Have a Candle Lit or Rose Placed

A Rose for Our Lady &

A Candle for Your Intentions


Do you have a special prayer request you would like brought to the
Bedroom and/or the Field of Apparitions?

Have a Rose placed in the Bedroom of Apparitions
Have a Seven Day Candle lit in the Field of Apparitions
and placed before the Statue of Our Lady
in your name or the name of a loved one.

You can also request to have a special gift card sent to you
for each candle or rose donation if you request it.

Candle Card ©COBRose Card ©COB
This is a Sampling of the Gift Card(s) Sent with each Rose and Candle 

1 thought on “Have a Candle Lit or Rose Placed”

  1. Catherine Donnelly

    City: Cottingham
    State: None
    Country: United Kingdom
    For all Humanity my family and friends living and dead a special miracle and a move of house as quickly as possible. Help us to choose and put God first above everything even life itself an may the HOLY TRINITY through the intercession of Our Lady Queen of Peace intercede and help us all especially at death. Thank you Catherine

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