“I Want You to be Jesus’ Joy”


Below are a few pictures of some of “Jesus’ Joys” in our community. Let us give thanksgiving, especially on this day of the anniversary of Roe vs Wade, for the blessings of children, and let us pray for the opening of all sinful hearts, especially those who reject and destroy these blessings that God gives to us.


April 18, 1985

“…Pray all the prayers for the opening of sinful hearts. I desire that. God desires that through me…”


Friend of Medjugojre






elizabeth and faith 


anne faith and angela 

avery and faith 

community praying 

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  1. Jennifer Harrison

    It seems to me in many cases..Those who have been practicing Catholics,have become discouraged in there faith , and lost sight in what is good and what is right ( Catholic Teachings ) More than ever those who still practice their faith are compelled to work even harder for God , which means going at it alone.Bearing the brunt , being scoffed at , finger pointed. It’s not easy ? But we have to remember that Jesus was slapped in the face. And then he died for us.To get to Heaven we have to do our own suffering . This world will pass away , so we have to try and stay on the straight and narrow , until God calls us .

  2. michael haywood

    So many do not believe in hell these days although it is taught in the clear word of Christ. We cannot be selective in what we believe in the teaching of the Gospel and to reject one part means we have not accepted the word of Christ. sister Faustina was told that most of those in hell were those who did not believe in hell. We must pray for those whose souls are in greatest danger, say the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily. If possible say it some time between 3pm and 4pm [the Hour of Grace], but if not possible any time will do. Also, pray for the dying, that they will get receive the grace to repent of sin, reject sin, satan and all evil, and recognise and choose Jesus Christ. Without Christ – no salvation. 

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