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Questions & Answers For Pilgrimages to Medjugorje with BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages

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Q. Do you have a land only package?

A. We have a land package for those who will be arranging their own flights.  Our groups depart from the U.S.  The land package includes bus transfers with our group from the Split Airport to Medjugorje, accommodations in Medjugorje, 3 meals a day, all tipping, taxes and gratuities, as well as your guide.
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Q. What airport do I depart from?

A. We obtain pricing from the closest international airport in your area.
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Q. Does the cost include airfare?

A. The cost of the pilgrimage is all inclusive and includes airfare.
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Q. How much walking is involved?

A. We strongly encourage walking to the various sites around Medjugorje. There is, therefore, a great deal of walking to get to Apparition Mountain, Cross Mountain, to the visionaries houses, the Blue Cross, etc. It is important to have comfortable walking shoes. Those who take a taxi miss out, not only on seeing the beautiful scenery up close, but more importantly they miss out on the spiritual benefits of walking and praying in Our Lady’s chosen village.
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Q. How many days are included in the BVM Caritas pilgrimage?

A. Our experience has taught us that the most optimum amount of days and minimum length of time to go to Medjugorje is 10 days. Therefore, BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages offers a 10-day pilgrimage. This length is not based on any reason except what is best for you. If you wish to stay longer, we encourage you to. If you cannot be there because of an obligation, select the days that work for you and we will work with you.  “Fewer days are better than none,” but 10 days are the most beneficial. For pilgrimage prices and dates, click here.
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Q. How many people can be housed in one room?

A. There are a few rooms available that are large enough for a family of 4 or 5. Most rooms are doubles—two twin beds, or triple rooms—three twin beds . There are no single rooms. If there are some open spaces on the group, a single room would be available at an extra rate for double or triple occupancy, according to the number of beds in a room. Each room has its own bathroom.
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Q. How do we get a roommate assigned?

A. If you have a request for a roommate that is traveling with you, we honor that request. If you are traveling alone, or with an odd number of people, we assign you with a roommate who is also in the same situation. Very often, people tell us that Our Lady gave them the roommate perfect for them.
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Q. Where do we buy religious articles?

A. There is an abundance of shops that you will find in Medjugorje. We have those that we suggest once you are in Medjugorje. We strongly encourage you to finish your shopping in the first day or two of your pilgrimage so that you will not be preoccupied with it throughout your time in Medjugorje—and you can fight the temptations to enter the shops on the way to the mountains or prayer. For spiritual material on the messages, the Caritas Mission House has many free booklets, books, holy cards, etc., which you can take home with you to help spread Our Lady’s messages to your family and parish.
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Q. What are the cut off dates to book a pilgrimage?

A. If seats are still available, we can book at the last minute, but we encourage you to book your pilgrimage ASAP. We have actually booked people on the very day the pilgrimage was leaving, but we, of course, encourage you not to wait until the last minute.
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Q. Will we meet a visionary?

A. If the visionaries are in the village during your pilgrimage, we make every effort for you to be able to see them and hear them speak. When Marija is in the village, our groups are afforded the opportunity to be present in one of her apparitions in her private chapel, The Chapel of the Two Hearts.
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Q. Where is Medjugorje? What country?

A. Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia).
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Q. Is it safe to travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina?

A. Yes, it is safe. BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages continued to travel to Medjugorje during the Balkan War in the early 1990s, when fighting was taking place 30 minutes away in Mostar. Our pilgrimages never stopped even after September 11th. We have never had any mishaps with groups traveling to Medjugorje. At the same time, there can be no guarantee of personal safety outside of our own sphere of responsibility.
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Q. What documentation is required for entrance into Bosnia-Herzegovina?

A. You must have an up-to-date, valid passport that must be valid for six months beyond your scheduled return date. It is required for each traveler, even small children or babies. A Visa is no longer required for pilgrims going to Medjugorje. However, if you desire to join a Caritas pilgrimage and you are not a U.S. citizen, you may be required to get a Visa. It is very important to let our agent know if you are not a US citizen.


