August 12, 2019 A.D.

INTERESTING: The first words from Our Lady, after the youth festival.

Ivan’s Prayer Group Apparition at the Blue Cross August 12, 2019

Our Lady appeared tonight to Ivan during his prayer group at the Blue Cross. Following is Ivan’s description of the apparition and message of Our Lady:

“I would like to share what is the most important from tonight’s meeting with Our Lady. Our Lady, tonight, came very happy and joyful. She greeted all of us with Her motherly greeting, ‘Praised be Jesus my dear children.’ Then, for a longer time, She prayed over all of you and especially the sick present. Then She said:

“Dear children, in this time of grace, in a special way, I desire to call you to prayer, to perseverance in prayer. So many times I have said My Son has permitted Me to remain together with you for so long, because I desire to teach and educate you, because I desire to guide you towards My Son. Therefore, decide for Him. Put Jesus in your families in the first place. Pray before Him to be able to receive the graces. The Mother prays for all of you and intercedes before Her Son.

“Then, Our Lady blessed all of us with Her motherly blessing. She also blessed the religious articles brought. She then continued to pray and in that prayer She left in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, saying, ‘Go in peace my dear children.’

INTERESTING: The first words from a Friend of Medjugorje, after the message of Our Lady, after the youth festival:

Does satan want to stop Our Lady’s voice? Who hears Our Lady’s voice? Who tells us what they heard from the lips of the Virgin Mary? What would be satan’s tactic to silence Our Lady’s voice? satan cannot silence Our Lady, so his tactic must be different. Who would he aim at? satan would minimize the visionaries! satan would block them. satan would turn people away from the apparitions. How? By putting other things to do instead of attending the apparitions. Our Lady just told us, August 2, 2019, PRAY, THINK, CONTEMPLATE.

To understand all these words, do not, do not let others or things think for you. Our Lady, tonight, said:

1. I desire to call you to prayer
2. My Son has permitted me to remain together with you for so long
3. I desire to teach you
4. I desire to educate you
5. I desire to guide you…

It is the “I” who is on center stage because Jesus permitted it. It is satan who puts Our Lady in a position, versus things of man, and man wins. But, it won’t last. Our Lady will win, and lamentations and wailing will be heard through the mountains because of their realization of what just passed by. Our Lady said, they will wail and rend their hearts because what they committed themselves to, did, done and will keep doing. On August 25, 1997, Our Lady said:

“…soon a time will come when you will lament for the messages!”

If you pray, think and contemplate, you will understand this writing and all that it means. May you value every month, day, minute, second, Our Lady is here with us, giving precious, priceless words. Pray for the visionaries to continue to be witnesses and tell us Who they see, and the words they hear.

A Friend of Medjugorje

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6 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. I love receiving and reading the messages from our Mother Mary every month. I also love the interpretation and explanation that was given on the message. Thank you, Anita Landry

  2. Reading Our Lady’s words from Heaven, I felt in my spirit that’s time to stand up and fight for Jesus name. We, her apostles are Her extended hands. More than 2000yrs ago, the Jewish authority failed to recognise their Messiah, and the church today is failing to see This special Grace sent to us by Our Father, the church will truly lament when they will find their errors. satan knows The High Lady is crushing its head, so he is coming after the church by infiltrating her with his poison. Our lady is educating, guiding and restoring us the members of Her church, because it looks like the shepherds are not feeding us. Thank You Father, in Jesus name for gracing the world with Our Lady’s presence, I can’t even grasp in my mind how special this moment is. Stand up and fight with rosary and crucifix in hands. I look forward to your insight friend of Medjugorje in your next writing inspired by Our Lady. We stand by Your Son JESUS my redeemed.

  3. Ron from Manila

    Doing God’s will is often equated with doing good. The enemy creatively deceives us by planting distractions, convincing us that we are ok, that what we do is good for us, for the Church or for humanity. So it is very important NOT to lose our FOCUS on the Blessed Mother who leads us to Jesus, who brings us Truth, who brings God to us and us to God through her messages.

  4. Michael John Hebert

    It should be very telling to all of us, how this message is a confirmation of, A Friend of Medjugorje’s, last writing about education. Our Lady tells us, “I desire to teach and educate you”. It is very important that we don’t buy the education lie, being sold to the world through secular society. God Bless, and let’s all have a great Feast of the Assumption, this Thursday.

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