He loves you and, therefore, He tests you

He loves you and, therefore, He tests you


vineyards in medjugorje

“Dear children, thank you for dedicating all your hard work to God even now when He is testing you through the grapes you are picking. Be assured, dear children, that He loves you and, therefore, He tests you…”

Our Lady Queen of Peace,
Medjugorje October 11, 1984

This message was given while a two-week rain threatened the grape harvest.

Our Lady has often spoken about finding God in nature. The sites of Medjugorje are ordained by God as conversion ground. Everything speaks for the one who listens. A place where the voice of God is heard in the heart. It would not be difficult to find someone who experienced a profound grace just by walking the grape vineyards of Medjugorje. In October, the smell of harvest speaks and spurs one to reflect about life and death, where one has been and where one is going. Through sight, sound, touch, smell, and so many other things, Medjugorje speaks as with voices from Heaven. To walk these vineyards is to encounter these mystical messengers which speak to the heart. Our Lady said, “…God wants to save you and sends you messages through men, nature, and so many things…” (March 25, 1990) A visit to Medjugorje in this time of grace is a visit to encounter the Living God. To walk with Our Lady is greater for us, in this moment of time, than for those who walked with Moses in his time. Without prayer, this is difficult to comprehend. With prayer, it is easy to comprehend.

A Friend of Medjugorje




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5 thoughts on “He loves you and, therefore, He tests you”

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  4. At the beginning of this broadcast the announcer had a special request about being a Field Angel. I am so incredibly happy to announce I became one of those 1000 Field Angels two days before Mother’s Day and gave it to Mother Mary for Mother’s Day!!! I prayed a long time for this to happen as my husband was not on board with this at all ,but finally it happened just before Mother’s Day!! How awesome is that! There is no greater feeling than knowing you are helping to spread the messages! I had a very strong feeling that this 25th Of month message was going to very profound! Thank Friend of Medjugorje for enlightening us all, love the way you use songs in your teachings! Blessings to Caritas! Love from Canada! Pray for us Our Lady Queen of Peace!!

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