gods vs. God and Where There is Love There is Pain

gods vs. God and Where There is Love There is Pain

September 6, 2017 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje’s September 2, 2017, Message through Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers

“Dear children, who could speak to you about the love and the pain of my Son better than I? I lived with Him; I suffered with Him. Living the earthly life I felt pain because I was a mother. My Son loved the thoughts and the works of the Heavenly Father, the true God. And, as He said to me, He came to redeem you. I hid my pain through love, but you, my children, you have numerous questions. You do not comprehend pain. You do not comprehend that through the love of God you need to accept pain and endure it. Every human being will experience it to a lesser or greater measure. But with peace in the soul and in a state of grace, hope exists; this is my Son, God, born of God. His words are the seed of eternal life. Sown in good souls they bring numerous fruits. My Son bore the pain because He took your sins upon Himself. Therefore, you, my children, apostles of my love, you who suffer, know that your pain will become light and glory. My children, while you are enduring pain, while you are suffering, Heaven enters in you and you give a piece of Heaven and much hope to all those around you. Thank you.”

A Friend of Medjugorje shows what depth the messages of Our Lady can reach in his epistles and talks. When he set out to write on Our Lady’s September 2, 2017, message given on the Day for Non-believers, he realized after writing for awhile, that there were two writings encompassed in the one. He came to the conclusion that he needed to separate the one epistle into two, and develop each thought separately. Nobody in the world writes as a Friend of Medjugorje writes about Our Lady’s messages. In fact, we began referring to his writings as “epistles” long ago, because of our strong belief that these “letters” will be read centuries from now, even to the end of time.

In this first epistle, with just one sentence from Our Lady’s September 2, 2017, message, he dives into the depth of it and will prove how profound is every word of Our Lady. The sentence he writes about is, “…My Son loved the thoughts and the works of the Heavenly Father, the true God…” But equally in the writing that follows first, a Friend of Medjugorje shows that there is no end in terms of what can be “mined” through Our Lady’s words. Pray to the Holy Spirit before reading the following and you will go deeper into the depth of what is written.

gods vs. God

by a Friend of Medjugorje

Theologians, learned scholars, even some in the hierarchy of the Church have said that these apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje can’t be “real.” That this “Mary” is a chatterbox, ceaselessly talking, saying meaningless things, repeating the same things, very shallow, no depth. Even Pope Francis has been quoted recently saying:

“I prefer Our Lady to be a mother, our mother, and not a telegraph operator who sends out a message every day at a certain time.”

All this is refuted by what follows. It will show in one sentence that Our Lady’s messages have profound depth. There are things in them that are hidden from the learned; things that can only be seen by those who are simple, who pray, fast and sacrifice to comprehend Our Lady’s words.

“I offer you praise, O Father…because what you have hidden from the learned and the clever you have revealed to the merest children.” Luke 10:21

Our Lady said on December 4, 1988, “I invite you to live the profoundness of the messages that I give.” Through prayer, Her words become very profound, astounding in what is revealed. For Our Lady to have to tell us these three words on September 2, 2017, “…the true God…” is a statement to the world by Her that the world is in danger of embracing other gods. As this acceptance of other gods continues to grow, it will be at the cost of man’s demise. The works of these gods have become so integrated that if any part falls, all will fall.

The works of the true God are contained within His creation and everything in it. The physical reality of all Creation was born through the thoughts of God. God thought about the works He wanted to do before He made them. Our Lady says in this most recent message, …my Son loved the thoughts and the works of the Heavenly Father, the true God…” God’s work is explained in Genesis in the Creation. His thought transferred into a physical manifestation resulting in His works. When you look at Creation, the universe and everything in it, you are peering into the thoughts of God. If the Son of God loved the works, He certainly also loved the thoughts of God. How beautiful are the words of Our Lady revealing this of Jesus’ love of the thoughts and the works of the Heavenly Father.

And how ugly are the works that come from the opposite of “the true God,” meaning from the gods who have taken the thoughts of God and His works made for man’s use, and remixed these blessed elements for the purpose of “creating” works from the thoughts of man, devoid of God’s Spirit. They cross domains that reason tells man is to be reserved only for the One True God. When man crosses over into what is unnatural, he thereby makes himself a god. Creation and its ordered thoughts of the true God, contain Natural Laws that cannot be violated for unnatural purposes; purposes that were never part of God’s thought for Creation. Modernism encompasses many gods, from electronics, to alterations of the production of foods, reproduction of animals and plant life, and even alterations of man in his own body, his own gender.

