How Judgmental and Condescending!

How Judgmental and Condescending!

May 18, 2018 A.D.

Silence the Lying Voices Ireland

This letter is from someone in Dublin, Ireland in response to a Friend of Medjugorje’s Open Letter to Ireland. It is followed by a response from a Friend of Medjugorje.

“How judgmental and condescending! I am a proud citizen of the Republic of Ireland. I am not of [an abominable lifestyle] – I only say this to convey that I do not wish to avail of the same [gender] marriage law, lest you think I am biased. How can love ever be wrong? Let everyone focus on love in their own lives. Why the need to say such hurtful things? Does Our Lady not say to pray? Pray for those you think have sinned. Pray for your own sins. Does Our Lady not tell us of the power of prayer? Why openly condemn a country and insult its citizens for their democratic decision?

“Why be disrespectful to [abominable] couples who love each other? Don’t we each have enough sins of our own making? Should we not focus on addressing our own sins before being judgmental and frankly unkind to others. Love, true love, is never bad.

Dublin, Ireland

Response from a Friend of Medjugorje

First of all, I love Ireland and because of that, it is my motivation to write to save Ireland. You have a twisted understanding of love. Your mentality is what Ireland is suffering from. In addition to an erred mentality, you should learn facts – that Ireland’s democratic decision does not have any legal authority to override God’s law. All Christians are obligated to defy it. Click here to learn why no one in Ireland is under this law.

Secondly, you ask, “How can love ever be wrong?”

Love can be wrong, when love is for the wrong things. Like what 1 Timothy 6:10 states:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Evil is caused by loving that which is not to be loved, whether money or any sin. So, why openly “condemn a country” for a democratic decision as you said? Because this democratic decision in favor of this particular sin, brings about the judgement of God upon the country which embraces it, as told in Genesis 19, and Romans 1, and results in even greater depravities.

This is not a love which is blessed by God. Your own words condemn you, “Love, true love, is never bad.” True love is never bad. This sin, for what you are telling us to leave alone, is more than bad, it is public scandal and societal condemnation, which is not true love. This kind of thinking is why Our Lady of Medjugorje clarified true love, by what She said on June 25, 1988:

“…I am calling you to the love which is loyal and pleasing to God…”

Supporting, promoting, or ignoring sin, for which God destroyed the entire people of Sodom, would not be love which is, “loyal and pleasing to God.” This sin is different from other personal sins. This is a societal sin, which destroys the society in which it takes root.

It is true that prayer is powerful as you mentioned, and that Our Lady says to pray. But, prayer is not all we are supposed to do:

August 25, 2013

“…I do not desire for you, dear children, to have to repent for everything that you could have done but did not want to…”

It is easier to walk away and not open our mouths to point out the difficult truths which condemn a nation. But, when condemnation comes, as it most certainly will, we would be held accountable for not having spoken, as God’s Word tells us Ezekiel Chapter 3:

“…if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die; because you have not warned him, he shall die for his sin, and his righteous deeds shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand. Nevertheless if you warn the righteous man not to sin, and he does not sin, he shall surely live, because he took warning, and you will have saved your life…”

You are confused in reading Our Lady’s messages, and how to respond properly, as if God does not want us to correct a wrong, or that God does not intervene in the affairs of men, nor takes issue when men go astray. This is why Our Lady says:

November 6, 1982

“…it is not possible to avoid entirely the chastisement. Go on the streets of the city, count those who glorify God and those who offend Him. God can no longer endure that…”

As all of us are sinners, those of us who confess our sins are of God, as the Bible says. Our Lady tells us that our Father in Heaven is offended by societal sin, and we, as His children are obliged to state what is true. Everyone can be forgiven, everyone can change. But, people will not be changed unless they are confronted with the hard-facts of the situation they are truly in.

We know your Irish patriotism may have been offended by what was written in A Letter to Ireland. But, your Irish patriotism should have instead inflamed you to condemn that which has taken over your country, a country that at one time was a bastion of the Catholic Faith. For this failure, the clergy is mostly at fault, and most people in your country already know that. So, even if you are all alone, be strong in your faith, be strong in your prayer, be strong in standing up to save your country from the coming judgment.

