Ingrained, Inculturalized and a Mainstay

Ingrained, Inculturalized and a Mainstay

Being steadfast in our resolve for changing our hearts is what will change our nation…

Updated October 4, 2013 A.D.
Published October 3, 2013 A.D.

Caritas of Birmingham is the home of the Patriotic Rosary. The Patriotic Rosary, written by A Friend of Medjugorje in 1993, has been a source of inspiration and commitment for hundreds of thousands across the land, to change their hearts and the heart of this nation. Previous to the Patriotic Rosary being written, A Friend of Medjugorje visited Independence Hall and several times would kneel and pray the Rosary in front of the building, contemplating the birth of the United States of America. The more Rosaries he prayed in the middle of the day, while everyone was touring, the more he felt Heavenly inspirations to write and wed the Rosary to a prayer to help heal our beloved nation. Slowly, but very clearly, he was given the inspiration of the Patriotic Rosary. He did not release it until he could arrange that the first time it would be prayed, would be in the place where the inspiration was given, at Independence Hall. So, the first time this Patriotic Rosary was prayed, was by the Community of Caritas on the steps of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, at night in the pouring rain. The Holy Spirit was strongly felt. Shortly after it was released publicly, it quickly became the most popular Rosary prayed for the conversion of the United States.

The Patriotic Rosary has been spread across the nation like a wildfire, even being prayed in other nations and military bases across the world. Like all works of God, it has endured being copied, attacked, attempts to alter it, everything that can possibly be done to diminish its impact, but one thing it has not been, is ignored. It changes one when they pray it, in the way they think and act.

The following letter we received recently, is one of many we receive regularly, telling of a faithful commitment to praying the Patriotic Rosary:

September 30, 2013

“A group from our church, which includes my entire family, has been saying the Patriotic Rosary the first Monday of every month for about 11 years now. Faithfully. It’s an amazing experience to be able to pray for every single soul in the entire United States of America. To have the passages ingrained in your head after saying them for so long… to not even have to look at the words on the page when you read the words of our forefathers… It makes you really think about what they meant back when they said it, and how it is relevant in our day and age… Just amazing.”

Fruitland, Idaho

After Our Lady appeared in the home of the founder of Caritas in 1988, when so many prayers were offered for the conversion of the nation, it was followed by a movement of prayer, which gave birth to the Seven Novenas in 1993, which resulted in more grace, more inspiration, giving birth to the Patriotic Rosary. The Patriotic Rosary has become so ingrained and inculturalized in the spiritual revival across our land, a mainstay for the conversion of the United States; it is considered the absolute inclusion in most prayer gatherings for the nation, publicly and in church parishes. It is giving birth to many important movements, prayer gatherings, prayer groups, winning grace each time it is prayed for another inspiration to follow, each time accumulating more grace storing up for monumental conversion to take place across the land.

This year, for the Feast of the Holy Rosary coming up on Monday October 7, gather your family and friends and offer on this special feast day the Patriotic Rosary. The Community of Caritas will be praying the Patriotic Rosary in the Field of Apparitions on that day during the daily Rosary at 11:00 AM.

More has been posted about this important feast and the Patriotic Rosary, available here…

The Patriotic Rosary

The Patriotic RosaryTM

by A Friend of Medjugorje

Prayed from within cloistered convents to inside the Pentagon; from dangerous military fields around the globe to the quietness of the Bedroom and Field here at Caritas.

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