behalf.

-Community of Caritas in Medjugorje

The grace-filled village of Medjugorje

The grace-filled village of Medjugorje Monday evening from the Blue Cross at 6:30 p.m., June 4, 2007.


“Dear Caritas of Birmingham


I made a group in a website FaceBook and it is about spreading mej.com. I also added a picture of Caritas in Medjugorje. That way I will be able to help Our Lady spread mej.com.Thank you and God Bless!



Eskasoni First Nations, Nova Scotia


“Thank you so much for recommending all of us who read this webpage tonite and Ivan’s apparition. That was so very, very thoughtful and beautiful to do. I feel “touched” in a special way this evening. God Bless All!!! THANK YOU. THANK YOU. ”



Middletown, NJ – USA


“I’m reading this Tuesday morning just before morning prayer and Mass. Your message to Our Lady was so beautiful and I was really touched when reading it. How blessed we are to believe in Mother Mary’s apparitions. That certainly must be a grace and special gift from Her to us! Can we thank Her enough? Yes, by responding to Our Lady’s requests for prayer and fasting, and bringing it all together at the Holy Sacrifice pf the Mass. Blessings to all of you at Caritas.”


We love you,


Tavares, FL


“Many thanks for your prayers and intercession. May the Almighty God bless you and your works.”



Perth, Western Australia


“Thank you for thinking of us at the Blue Cross. I have been longing to go back to Medjugorje. I have been praying for Our Lady to help us make the journey again and your petition hits home. Mej.com helps me keep the Medjugorje “presence” feeling alive.”



Florence, AL


“I wondered why I had to check my e-mail tonight, but when I saw this reminder from Caritas to check out Ivan’s apparition I knew it was a gift from my friends and our Holy Mother. Thank you. I needed the graces.”


Your Sister,


Bay St. Louis, MS


“Your sharing of this and other messages helps increase my faith and love. It also gives me a deeper appreciation of what our Holy Mother is doing to share Her thoughts and knowledge with us all. Thank you all for sharing these powerful messages.”



Alton Bay, NH


“Thank you very much for this special petition that was given to Our Lady tonight. I feel that I have been specially blessed just reading this article. I am one of the ones who believe I shall see Our Lady face to face one day.”


Burlington, NJ


“I am so happy to have opened the webpage tonight. Thank you for placing the needs of those of us that are far away, but close by in our love for Our Blessed Mother. I have a very special need that I placed in Our Lady’s hands this morning, and with this message tonight, I know that She also received it at the Blue Cross and will respond.”


May God bless you all,



“I couldn’t agree more. That really was so very thoughtful and beautiful! Thank you deeply from my heart, for this special blessing. God bless!”


Pembroke, NH


“Thank you for including us in the blessing from our Blessed Mother. I feel grateful to be privileged to have received this blessing.”



Plympton, MA


“Thank you so much for sharing, it touched my heart.”





“Oh my, thank you so much for asking for a blessing for the readers of mej.com. It has been a hope of mine to be blessed enough to go to Medjugorje someday, and I truly thank you that you have requested this for me. God bless all of you who do this great work for our Lord.”



Aghming, Manitoba



“Thank you for taking us to the Blue Cross…the picture made me feel a part of it …how beautiful.”



Allen, TX


“I want to thank Our Lady for what I have in my life, especially for my friend who told me about this site. Thank you too for responding to Our Lady’s call.”


Kendall Park, NJ


“I was blessed to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje last September. Every time I read the recent message and look at the photos, I feel as if I am right back there with all of you. Thank you for sharing these experiences and especially for recommending our prayers to Our Lady!! Thank you!”




“Lately, when I read the messages from our Blessed Mother, I start to cry. I’m not sure why, but I just do. When I read Ivan’s latest message the same thing happened. I wish to thank those from my heart who offered up prayers for me and for all of us to Our Lady. It was a most beautiful gift to all of us and I know that Our Lady will help those of us (like me) who have never been to Medjugorje. I believe, I trust and I adore you Blessed Mother.”



