“I desire that all the days of your earthly life…”

“I desire that all the days of your earthly life…”

Our Lady to Mirjana Soldo Saturday December 2, 2006


Saturday, December 2, Mirjana had her monthly apparition, guiding us about the world’s non-believers. The following is Our Lady’s message given to us through Mirjana:

“Dear children, in this joyful time of expectation of my Son, I desire that all the days of your earthly life may be a joyful expectation of my Son. I am calling you to holiness. I call you to be my apostles of holiness so that, through you, the Good News may illuminate all those whom you will meet. Fast and pray, and I will be with you. Thank you!”

Our Lady blessed everyone present and all the religious items present for blessing. She again accentuated the importance of priestly blessing.

We strongly encourage you to pray everyday the following prayer.

Prayer for Nonbelievers

Two Croatian women outside of St. James Church in Medjugorje

Two Croatian women outside of St. James Church in Medjugorje, November 2006. When Our Lady first appeared to the visionaries in Medjugorje, they thought the apparitions were meant only for them.

“I invite you. I need you. I chose you. You are important.” June, 1981

They then came to believe that the apparitions were only for the village of Medjugorje when Our Lady called them “a chosen people.”

“Dear children, you are a chosen people and God has given you great graces…” November 15, 1984

But eventually they came to the realization that the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje were meant for the whole world. These local Croatian women, in their simplicity, capture the essence of Our Lady’s invitation to all of us today, through the message given to Mirjana.

We live in extraordinary times. Mirjana long ago asked for all of us to join her in prayer the second of each month. Many prayer groups meet and pray for non-believers on the second of each month. Priests should have special masses on that day. At the very least, cenacles of prayers should be started by individuals or families on every second of the month.

Our Lady told the village of Medjugorje through Ivanka:

April 5, 1985 

“You, the members of this parish, have a large and heavy cross to bear; but do not be afraid to carry it. My Son is here to help you.”

Our Lady in Her life experienced the great joy and consolation of the birth of the Savior, but also the great sorrow and desolation of experiencing His death. One saint said if Our Lady was knocking on the door of his room he would hesitate about opening it, because he knew with the great joy of seeing Her would come an equal amount of sorrow. Mirjana also carries a heavy cross. She has been given a great consolation and joy by seeing Our Lady, but it must be equally true that she experiences sorrow and difficulties.

Our Lady told Mirjana:

December 25, 1982

“…Mirjana, I have chosen you; I have confided in you everything that is essential. I have shown you many terrible things.

You must now bear it all with courage. Think of Me and think of the tears I must shed for that. You must remain courageous…”

Mirjana indeed had such a difficult cross and burden, that even three years later, Our Lady again gave her words to strengthen her:

March 18, 1985 

“…I have entrusted to you a heavy burden and I suffer for your difficulties…”

When one’s life is dedicated to a purpose, it often brings many burdens. It is consoling to know that bearing the difficulties is bringing forth fruit. Therefore, start adoration, prayer groups, whatever you are inspired on the second of each month for non-believers, and when you go to Medjugorje with your group and see Mirjana, let her know you are praying with her on the second of each month. Encourage others to do so. You then can become a source of strength for her to carry her burdens. Knowing your effort will be an encouragement. Don’t let a “glorious moment of history” pass you by because of a lack of reflection. You will receive a gift of great peace knowing what is to come before it happens. This was the same experience given to the prophets. As Our Lady’s children, you are placed in the position of the prophets. It is a great privilege, and it is opened to any who desire it. Pray on the second of each month, especially the above prayer for non-believers and reflect. May God bless you.

Friend of Medjugojre

*. For information regarding this prayer of Mirjana’s, click here to go to Mirjana, A Mystery Revealed

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  1. Teresa Dianne Conner

    I love the songs and learning more about the Caritas community but I was surprised to hear what Mother Mary’s voice sounded like 2 days ago. Was that really her voice?I love her very much, as I’m sure you all do too. I will appreciate your response. Thank you.

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