Have We Lived the Words?

Have We Lived the Words?

March 27, 2020 A.D.

Our Lady said on March 25, 2020:

“I am with you all these years to lead you to the way of salvation…”

We need to take a look at what Our Lady has been doing “all these years” because they tell us what we need to live.

Cross Mountain in Medjugorje

(Medjugorje photo taken May 26, 1996) – The Cross in Medjugorje, seen in a more original form, without lights, without being painted, just the concrete Cross as Our Lady remembers it when She first came to Medjugorje.

Our Lady has been with us for almost 39 years. For what? A Friend of Medjugorje tells us that Our Lady is here because God sent Her to the world. What does that really mean and how does it affect how we should live? A Friend of Medjugorje shares more:

Do you understand what is happening? Do you realize the grace that came to the earth today? No, you don’t. You are too wrapped up in yourself, your way. You cling to God your way. You want Medjugorje to fit into your way of life. God has another way of life for you, but do you want it? No! You want it until it is uncomfortable, then you humanize the way. You bend this a little, shape this a little, and excuse ‘this and that’ a little until you live the way of God, the way of Our Lady a little. That is not God’s will for you. “This place” called Medjugorje is God’s will for you, God’s gift to you, to make your very being, your body, your every moment Medjugorje, until your “place” is Medjugorje, thereby changing your family, home, work. Your life will be Medjugorje.

– a Friend of Medjugorje
This Place Medjugorje is God’s Will, May 2, 2008

What we have learned is that many today are not able to do what they normally do on a daily basis. The current crisis has even prevented many from their normal prayer routines. Some, we have been told, are struggling spiritually. But, Our Lady has told us what to do, and it is not necessarily to follow “your way” but to live what She is saying. Our Lady gives us the routine to follow. Have we lived Her words?

If, as a Friend of Medjugorje has said, Our Lady’s Medjugorje apparitions are God’s will, then what follows from that, is the understanding that Our Lady’s words are communicating to us God’s will for this moment in history. What we might want to do, what might make us feel good or spiritually important, our little prayer schedules, even our spiritual ways, is not necessarily what God may want for us. God is humbling His people. Are we living His will in this moment?

Are we living the words of February 2, 2020: “My children, fold your hands and look at the Cross in silence.”

Are we living the words of February 25, 2020: “You are called, little children, to penance and prayer.”

Are we living the words of March 2, 2020: “It is a time of vigil, and of you I am asking for love, that you not judge—anyone.”

Are we living the words of March 18, 2020: “My children, in moments of peacelessness and renunciation all you have to do is to seek the face of my Son.”

Are we living the words of March 25, 2020: “Return to my Son; return to prayer and fasting.”

It may not be what we want to do or what we feel is spiritually important, but, if we live these words of Our Lady, we are living God’s will for us in this particular moment in time. A Friend of Medjugorje believed Our Lady and emptied himself of all his ways, even his spiritual prerogatives, to be formed by Our Lady’s words. This time is a good opportunity to be formed by Our Lady. What She asks of us is what God is asking of us. Our Lady knows the circumstances of the world. Simply live Her words and we will be as spiritually strong as we need to be.

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The Gospel of Mary – A Friend of Medjugorje explains Our Lady’s messages in a very simple way.

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3 thoughts on “Have We Lived the Words?”

  1. Thank you so much always. The Lords way is fullness of truth, peace in his bountiful Compassionate Mercy. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us, forgive us our sins and lead us to Life Everlasting. Amen. Come Holy Spirit come, by by the most Powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Thy Most Chase Spouse. Amen. Glory and Praise to Our God!

  2. We have all been very bad persons in one way or another. John, I give you the Special Blessing of the Blessed Mother, and I extend to you the Love of Our Lady. Let us all pray for one another so that we may start living Our Lady’s words TODAY.

  3. Michael John Hebert

    Today’s my Mother’s 79th Birthday, passed in 1995. My Aunt Connie, a Wonderful, Sister of the Holy Cross, tried to take Mom to Medjugorje, but Mom’s cancer made her to ill to go. Soon after she passed away, Aunt Connie passed away from Cancer in 2006. I need to share this, because I was a very bad person, very far from God, actually contemplating suicide at the time of her death, not from it, but around the same time. Then the word “MEDJUGORJE”, kept repeating in my mind, over and over again for days. It took me a while to figure what it was, finally remembering it’s the place Aunt Connie & Mom discussed, years before. Online I read & was shocked that the Apparitions were still going on & read of this Special Time of Grace. I cried out to God, telling Him I’d tried getting close many times only to get further apart. I promised to pray with abandonment, If He’d show me that He Loved Me & was in my Life. Now I need to be responsible for “Too Many Candies”, rained down upon my life

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