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Have You Listened to the Broadcast: Demons Take Over the ‘Demon’cratic Party?

August 28, 2020 A.D.

“We’re supposed to be speaking out. We’re supposed to be talking about these things and show who’s lying and who’s not lying–who’s light, who’s not—who’s evil and who’s good…”

– Friend of Medjugorje
from Demons Take Over the ‘Demon’cratic Party, August 27, 2020

Our Lady with thousands of flowers at Her feet

As can be easily seen, the logo of the Democratic National Convention clearly mirrors the satanic emblem. In last night’s broadcast of August 27, 2020, a Friend of Medjugorje talks about what no one else in the Medjugorje world and even other people are willing to say. He gives an even clearer picture of the evil we are up against. Listen or download online here…

Have You Listened to the Broadcast:
Demons Take Over the ‘Demon’cratic Party?

Democratic National Convention logo reads, Death to America

This is what people who have heard it, have to say:

“WOW! I just finished listening to your radio broadcast, ‘Demons Take Over,’ and it set a fire in my whole being. To hear someone speak the truth so strongly, in such a convicting way, has given me courage to stand up for the truth and not remain silent any longer. No one is saying things that a Friend of Medjugorje is saying. No one is courageously standing up for the truth the way a Friend of Medjugorje is. Thank you! Thank you for giving me hope and a fire in my heart to begin to act, to stand for Truth, no matter what the consequences. Please keep speaking the Truth. Please keep being the Beacon of Light that we all so desperately need. You are in my prayers.”

God bless,
Glendale, MO

“Very convicting words. A Friend of Medjugorje is exposing and confronting evils that nobody else will. His courageous example, from years of sacrifice and walking with Our Lady is truly inspiring. A must-listen broadcast to give true discernment for the election!”


“After hearing the show about demons taking over the Democrat party, I was thinking, where have we gone? Where have we put God? I can see from the friend’s words that Our Lady is the only answer in this time of unpeace. Thank you!”


Listen Online Here…

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Be sure to spread this to everyone you know. This 50 minute, easy-to-listen broadcast can be ordered on a CD, to give out to all your family, friends, entire church parish and any people you meet. Call Caritas in the U.S. to order in bulk for as low as 40¢ each!

To order this important CD, call in the U.S. at 206-672-2000. When dialing from outside the United States dial, 001-205-672-2000. Time is of the essence. We will be shipping all these orders via UPS, since the Postal Service will be too slow. Call 205-672-2000. After hours dial to extension 315.

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  1. MY son and I saw that the DNC logo has the church of Satan symbol in the D. We didn’t see the death to America message until I found this explanation and I see it clearly now. It explains why the Dems react to the truth…everything they say is the opposite. I had already determined that most of the Dems are being influenced by demonic spirits. We can only pray that God will lift the darkness from everyone’s eyes. It distressed me to see Biden and Harris standing at a podium with the church of Satan symbol on it. For the first time Kamala Harris said the word God (only because of poll responses)showing her ability to transform into what she believes will get her to the goal of deceiveing the American People. I pray that everyone will have discernment between God and Satan, make a conscious choice and be willing to live with the consequence. THE CONSEQUENCE IS ETERNAL. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! ..

  2. God Bless Friend of Medjugorje and everyone at Caritas of Birmingham. Thank you for keeping the World informed of truth. I cannot fathom anyone who is a Field Angel why they would vote for the Tyrannical Leftist Demoncrat Party. We cannot hate these people but pray that somehow they wake up to their incorrect views. FOM and Our Lady are correct that most people have lost their power of discernment. I pray that President Trump is re-elected and the GOP takes back the Congress and retains the senate majority – or the World and my Country Australia is in big trouble. Divine intervention is needed and hopefully this happens (the secrets) are started before the election or who knows what will happen.

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