Man loves his own thoughts in how they should be used, contrary to God’s thoughts. There exists today the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, just as from the beginning of man. Man is not to eat of it. God says, “…the moment you eat from it you are surely doomed to die.” Genesis 2:17 But satan says if you eat it, “you will be as God.” These gods cross over domains without restraint. Man can change seeds genetically into variables that were not in the thoughts of the true God that materialized into Creation. Man, who has made himself into a god, disregards the true God’s order by “hormoning” boys into girls and girls into boys. He surgically transfers their gender, “oppositing” what God made of them and making them into what was not in the thought of the true God which materialized into all creation. God’s reign is over a wide scope that grants man freedom in using the earth in millions and millions of ways. Yet man ventures into “re-creation”—cloning, crossing animals of different species, growing animal parts to transplant into man, to name a very few. Nature and all the earth is under the dominion of man, with a huge amount of latitude and longitude of what God allows. Re-structuring nature is not within the dominion of man, and he has no latitude or longitude to do as he pleases. Altering nature into deformities or making humans into satanic beasts is not in the will of God.

Throughout the history of the world, worshiping false gods resulted in the self-destruction of civilization because self-correction is cored immutably into Creation by the thoughts of the True God who created it. Correction always materializes within His works when man, being one of His works, enters into the domain reserved for God alone. Man cannot and will not escape the correction that is coming, nor will the world. Man’s only reprieve, his only escape is to abide by Our Lady’s September 2, 2017, message, “…Loved the thoughts and the works of…the true God…”

You who follow Our Lady, do not commit the adultery man is committing by faithfully loving man’s thoughts and works now manifesting, which is an infidelity against the true God’s thoughts and works. This is a divorce from order. When there is no order in the family of man because of not being aligned with his true God; everything connected with the disorder will fall apart. No one can stop it, because it was in God’s thought before He made it. The same happens when a father is ignored, disrespected and usurped in a family; disorder enters and the family falls into dysfunction and breaks apart. Our Lady, on September 2, 2017, “speaks” to us in this one “sentence.” “…My Son loved the thoughts and the works of the Heavenly Father, the true God…” The reason the world is about to undergo a “sentence” of destruction can be understood through the words of Our Lady when She came to the earth, to us, and spoke the “sentence” of judgement. The sentence Our Lady said on September 2, 2011:

“…Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God will remain…”

Only the thoughts and the works of God will still be standing. Our Lady is not here for a bunch of “maybe’s” with Her messages. Our Lady is here to warn you now, immediately, to change the direction of your life. There will be no life for those who do not. The reigning gods and their thoughts, materialized into works, with a clever reversal of the elements of the True God’s thoughts and works, are nearing their allotted time before the overload trip switch blows, cleansing and thereby saving the world from being destroyed.

What is clear, is that the gods did not foresee in the elements of Creation— a mechanism built into it by its Creator; a mechanism built for such a time as now where radical repairs must happen to renew order and bring everything back to its Creator. Several times in history this automatic switch has rebooted man. It is called “Nature.” The Nature of the Heavenly Father is Mercy. Mercy also takes the form of a True Father, that when all else does not work to discipline or correct, He allows severities upon man to reset him. There is no mothering connected with this masculine part of the Nature of the True God. But when the sun rises up over the rubble of all that was not of God, all that fell apart, man— purified with all of Nature— will smile, “re-created” once again by the love of the thoughts and works of the True God. Man will see and understand God’s Nature through His Mother’s nature, and “Mother Nature” will speak to man of the thoughts and works of his Heavenly Father, the One True God. Peace will descend and settle upon the earth until satan corrupts the earth one more time after the Mother’s triumph.

In the Love and Peace of Our Lady,
Friend of Medjugorje

Where There is Love There is Pain

by a Friend of Medjugorje

“…Who could speak to you …better than I?…”


Because “…I lived with Him…”

Where there is a true mother there will be pain. Not that she will physically be afflicted with it, but she will suffer with whom she loves, when whom she loves suffers. Yet, true mothers will also physically feel pain. Our Lady said on, September 2, 2017:

“…I felt pain ‘because’ I was a mother…”

How do you turn pain into a valuable asset rather than a deficit? Our Lady said today, September 2, 2017:

“…I hid my pain…”

How do you hide it? Our Lady tells us.

