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Updated February 12, 2023
Originally Published on September 2, 2013 A.D.


This writing from 2013, shares more of what a Friend of Medjugorje spoke about in the February 9, 2023 Mejanomics broadcast titled, Ain’t he World We Grew Up In. If you have the tiniest concern for your future, this prophetic writing from 10 years ago, below may be the start to give you a new future. Do not delay its reading for even one day. It would be one more day lost that you need to give you a future while you still have time, in the time of grace. Be in prayer also for a Special World Report which will air on Thursday, February 16, at 8:00 PM Central Time, and which will bring last week’s Mejanomics and this writing into even more urgent focus. – Caritas of Birmingham


Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s September 2, 2013
Apparition and Message Given to Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers


By 8:00 p.m. on September 1, 2013, there were more than 200 pilgrims gathered at the Blue Cross to spend the night to be close to and in preparation for Our Lady during Her apparition to Mirjana on the morning of September 2nd. Pilgrims prayed the rosary and sang without ceasing all through the night and into the morning up to the time that Mirjana arrived. The air was cool on the mountain, and gentle breezes blew over the thousands on the mountain in the morning. Mirjana arrived at the Blue Cross with a bright smile until she knelt down at the cross and entered into the seriousness of the moment. The crowd gently pressed closer and closer as the apparition time approached, and the apparition lasted between 4 and 5 minutes. The sorrow of watching Our Lady leave, knowing it would be another month before she sees Her again, could be clearly seen in Mirjana once the apparition was over The following is the message Our Lady gave to Mirjana during her apparition:


“Dear children; I love you all. All of you, all of my children, all of you are in my heart. All of you have my motherly love and I desire to lead all of you to come to know God’s joy. This is why I am calling you. I need humble apostles who, with an open heart, will accept the Word of God and help others to comprehend the meaning of their life along side God’s word. To be able to do this, my children, through prayer and fasting you must learn to listen with the heart and to learn to keep submitting yourselves. You must learn to keep rejecting everything that distances you from God’s word and to yearn only for that which draws you closer to it. Do not be afraid. I am here. You are not alone. I am imploring the Holy Spirit to renew and strengthen you. I am imploring the Holy Spirit that, as you help others, you too may be healed. I am imploring Him that, through Him, you may be God’s children and my apostles.


Then with great concern Our Lady said:


For the sake of Jesus, for the sake of my Son, love those whom He has called and long for the blessing only from the hands which He has consecrated. Do not permit evil to come to reign. Anew I repeat – only along side your shepherds will my heart triumph. Do not permit evil to separate you from your shepherds. Thank you.”


Mirjana said that Our Lady blessed everybody and all the religious articles brought for blessing.


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by A Friend of Medjugorje


Mother of all. The Mother of the atheist who loves not God, but who the Mother loves so dearly. The Mother of the Hindu, the Buddhist, the New Ager, the followers of Her Son but who follow bad doctrine, the Mother of those who call themselves Christians, all the way to satanists and those agnostics who don’t know what or if there is a God. Everyone who is of a faith and of no faith. The Muslim, the Jew, the whole of all society because all are of one brotherhood, a family called mankind. Mankind has a Mother, a Mother who is very—very concerned for Her family. Why? Because the present way of life, the present course of life, has no future and will end soon. Life as we presently know it is going to end. The world’s present path is on a course with death. It cannot continue. It will not continue. All those who remain a part of it, attached to it, who are trying to perpetuate it will inherit woe, and the weight of an all encompassing putrid, dead body that the culture is fast becoming; an implosion of society taking no prisoners. No one will escape the crushing fall, no one will have a future. There is only one way, one exit that the Mother is showing us to escape this falling culture—to exit it. There are not several paths. The Mother has told us there is one, single path. This path, if not taken, will lead to an absolute truth of response from God that will visit all those the Mother loves, that She desperately is trying to warn. It is Her expressed desire that no one go through it. The Mother says not choosing so will require a life wrenching repentance, a repentance of regret, a purification of a level “all” do not have at present the capacity of imagination to discover that while living, it is but living a death of no future, an anguish of regret bringing one to greatly despise oneself. A hateful disposition where all those who have continued the path of “futurelessness” will hate themselves more than anything else. A future of “lovelessness.” A future with the absence of God. It is the Mother who tells us, shows us, who encourages us that all those who want to have a future will only have it, but by one condition. One condition alone to have a future, but a condition if not accepted will lead to no future in this life as presently known, as presently lived. This one condition the Mother of all tells us to accept for a future or reject for no future is clear. It is simple and does not require complexities and formulas. It is the only solution to all those who will separate their ways from those who continue life as we know it. To live with a future, as society will know it in the future, the Mother tells us of but one condition:


