Ivan’s Apparition Tonight-August 24, 2007

Ivan’s Apparition Tonight-August 24, 2007


Today, August 24, 2007, Ivan’s prayer group met for his apparition of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, at the Blue Cross which is at the bottom of Apparition Mountain.

Hot and dry weather continues here in Hercegovina with the temperatures in the shade recorded at 107 F/ 42 C. This morning the streets and area around the church of St. James were packed with pilgrims as they went to and from mass. From early to mid afternoon these same paths and roads were deserted because of the heat. With the start of the evening services at 6:00 PM, the village came back to life as lines formed at the confessionals and the Mysteries of the Rosary began. After the completion of the Rosary, the Litany of Mary was sung in Croatian. Then the church bells began to ring and Holy Mass started with the traditional Medjugorje Hymn. This song was written by a priest, Father Stanko Vasilj, who grew up on the family home at the base of Mt. Krizevac.

With the completion of mass, the crowds began to gather at the Blue Cross. More arrived after the sun had set. Some pilgrims began to lead songs while others joined in singing. Later the Rosary was led in Italian. The prayer group took over the singing and afterward the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary were prayed. In the darkness, with a moonlit sky, Our Lady appeared to Ivan.

Ivan’s description follows:

Today when Our Lady came She was very, very happy and said “Praise be Jesus My little children.” Our Lady extended Her hands over all of us and prayed for a long time. And She prayed tonight for all you present, especially for the sick. And afterward, Our Lady blessed all of us with Her Motherly blessing. She blessed all your articles, rosaries everything you brought for blessing. And I recommend all your intentions, petitions, all your family, and especially for sick. Our Lady continued to pray with Her hands extended over all us for a long time. And after this, I spoke with Our Lady privately, and after I finished this private conversation, I prayed with Our Lady, one Our Father and one Glory Be. And after finish this Our Lady left saying, “Go in peace my little children.

Today there was no message. You know tomorrow is the 25th. Every 25th of the month, Our Lady gives us a message for the world. We’re expecting a message tomorrow because Our Lady gives a message tomorrow. Thank you.

From Medjugorje,

Community of Caritas

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Tonight’s apparition at Ivan’s prayer group. Pilgrims from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, some rich, some poor all praying together as one heart. Thus we often hear Our Lady appears very, very happy at the mountain apparitions. Scripture says, be of one heart and one mind, agreeing with each other, which makes Jesus’ joy complete, and certainly will also make Our Lady happy.

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