We very strongly encourage you to make two photocopies of your passport, leaving one at home with someone who is aware of your pilgrimage to Medjugorje.The other you should carry with you, but place in a different location than where your original passport is. If you should lose your passport, this photocopy will help to get you home. If you lose your passport and have no copy, you will be delayed and will have to go to the U.S. Consulate, pay fees and for taxis for transportation, and likely get new airline tickets, all at your own expense. A photocopy is much cheaper, and will result in much more peace.
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Q. How long does it take to travel to Medjugorje from the USA?

A. It can take anywhere between 24-35 hours to arrive in Medjugorje. It, of course, depends upon where you are traveling from within the states, how long your layovers are and if there are any delays enroute. If you join us from another country, you can get an estimate of travel time from someone from your area who has traveled to Medjugorje before.
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Q. What kind of clothing should I bring?

A. We recommend that you dress in layers. Because Medjugorje is located within a mountain range, it can be cool in the early mornings and late evenings, even in the summer months, but then quite hot in the afternoons. For more detailed information on the seasons and temperatures in Medjugorje click here.


You are also expected to dress modestly in line with the spirit of Our Lady. No tank tops, tight clothes, gym shorts, short skirts or dresses, etc.
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Q. Can you drink the water?

A. Yes, you can drink the water in Medjugorje. Also, the markets sell both bottled carbonated water and regular water.
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Q. What is the food like?

A. The food that is served is not so different than what Americans eat back home. The breakfasts are more European style, with bread and jellies, and also ham and eggs exclusively for our BVM Caritas pilgrims. Coffee and juice are also served. Lunches are normally sandwiches, with fruit and drinks. Dinners are served with soup as a first course, a salad and a delicious variety of meats and vegetables for entrees.
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Q. Where will we stay?

A. Typically on our pilgrimages you will be staying at Hotel Palace. The founder of Caritas of Birmingham, a Friend of Medjugorje, has a very close friendship throughout the years with the owners of the Hotel Palace. Our pilgrim groups have stayed with this Croatian family since the beginnings of BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages and their beginnings of keeping pilgrims. The Hotel Palace is in an ideal location within the village. It offers a beautiful setting and comfortable accommodations. It is located within the spiritual triangle of Apparition Mountain, St. James Church, and Cross Mountain. Geographically, Our Lady choosing the apparition spot on Pobrdo made the three, Apparition Mountain, Cross Mountain, and the Church, a sign, representing the Trinity. This makes the location of the Palace even more desirable. Still more, its location is on the line of the Trinity triangle, it is only one block from St. James Church, making it quickly accessible to Adoration late at night and services. Its balconies give direct best views of both Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain. And for our BVM Caritas pilgrims, it also gives direct access to the trails to Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain. In addition, those who come from all over the world, seek out the Caritas Mission House, located on the same grounds. Caritas pilgrims, therefore, have direct access to the Mission House. Hotel Palace is classed by BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages as a ‘5’ Star location. The best in the village!
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Q. Will we go to other sightseeing places in the region?

A. We ask those who sign up for a pilgrimage to Medjugorje with BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages that they are interested in being a pilgrim and not a sightseer. We do not go anywhere else to visit the sights or cities outside of Medjugorje, nor do we visit the “sites” around Medjugorje except for those that have spiritual meaning connected to the apparitions of Medjugorje. If your desire is to visit other locations, we suggest you make plans to go with another group. Remember, we are in this for your soul, not your money. We offer a joyful, healing, exciting, deeply gratifying, deeply thoughtful, spiritual pilgrimage that you will never ever forget.
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Q. Will a priest be accompanying our group?

A. We do not have a priest accompany every group. You may or may not have a priest on your group. However, English Mass is held each morning at St. James Church, and many priests make themselves available for Confession and spiritual direction at the Church each evening. If you are in need of speaking with a priest, normally it is not difficult to find one.