“…one must go back to God…”


The restructuring of God’s structure, even passing laws to re-order the Natural Law of God has for “all” who accept these laws, trends and ways of society but one end: A complete collapse. Though God sustains society today as He did while Noah built the ark, when one accepts the absence of God, as more and more do, the path used by God will soon no longer be sustained. Joy will be the experience for those who begin immediately the way of life of God as Our Lady is showing us. No place upon the earth will escape this judgment of purifying the earth of what God is about to send and no corner of the earth will be missed in receiving and coming to know God’s joy for accepting the one condition for a future by turning back to God.


Noah’s tribulation and his depth of hardship and adversity for decades of building the ark did not surpass the joy of what he experienced when he walked out of the ark onto a fresh new earth united to God in fullness. Today Our Lady said:


“…This is why I am calling you…”


You are the apostles to give a future to others, that their lives run parallel “alongside God’s Word”. Those who will not pray and fast will not hear, cannot learn to submit themselves to God’s Word. An honest review of your life with seriousness will show you, teach you, what to reject in this life, which distances you from God. Many parts of God’s Word will show this. One particular part of the Bible will clearly show what many around the world are accepting, even Christians. A prayerful, slow read of Roman 1:18-32 will clearly show one of the things that the world is accepting that has no future. We all need healing, being raised in a depraved society in which man has never had so many “captivations” holding his mind and heart in a darkened state. Our Lady wants us to,


September 2, 2013

“…yearn only for that which draws you closer to it…”


What is it the heart is to yearn for? God’s Word! God’s Word means what used to be seen when society knew “a man of his word.” To phrase it a different way, “a man of his word” means he is worthy of what he says and you can depend upon him to keep his word. If that is the case for “a man of his word” how much more for a God of His Word? God’s Word is absolute and unchangeable. Therefore, one good place to start is to read in God’s Word, Roman 1:18-32. We cannot tolerate what God and God’s Word rejects. As Our Lady says,


“…You must learn to keep rejecting everything that distances you from God’s word and to yearn only for that which draws you closer to it…”


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Why does Our Lady add to the above, “…Do not be afraid…”? Because many who have come to accept the most depraved behaviors, are afraid to offend those of depraved anti-God behavior.


“…reject everything that distances you from God’s word and yearn only for that which draws you closer to it…”


This phrase of Our Lady is the one condition to have a future. Choose God for a future. Not to is to distance yourself from God and His Word, giving no future. More and more we are normalizing, becoming more accepting of sin in society and the cultures that make up the world. A good act of contrition is in order for all Our Lady loves, an act of declaration, declaring our sorrow for having offended God and declaring our hatred for our sins and those sins in others we’ve tolerated, along with a firm resolve to confront our own sin and sins of others. As Our Lady implores:


“…I am imploring the Holy Spirit that as you help others, you too may be healed…”


We sin by tolerating sin in society with silence. One who is silent cannot be an apostle.

With love for “all”,

A Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje


Be sure to hear the February 9, 2023 Mejanomics broadcast titled, Ain’t the World We Grew Up In, as a Friend of Medjugorje shares more of what has happened in the 10 years since this writing was released. Share this with all your friends.


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Listen to the Radio WAVE broadcast with A Friend of Medjugorje, as he shares Our Lady’s September 2, 2013 message – it is a must listen broadcast. To listen to the Sept. 2 Radio WAVE broadcast titled, “Lullaby”, visit here…


Pictures from the September 2, 2013 Apparition in Medjugorje

Our Lady's apparition September 2, 2013

It is nighttime in Medjugorje, the night before Our Lady’s apparition to Mirjana, and a small gathering of pilgrims keep vigil around the Blue Cross where Our Lady will appear on the morning of September 2, 2013. The flashlights of the pilgrims, who have hours to wait, illuminate their Bibles and prayer books as they pass the time in prayer. Shortly, with more and more pilgrims arriving throughout the night and into the next morning, a continuous Rosary will begin with singing until Our Lady’s arrival. Prayer, after prayer, after prayer…making a pathway to Heaven for Our Lady to descend down upon with joy to be with Her devoted children again.   

