If We Want to Be Protected…

If We Want to Be Protected…

August 12, 2020 A.D.

President Trump with Secret Service, August 10, 2020

August 10, 2020 – U.S. President Donald Trump is being whispered to by a Secret Service agent, moments before he is asked to leave the room because of a shooting outside the White House.

Just a few days after we announced the 9-day bread and water fast, it was reported that President Trump was whisked away from a press conference because a threatening individual was shot outside the White House in Washington D.C. by the Secret Service.

On the very same day, Caritas received a very nasty threat in the mail.

As we move towards the fall, and the deciding of our future as a nation and world, we expect to continue to see the powers of darkness create and incite these types of behaviors. This is all the more reason to have your name added to the 9-day fast. What we are witnessing is a moment in time, when we as a people, stand at the edge of the promised land. In the message which we have quoted many times before, Our Lady said on August 18, 1982:

“…The more you believe firmly, the more you pray and fast for the same intention, the greater is the grace and the mercy of God…”

It is not a matter of whether or not God grants the grace for Our Lady’s plans to succeed, it is a matter of whether we can save more people along the way. If we want our nation, our families and ourselves to be protected, we need to give Our Lady the means to help us. Do not delay. Join in the 9-day bread and water fast, October 5-13, 2020.

In the Hope and Faith
of the Healing of Our Nation
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

For more information, about the 9-day fast you can read here. Or to sign up, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. When dialing from outside the United States, dial, 001-205-672-2000.

3 thoughts on “If We Want to Be Protected…”

  1. Dear friend of Medjugorje. I would like to join the 9 days of fasting. Sorry I have not got the phone number that I need to phone from Australia. I relied so much on your work for Our Blessed Mother. God bless. Shirley Clarke.

  2. As we watch large cities lose vast numbers of their population, due to CoVid & the unrest of riots, we mustn’t forget, Christianity was spread through turmoil, rather than peace. If we’re to truly understand this spiritual war against satan, we need to consistently recognize he’s going to use the same tools, Christ allowed, in order to further his own ambitions. This means as larger cities lose some of their populations, suburbs and smaller cities, as well as recently turned “Purple States”, will be receiving an influx of these citizens, whom may still be most likely to vote for Democrats. Exposed recently through the riots & Virus, local State Governments & City mayors, have proven they wield powers, which can directly influence the populace, at a much larger disproportionate rate, than the threats, the Left would like us to assume, is a danger from the Federal Level. Have we learned an untruth, or are we being warned through the Left’s Projection, of what they plan to soon bring?

  3. As Catholics, we must educate on how dangerous today’s Dems are. 50% of roman Catholics still vote for a party that supports abortion up till delivery? Why? When will our shepherds confront their flocks on this? Where is the guidance from Bishops? We need courage in the pulpit, not mollification and enabling of grave moral worried about “offending” Peoples souls are a lot more important than their feelings

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