In Front of the Crucifix With Our Lady

The Catholic Church has always stood apart from other faiths in its teaching that suffering has value when we attach prayer to it. And yet, it is a teaching that is rarely heard from our pulpits as of late. Our crucifixes are being replaced with the Resurrected Christ, and more and more Catholics are finding it difficult to accept suffering and to cope with it in their lives. Our Lady brings to light the strength and power behind the Crucifix. She beckons us to pray often before it, as we will discover graces that will help us bear our own sufferings. We live in a world that constantly seeks immediate gratification. Our Lady points to the cross and reminds us that this is the only path that will lead us to happiness and peace. In Front of the Crucifix with Our Lady will strengthen you and show you the value of your suffering, as well as help you to experience joy amidst suffering. For anyone who suffers — a must read!

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