Our Lady's apparition September 2, 2013

One of the beloved stories of the Bible that many of us heard when we were children was of the man Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree in order to have a better vantage point in seeing Jesus. Jesus not only noticed Zacchaeus in the tree, but called up to him and invited Himself over to his house for dinner. One of the joys of Medjugorje is to see man’s nature at work, seeing images from the Bible come to life in our time today among the people who come to Medjugorje seeking to encounter Our Lady. This morning, September 2, 2013, we see that not much has changed in the way of man’s nature in the last 2,000 years. Trees are still climbed by grown men who want to see above the crowds. For those who follow Our Lady, we all want to “see” Her and “be seen” by Her, and even unexpectedly be invited by Her to take Her to our home—the home of our heart.    Our Lady's apparition on September 2, 2013

It was still early morning in Medjugorje when this picture was taken. Now the crowds are thick around the Blue Cross and span outward as thousands continue to arrive minute by minute. Pilgrims from all over the world are gathered, from every nation—nations that are all in deep trouble morally, financially, spiritually. God’s answer, in this Her time, to all of our problems is being brought through Our Lady. Our Lady’s answer is in building the kingdom of God in every heart who will hear Her. A Friend of Medjugorje describes what it is Our Lady is trying to accomplish through Her apparitions:

“Our Lady comes to the world as its Queen. Not to govern through earthly power of an office, but to govern spiritually through the heart. This will require a different arrangement of the world as we know it now to be, an abyss of sin. Our Lady’s triumph of a spiritual reign of the heart cannot happen without the destruction of the gains satan has made throughout the world. Jeremiah 1:9-10 says,


‘See I place my words in your mouth.
This day I set you over nations and over kingdoms.
To root up and to tear down,
To destroy and to demolish,
To build and to plant.’


Our Lady’s coming will result in physical changes upon the earth as She battles against the sins of our times, rooting them up until the evils of the culture as we know them are destroyed and dismantled.”


From A Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, “You Can Be Touched By God”


Our Lady's apparition on September 2, 2013


A woman looks intently at Mirjana after her arrival to the Blue Cross. If you were one of those who spent the night on the mountain, it is at this moment that you know it was worth the sacrifice. No other thought is in the mind than to absorb the coming event as deeply as possible, the arrival of Our Lady. In the message today, Our Lady comes with a warning. In fact, the mood of Our Lady changes to “great concern” when She speaks about the shepherds, not to separate from them, to stand by them. There are many voices that are guiding people away from the shepherds—shepherds in our homes, in our communities, in our churches. We must become aware of those voices and eliminate them so as to understand and hear only the voice of Our Lady. A Friend of Medjugorje has long warned about these voices. The following is taken from his book, I See Far, written in 1994:

“How many wives give their ear, not to their husbands, but to empty words from daily talk shows’ advice, soap operas, or those people who are influenced by them; all of which form them not toward their husbands but toward what they hear and see. The husband’s ear tuned to the game on the box, in turn, tunes the wife out. He is not able, then, to take possession of her ear. It is dangerous to give the TV a center position in the family, even in a small way. If done, there will be a loss of peace and disruption in the family unit. The family is then destined to spin apart because the center has no grace to hold it together. The TV, being a ‘center’ for the family, impacts and directs it as a shepherd leading sheep. However, the shepherd of the family is the father, not the TV; and he is ordained by God to lead it. This not only holds true for family life but also for religious communities. When a TV is put in their home or center, it is destined to fly apart because this medium, as a center, has no grace, cannot hold, and anarchy follows.”

From A Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, I See Far

Since 1994, how many other things could be added to the television as what is held first or center in the lives of individuals and families?   

Our Lady appears to Mirjana September 2, 2013

Mirjana is intensely listening to Our Lady’s words, Our Lady’s message of September 2, 2013, words that she is responsible for communicating to the world.  

 Our Lady appearing to Mirjana September 2, 2013 
Mirjana’s up turned face gives the sign to all that Our Lady is leaving. Though it is always a painful moment for the visionaries, that sadness, that longing touches everyone present. We, too, would like Her to stay.     Our Lady's apparition on September 2, 2013

Mirjana retreats into herself when she is no longer able to see Our Lady. She alone knows what Our Lady has just told her. She must summon the strength to speak those words because they are not meant just for her, but for the world.