“…I hid my pain ‘through love’…”

When is pain a deficit? When you question it. Our Lady said:

“…I hid my pain through love, but you, my children, you have numerous questions. You do not comprehend pain…”

The value of pain can be an immeasurable gain or a waste. Our Lady said:

“…You do not comprehend that through the love of God you need to accept pain and endure it…”

What can you do by enduring pain and suffering? That which you cannot even imagine in the way of its worth. Our Lady said:

“…Every human being will experience it to a lesser or greater measure. But with peace in the soul and in a state of grace, hope exists; this is my Son, God, born of God…”

“…This is my Son, God, born of God…” And you, by enduring your pain, will possess Christ in you. You will produce numerous fruits of great value for yourself and for all those around you, giving, as Our Lady said:

“…much hope to all those around you…”

But what exactly will enduring suffering and pain gain for me? Our Lady said:

“…apostles of my love, you who suffer, know that your pain will become light and glory…”

Light and glory is an unimaginable asset lying deep in the depths of your pain that will manifest in your life and Eternal Life. Through your suffering, your enduring pain, you begin to enter Heaven’s domain in this life and will not feel the passage from this life to the next. Our Lady said:

“…My child, while you are enduring pain, while you are suffering, Heaven enters in you and you give a piece of Heaven and much hope to all those around you…”

Whatever pain and suffering comes upon you, you have a choice to do something with it. Investing in the pain and suffering literally becomes light and glory. Heaven then enters you and enables you to give a piece of Heaven to those around you.

You have a choice not to endure pain and suffering or to endure pain and suffering. Neither of the two choices stop the physical and spiritual pain and suffering that comes through the bad fruit of life’s decisions.

The choice of enduring and accepting pain and suffering brings light, making pain tolerable, suffering bearable, and this turns the bad fruit of life’s decisions into good fruit, which increases the good fruit in your life and in the lives of those around you.

The choice of not enduring, but rather rejecting pain and suffering, brings darkness, making pain intolerable and suffering unbearable, while the bad fruit of life’s decisions increases in your life and in the lives of those around you.

The world is full of pain. Who can tell us more about pain than the one who lived with the God Who was born of Her? We cannot comprehend the moments we are in except by putting what She speaks of, into real life. We will witness Her words coming into reality; not “maybe we will,” but they “will” come to pass. Saints heard in their hearts this wisdom in centuries past. But because satan’s prodigies have so many avenues to reach us in the world today, God had to create a direct line to speak to us, to reach us and to cancel satan’s might by giving to us the Woman’s might. She gives it to us now, speaking to us, in the midst of so many voices of darkness. It is now possible for man to re-learn Eternal Truths.

Many years ago a priest told a true story that can help one understand Our Lady’s words today. The story was told from the pulpit of St. James Church in Medjugorje. It involved a young man in his 20s, before the apparitions began in 1981. This young man began to pray and began to feel a call to holiness. He grew in virtue, giving himself up to the ways of holiness until he burned to suffer for other’s salvation. He had prayed to the saints. He began to pray to St. Padre Pio. He begged from him to intercede for the grace to suffer the pains of the stigmata, but an invisible stigmata, so he could suffer for others and his family in silence. He was tireless in the prayer. After a year, he was in church one night and said he felt some kind of “presence” that made him feel his prayers were being heard.

Months after the incident, while in his home washing his hands, he felt the greatest pain he had ever experienced. He felt like something with burning fire stabbed him in his middle back, going through his spine. He felt it go through all his nerves. He couldn’t breathe and his legs gave way. He saw his self in the mirror, contorted in pain, as he grabbed the lavatory to hold himself up. He did not relate it to anything he’d prayed for. He thought he was dying, but after a few moments the unbearable intensity of pain began to go away. He did not know what to make of it. He felt fine afterward with no other incident. But within a month, he began to have pain in his spine.