In the Love of Peace,
A Friend of Medjugorje

“You who are the remnant there, you who are going to raise up the new Ireland: The old Ireland, the Ireland that you know now, is gone. There’s no way to save it except purification and conversion.” A Friend of Medjugorje – from “RIP Ireland”

Listen here to the Radio Wave Broadcast RIP Ireland, May 25, 20‘15’ before the vote for abortion on May 25, 20 ‘18.’

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9 thoughts on “How Judgmental and Condescending!”

  1. It is with a very heavy heart that I write this night, a night that is apparently revealing strong signals that a Big Majority of the Nation of Ireland has been decieved and chosen to embrace the diabolical “Culture of Death!” I feel despair! I cannot believe it! This is a truly dreadful and horrendous state of affairs for the Irish Nation and it’s unborn little ones, it appears that the Adversary of the Blessed mother has conquered. But we know that in the fullness of time, this Evil will definitively be defeated with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the meantime let the prayer warriors of the Holy Mother take stock and regroup and get ready for the next stage of the Battle. Let us press on confident that the Almighty is with us in this time of an ever pervading and insidious darkness that has unleashed Hell on this Once Great Nation. To our loyal and faithful friend of Medjugorje, we thank you for all your prayers and support during these very difficult days.

  2. Ireneus Fernando

    Dear Friends, what Ireland following is a mental disorder which have to be medically treated. Sometimes animals may behave because they cannot think morally. Just bestial action may be. Humans are having more advanced patterns of thinking. that’s why we have religions, cultures, languages etc., which beasts do not have such. So humans must not go to the level below beasts. Christianity converted the whole world into a civilized new cultures which is respected around the globe. So please DO NOT dishonour Christian values by going back to uncivilized barbaric acts like sodomy etc., Ireland which preached Christianity to the whole world must keep it’s respect & stand proud among other nations.

  3. John Bolwell UK

    Dear Friend, your response is excellent because it is truth. The world does indeed fail to understand what true love is because it is blind to truth – as is the writer from Ireland. Thank you for your steadfast willingness to speak the truth in the face of falsehood. This is, of course, why Our Lady constantly calls us to pray for our clergy, who need to speak the truth so that their flocks are protected from the world’s falsehood. And if they won’t speak, then we must. God bless you! John UK

  4. They Name call to shut you down because they don’t want to hear about sin. Keep up the good work. God Bless you


  6. Ireland, a beloved country a fading but still beautiful people, a land once rich in the graceful splendour of the blessed And Holy Trinity, an ancient land of once great saints and scholars that bequeathed a patrony that shaped the European Continent and the civilization of the New World. My beloved, what have you become? Why have you allowed the Father of Demons and lies to diabolically dare to even attempt to twist and choke the life, divine life of God’s Holy Spirit out of the nation and of a people set apart and called to sing the praises of God and to make his Holy mother known and loved everywhere! Why this insanity? Pull back…Repent and avert the vengeance which is sure to come if we continue to dance with the darkness of Hell. Yes, the Retribution of God will undoubtedly come. Wake up now, before it is too late! Our friend of medjugorje, thank you for being like John the Baptist. Like one who cries out in the wilderness, because you are in the truth and because you care,,

  7. Friend of medjugorie speaks truth in his expression of concern for Ireland. Plse keep us in your prayers and ask God and Our Blessed Mother to grant the grace of a renewal of the Rosary. Prayer is missing from Ireland. Thank you for remembering us during these dangerous times. God bless.

  8. Many people are all too willing to accommodate evil in a narrow minded definition of love and/or mercy. Love can be hard. Mercy may bring purification.

  9. Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje, for your words. Unfortunately there are many, many people here in Ireland that do not pray, do not discern, do not comprehend -alas are ultimately spiritually blind and deaf. I grieve and pray for those who are lost, those who blaspheme against God and Our Lady. But they will come to the realisation of their actions, and inactions, soon. Sometimes I find being in this country unbearable, but your prayers and that of the community of Caritas, give me, and others that pray, strength to continue in this spiritual battle, and for that I am most grateful.

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