New York, NY


“I would so love to go there to witness this blessed time with you. I’m so far away. How Our Lady must love us to pray for us so far away.”



Brampton, Ontario



“I can’t describe the shock and awe that I feel, that we, the readers of mej.com, were prayed for last night in Medjugorje! I’ve been praying for my husband’s conversion and being able to travel to Medjugorje! Thank you! Thank you so much!!!!!!!”


Clyde, TX


“Thank you very much for recommending our intentions in last night’s apparition to Ivan. I had the opportunity to visit Medjugorje last month, and every time I read about this place, my heart aches for returning and being there again. It was a beautiful experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. You don’t know how much I appreciate your website because I can relive my experiences. Thank you!!!”



Columbus, GA


“A Friend of Medjugorje and the Community – your words and example burn in my heart. Is there any way you can have several mini gatherings all over the U.S., – split the country into eight sections and pick the middle? And bring y’all to us, since many find it hard to visit you. You have so much to share and we have so much to hear and change. PLEASE consider coming and giving us more of y’all. Perhaps, you can send out an e-mail to everyone in the U.S.A. and see if anyone would be interested – test the idea. You definitely have my vote. I pray that you hear me and know WE NEED YOU ALL. Please take lots of vitamins and keep up your strength so you can keep feeding those of us who are starving for more. God bless you greatly…”



Chattanooga, TN


“I read the message that our Mother gave, and I am happy that She was happy. She loves us so much. I’m asking Her to please call my son to Medjugorje, and that he will find peace within himself. He was supposed to go this month with my daughter’s family, but declined. He needs our Mother and I can see it in him. So, please pray that he will go with his other sister’s family this August.”


Lakewood, CO


“Bless you all at Caritas. I have been a Field Angel … I am glad to be part of Caritas. To comment on mej.com, I think it’s a blessing, bless you. Now I can receive Our Lady’s messages faster and everything else that is happening in Medjugorje and Caritas sooner. I have received the book, Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping. It is true that we live in a sinful world. Can it be saved? May God, Jesus, and Mary be with you all at Caritas.”



Boalsburg, PA


“Many thanks for prayers. I am longing to go back there with my family and to spend more time with Our Lady. God bless you all…”



Vienna, Austria


“I was already asleep last night when this very special e-mail was sent to me last night. I feel that Medjugorje is close to my heart, as if I was there. I have this feeling most of the time. I feel close to the Blessed Mother. I am so excited about receiving this special mail. I know exactly how it feels to be at the Blue Cross unexpectedly. I will never forget that starry night when I was there (in 2006).”



Eskasoni First Nations, Nova Scotia



“Thank you so much for the petition that you presented to Our Lady last night. It is as if you entered my thoughts and my heart and wrote the words I’ve been praying for some time now. I feel the powerful call, the yearning, to go to Medjugorje to honor Our Lady and our Father for allowing Her to come to us! Thank you for all that you do to unite us all as children of Our Lady.”



Jacksonville, FL


“My heart was so filled with joy reading the intentions you have given to Our Lady. During our rosary last night with the family, my heart was so heavy with burdens that when I read my email this morning, it was a wonderful and delightful surprise. God Bless You!”



Milpitas, CA – USA

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2 thoughts on “Ivan’s Prayer Group Apparition at the Blue Cross-June 4, 2007”

  1. THIS IS A POWERFUL RADIO WAVE MESSAGE! We have to be thankful for the gift of time and renewal. I want to thank GOD for the time I have had with knowing the Community of Caritas and the mission. I have found peace and a prayer life thru our Lady that has blessed my life. Thank you all and thank you Friend of Mejabama

  2. THIS IS A POWERFUL RADIO WAVE MESSAGE! We have to be thankful for the gift of time and renewal. I want to thank GOD for the time I have had with knowing the Community of Caritas and the mission. I have found peace and a prayer life thru our Lady that has blessed my life. Thank you all and thank you Friend of Mejabama

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