Over the months the pain went into his hips. It grew in intensity and would hit harder during the night. He slowly realized this is what he had been praying for. Soon he would go all night with little sleep, or at the most only a semi-sleep. Racked with pain, getting out of bed was exhausting and he had to force himself to walk to loosen his joints. All this suffering he embraced because it was clear to him that it was what he had prayed for; a way to suffer and at the same time being able to stay hidden in his suffering (invisible stigmata). Soon, so much fruit began coming from enduring his suffering for the sake of sinners as he had prayed it would. The priest said this man fell in love with this pain, his “invisible stigmata,” so grateful he was for it. He began to learn of certain souls who were released from purgatory through his suffering.

The pain became so bad that to get up in the morning, he had to slide out of the bed and drag himself into a hot bath before his joints would loosen up. One morning a family member, who knew he suffered from pain, caught him dragging himself across the floor and demanded he go to the doctor. Several tests showed he was suffering from some kind of incurable disease which would eventually fuse his spine, hip and other joints together. The priest said the man had confided to him that he was so happy when the doctor told him the prognosis. He could hardly contain his joy. He had a suffering he could suffer during the night, yet be alleviated during the day as he got moving. Though he could not sleep because of the severe pain, he never felt tired during the day when he went to work. He knew it was supernatural.

The priest said the man suffered for 10 years. He always embraced and actually fell in love with his sickness. This is what Our Lady is saying today to endure, embrace pain and suffering. You will receive Heaven and you will be able to give a piece of Heaven to those around you. The man the priest spoke of, enduring pain for the sake of people’s salvation and those around him, also gave himself something we cannot understand. Heaven entered in him. Why can we not understand this? Because, we “…do not comprehend pain….” We do not turn it into a consolation of Heaven, a gift from God. We do not, as Our Lady says:

“…comprehend that through the love of God you need to accept pain and endure it…”

The priest’s purpose in telling the story was said at the end of the homily. “The man successfully hid his pain. He’d only told me, because I was close to him. He confided to no one else.” The priest finished saying the man had something extraordinary happen to him. The man told the priest that God asked him once (the man with the affliction) what do you love most? He answered, “God, you know well what I love most. My invisible stigmata.” God said, “Will you give what you love most to Me?” The man said, “Yes.” God took it from him at that moment and made him understand that He had something else He wanted of him.

The story ended there with the priest. It was left to the listener to think of what it was that God wanted from the man with the invisible stigmata. But, this story teaches what Our Lady did in Her life on earth. Our Lady accepted everything, embracing Her pain and suffering. God took Her pain and sufferings and now has Her coming to save the world. Great is the return when you give up what you love most.

With Love,
Friend of Medjugorje
Medjugorje visionary Mirjana during her second of the month apparition of Our Lady

Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, shows the depth of pain when Our Lady leaves to go back to Heaven. As Our Lady’s words tell us, “…you who suffer, know that your pain will become light and glory…”, likewise, those who receive light and glory from God, also suffer pain. For the amount of consolation of seeing Our Lady, comes the equal amount of suffering. The visionaries of Medjugorje suffer greatly in their high call to be witnesses of Our Lady’s presence. It is the call of those who respond to Our Lady’s messages to pray everyday for these Medjugorje visionaries who suffer, as well as for those millions of souls who have accepted the messages and who because of their acceptance of Our Lady’s call are suffering pain.

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2 thoughts on “gods vs. God and Where There is Love There is Pain”

  1. Yes, look at what is happening in the world around us. God is speaking to us and many are ignoring His Mighty Voice. I agree with the words you share with us which is a gift. God the Father and our Blessed Mother uses people to spread the message. We are on the brink of something happening and it could be very soon…For some reason, September 23rd has been standing out from many different standpoints. We need to be prepared for what may be coming as that day approaches. Father, forgive us for the sins we have committed against You. Mother Mary, cover us with the mantle of your love.

  2. Thank you, once again, “A Friend of Medjugorje” for explaining so plainly the messages of “Our Lady”! Your writings are truly inspirational! We must pray to comprehend her messages and become as “little children” – pure & humble of Heart! The Journey with “Our Lady” will be painful at times, but if we accept our sufferings, silently bearing our cross, God will bless us Abundantly!!! Not everyone will accept “Our Lady’s” messages; including those close to us, but we Must! We must be a light for those who are in darkness! We must not let the “things” of this world make us deaf & blind to the “true God! We must live OUR state in life, beginning TODAY, truly living “Our Lady’s Messages”! Only then will we know TRUE Peace! May God give us his Grace to bear our pain with Joy!

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