The leaders of your spiritual pilgrimage to Medjugorje are experienced with every situation and have offered spiritual advice and guidance to pilgrims for over two decades. You will also discover the answers to many of your problems and questions through prayer with Our Lady. Again, your going with BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages is to fill your needs and help you find what Our Lady Herself wants to give you, even if you may think you are not in need.
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Q. Should we bring traveler’s checks or exchange our money to Euros?

A. We discourage the use of traveler’s checks in the village, as many shops do not take them. Though all the places do take American currency, we recommend that you use Euro rather than the U.S. dollar. We also recommend that you exchange your U.S. dollars to Euros before leaving the United States. It is easier to purchase things and your change will be easier to figure than having to figure it through exchange of currency. We also suggest that you do not bring large bills—nothing over $20. We recommend that you avoid using credit cards in the village.
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Q. What is the time difference in Medjugorje from the States?

A. The time difference from Medjugorje to the U.S. is as follows: six hours ahead of Eastern Time, seven hours ahead of Central Time, eight hours ahead of Mountain Time, and nine hours ahead of Pacific Time.
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Q. What language do they speak in Medjugorje?

A. They speak the Croatian language, which is known as Hrvatski. However, most people also know one to three other languages, including English.
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Q. Can we bring electrical items, such as a hair dryer or iron, with us?

A. Yes, you can bring electrical items, but it is important to have the correct adaptors. The voltage for European outlets is 220 watts, which requires a transformer (220V to 110V) and an adapter plug (two round prongs) to make the electrical items work. Any major retail store should have them available.
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Q. How should I prepare for a pilgrimage to Medjugorje?

A. The more you pray before going, the greater will be your peace and openness to grace when you arrive within the Holy Village. Go to Mass as often as possible. Pray the Rosary, read the Bible and Our Lady’s messages everyday. Offer up fast days and other sacrifices, that your pilgrimage would bring about conversion in your heart. It would be good to re-familiarize yourself with the events of Medjugorje so that when you see the actual places and meet the people that have been involved in these great events of our time, the impact will be greater upon you. We also suggest for you to listen to the CD Between Heaven and Earth produced by Caritas. Click here to download this audio.
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Q. What reading materials do you recommend in preparation for my pilgrimage?

A. You will receive some reading material that we highly recommend for your pilgrimage. Words From Heaven is the foremost leading book of the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje, and is sent as a gift to all those who go on pilgrimage with Caritas. Several writings on the importance of Medjugorje are also included, along with the Pieta Prayer Book and the story of Medjugorje on CD, Between Heaven and Earth, which was produced by Caritas.
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Q. What are the airline requirements regarding the amount of luggage we can bring?

A. Your checked luggage cannot weigh more than 50 pounds per suitcase. You are permitted ONLY ONE CHECKED BAG (up to 50 pounds). You are allowed two carry-on bags to take on the plane with you, but it MUST be able to fit under your seat or in an overhead bin and you must be able to handle it yourself. We strongly recommend, very strongly, that you include at least another change of clothing in one of your carry-ons. If your luggage is lost, five days of wearing the same clothes smells strongly.
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Q. What are the airline requirements regarding bringing liquids onto the airplane?

A. Liquids, make-up, medicine, etc., can be brought onto the plane but they MUST BE IN 3 OUNCE CONTAINERS OR SMALLER. Also, all liquids, make-up, medicines, etc., MUST BE PLACED IN A CLEAR, ZIPLOC BAGGIE. If these requirements are not followed, you will risk having them taken from you before boarding the flight.
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Q. Is it possible to get medications in Medjugorje?

A. While there is a pharmacy in Medjugorje, it is very limited to what they offer and the language barrier makes it difficult to know exactly what you are getting. If you are taking medications, make sure you bring what you need.
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Q. Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

A. We highly recommend it, as once BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages issues your ticket, the trip is non-refundable, and you never know what may arise!  Travel insurance is purchased ­– ­­separately from BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages– through Travel Guard – visit here for information.
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