Healing of Faith

Healing of Faith

The world needs healing, no one questions that, even many non-believers. But it is Our Lady of Medjugorje whose call reveals to us what kind of healing it needs…


The world needs healing, no one questions that, even many non-believers. But it is Our Lady of Medjugorje whose call reveals to us what kind of healing it needs. No other news source, no other voice can we have as much confidence in as Hers. It is not theory or opinion, but Her call, Her words from Heaven.

March 25, 1997

“…the world is in need of healing of faith in God the Creator…”

Why? Because man has become the creator of this modern world. The society he has created is filled with dissatisfactions, heartache, grieving, sorrow, and absence of joy of the heart. Our Lady of Medjugorje said:

January 25, 1997

“…You are creating a new world without God, only with your own strength and that is why you are unsatisfied and without joy in your heart…”

Man has allowed and brought about the absence of peace. Tools, such as television, excessive attention given to the wrong things, etc., have aided satan in taking peace from the heart of man. Our Lady said:

December, 1990

“…The absence of peace was in the heart, now the absence of peace has come into the world.”

What is in the heart will eventually manifest itself physically. Vicka, one of the six Medjugorje visionaries, said in Paris: “When war comes, it is because there is war already in your hearts. Then this war which is in your hearts comes out (eventually manifests itself physically) and real war starts.” Our Lady tells us the same, peace begins in the heart and will spread from the heart. What are you putting in your heart? What is your heart’s attention? Is it Our Lady’s call or the world’s? The world blares that you must be informed. We were taught through grammar school to college to business: “be informed.” We do not question should we be informed. We question who is informing us. The Scriptures and Our Lady’s call have all the information needed to understand everything, every situation, every action to take in life. It is a foundation for a life of peace.

Our Lady wants peace to rule in our hearts, but we have let the world rule our hearts. The world is without peace. The world needs peace and actually yearns for it.

July 25, 1990

“…Let peace rule in the whole world, which is without peace and longs for peace…”

It is time. There must be a clear separation, a division. We can no longer keep attachments of the world and its ways, which feed our hearts and have helped bring about a world without peace.

December 25, 1992

“…throughout the whole world there is much lack of peace…”

However, if we take concrete steps and remove all avenues that put in or feed our heart the world – a host of things from TV and newspapers to attachments, along with many different activities – and begin more prayer in place of these things, then peace will begin to reign in our hearts. What is in the heart will then manifest itself in our environment. Our environment will then affect those around us; the world will change. Peace is to flow from your heart to the whole world.

December 25, 1990

“…In this way you shall be able to spread peace from your hearts throughout the whole world…”

In the Love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre


The peace of Medjugorje, March 12, 2010 – a shepherd herding his sheep as the sun sets behind Cross Mountain.


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6 thoughts on “Healing of Faith”

  1. dear mama mary is right. We all need to look inside our hearts and find peace,then and only then can we uluminate peace to someone else.It starts by letting the lord take over and surrendering our will to the Lord.

  2. True, if we don’t have peace in our hearts, that is where war begins, in our families, our country and the rest of the world.

  3. True, if we don’t have peace in our hearts, that is where war begins, in our families, our country and the rest of the world.

  4. I feel someday soon we will be feeding our sheep to the unbelievers. People have gotten so worldly and have forgotten about God our savor. PRAY PRAY PRAY.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Another wonderful show! I pray that this year I can live the messages more than I ever have, and share them with all the people that God has put in my life. Amen

  6. I have a very special devotion to our Blessed Lady she has been there for me more times than I can possibly even remember. I enjoy saying my Rosary every day to her and her God son Jesus. I know we all will be facing unthinkable trials in the near future, but if more of us realized that The Memorare: Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother. To you I come: before you I stand sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word incarnate! Despise not my petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer me. Amen. Think of what this means, it is a way we all have to solve our major problems, all we have to do is accept the real meaning of this prayer with all our heart and not just say words. I feel that what she has done for me is ample proof to me, that what the Memorare states is truth.

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