“Most who strive for their spirit to be in union with God’s spirit recognize that our time parallels the time when God told Noah to build an ark. We have fallen, for a whole century, more and more into decadence, especially over the last several decades. It took Noah decades to build the ark. Can you not say, our time is not only just as wicked, but more wicked than Noah’s? What is the difference? One could say there are some good people on the earth, not everyone is wicked. True. But in the time of the flood is it not true that God said all the earth had grown wicked, and was not Noah and his family good? God did not withhold judgment upon the wicked. He pulled Noah out of it before He destroyed it and punished it. This time God will not ask a Noah to build an ark. God Himself will provide the ark. That ark is the Queen Herself. The Queen of Peace. The Ark whose mantle is the protection of those who accept Her.” 

From A Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, “Will it be Rain or a Rainbow for You?”


Our Lady's apparition September 2, 2013

Who do you say that I am? It is the unspoken question that is present in many hearts who witnessed the apparition this morning. And with the question, is the invitation to follow. And with the invitation, there is a choice to be made whether to follow or not. Very early in the apparitions Our Lady asked the visionaries and villagers of Medjugorje to read every week a particular passage from the Bible, Matthew 6:24-34 that begins with, “No man can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other or be attentive to one and despise the other. You cannot give yourself to God and mammon,” and ends with “Enough then of worrying about tomorrow. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Sufficient today is its own evils.” Jelena, who received interior locutions from Our Lady in Medjugorje, was asked about why Our Lady asked for this verse to be read each week:

Q. Why does the Blessed Mother want you to absorb the teaching of Her Son, Jesus, so thoroughly?  Jelena: It helps unmask one of satan’s big lies.  Q. What lie, Jelena?  Jelena: Tomorrow.  Q. Tomorrow? How interesting. Do you mean that one of satan’s big lies is the illusion of tomorrow?  Jelena: Yes…the Blessed Mother and Jesus help us to know that it is prayer and fasting that free man’s mind from its illusions.

As the sole voice, A Friend of Medjugorje for years has pointed out Our Lady often begins Her messages with the word “Today,” “Dear children, today…” He has explained why. Do not put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Do not wait to convert. Do not wait to change your life. Do not depend upon tomorrow being there before you get around to answering Our Lady’s call. Tomorrow is an illusion. Tomorrow may never come.



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  1. I love Don Bosco & Padre Pio

    Ma, I love you! I thought I was alone………….. But now that You have told that You are here with me always, then what else do I need? I promise to love all our Shepherds! Love you

  2. Mother Mary, thank you so much for caring for every child of the earth. We need your help and with your Holy Mantle, with the Very Precious Blood of Jesus, Your Beloved Son, Our Saviour, please cover us all and bring us back Home to Our Father, in the name of Beloved Jesus, for all the sacrifices He offered to Our Father that we have and live eternal life in the Kingdom of God. (with all my family: Virginie, Stephanie, Natacha, Julien, grand son Paul, husband Georges, Jean Marie, Jean, Eva, Eglantine, Martin, Jonathan and myself Marie), my brothers and sisters, emes du purgatoire, toute la famille du Sacre Coeur de Jesus). All Glory and Honour to Saint Trinity with all archangels, angels, prophets, apostles, disciples, all saints and la Cour Celeste. Thank you Coeurs Unis de Jesus et de Marie. Que la Gloire de Dieu reflecte sur chacun de nous!

  3. Thank You Mother for Your great love for us Your children. You are showing us a new life style, to keep us close to You and Your Beloved Son. Thank You most of all for making us vigilant. Thank You very much for reminding us to be close to our shepherds. We Love You

  4. Thank you, Mama Mary. With your sustaining love, I would try to be a faithful servant of your Son. Love, Zena

  5. Thank You Holy Mother, for your great concern about us. I want to study and practice every word of your message. This is to the whole world. To her children. Hope every man reads this and get close to Jesus our Lord through our Holy Mother. Every one who get these messages must send to the people they know. Thanks and May God Bless and lead your path dear friends of Medjugorje.

  6. Thank you Dear Mother, you have answered all the questions I have asked you in my heart. I will not be afraid, I will go forward with confidence, knowing you are near. THANK YOU Thank you dear Friend of Medjugorje and all those working in the vineyard..Thank you

  7. Thank God, we have this BEAUTIFUL MOTHER, She loves us and love Her.- How She care my children and grand children, brother and sisters and all my family, my husband Leonardo and we are happy because she protect us always.- THANK GOD FOR EVERY THING YOU DO FOR US.

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