From a Friend of Medjugorje, Subject – Be Ready and Armed for the Future: v3.0 – One Year Later and the Future of

From a Friend of Medjugorje, Subject – Be Ready and Armed for the Future: v3.0 – One Year Later and the Future of

Armed with what? With what this site offers and enables you to do. Enabled to do what? To be ready to use it and convey it to others in the moment of the secrets. We have not conceived and created a site just to give information, rather, to help you initiate many plans for the conversion of the world!

Updated Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Originally Released on August 20, 2018 A.D.

Tomorrow, August 21, 2018, is the one-year anniversary of the new Mej v3.0. Last year’s launch involved thirteen days of new releases. This is the most advanced, functional, thorough Medjugorje site in the world. The site was designed for you, as a tool for when the secrets are released. It was developed for, and to help your conversion, and for you to propagate Our Lady’s messages, to help others. It is important to learn everything about how to use this site for the moment of the Great Evangelization. The most advanced fighter jet in the U.S. military has 1.7 million lines of code for its incredible feats to fight. has over 2 ½ million lines of code! Therefore, practice and learn how to use everything on it as well as study its contents. This is the Medjugorje site you grew by your donation and we thank you. The following is the list of improvements and additions released last year:

(Links to each of these releases follows the writing.)

• New Responsive Design making the site mobile friendly
• New Medjugorje Pilgrimage Site
• Six New Sections including Worldwide Apparition Time Chart and Five New Major Menu Items
• New Caritas of Birmingham Section
• New Community of Caritas Section
• Introduction to Medjugorje, now, Why is Medjugorje Real? (This feature is a great way to introduce the site to new people.)
• New a Friend of Medjugorje Section
• New Translate the Site Feature Released
• New Medjugorje Message Search with special printing capability
• New Medjugorje Encyclopedia released
• New Medjugorje Timeline released
• New Radio WAVE Past Shows player released
• New Radio WAVE 24 Hours, released on September 8, the 10th anniversary of Radio WAVE.

We are amazed as we see how much God has done in the lives of so many since last year, and the new additions on the site which have made access of Our Lady’s messages easier for millions across the world. Every day we hear how someone’s life has been touched, changed, or how someone has found hope. It has truly been a blessing and we begin by saying “thank you” to all who supported this important project for Our Lady.

Since that time, we have made several continuing improvements, some seen, others not seen. This is in the spirit of what Our Lady said on February 2, 2014:

“…You will have the efficiency which I seek of you…”

The continual seeking of excellence has been part of our philosophy since the beginning of Caritas. Mediocrity is not part of who we are. There is nothing we do here at Caritas, whether in the Community, the operations of Caritas of Birmingham, etc. which are not rooted somehow in the messages of Our Lady. Our Lady said on July 25, 1988:

“…Everything you do and everything you possess give over to God so that He can take control in your life as King…”

We have taken Our Lady’s words literally, giving everything that we do, how we do it, to God. This is the underlying factor behind all we do. Your support of this work has brought about the ability for this witness of living the Medjugorje messages to millions around the world, and again, we say thank you.

To give a short summary, in February of this year, we rolled out Mej version 3.7.24, which was 7 main improvements and 24 patches (bugs in the system fixed and/or small improvements) – all without having to do another plea for donations. A few of those improvements follow:

• Simplification of the Top Menu to make the most used features even easier to access.
• Improving the site search and including Radio WAVE broadcasts in the search results.
• Making the Medjugorje Timeline, and the History with Our Lady Timeline printable

Thank you once again to all who prayed, fasted and gave last year, which has allowed us to make more improvements since February, all without having to make another plea. We want to continue. We have quietly been working behind the scenes to make even more improvements to help make using the site even easier.

One such improvement has been on Radio WAVE 24 Hours, which was one of the crowning projects of Mej v3.0. The Radio WAVE live player now has a new and improved Live Player which allows people to listen in another window while continuing to browse. The player has been tested across different platforms and devices, and we eliminated old and outdated technology to play on even more devices. Every month, thousands tune in to the best music anywhere.

Why has the need for been so important especially in the past year? Something Our Lady said on March 25, 1994, sheds light:

“…I desire, little children, that all of you who have felt the fragrance of holiness, through these messages which I am giving you, to carry it in this world, hungry for God and God’s love…”

There is a world hungry for God, for His love. As we have seen many tragedies, divisions and clashes within the past year, the world is looking for an answer, for an explanation of what is going on. Our Lady of Medjugorje, Her daily apparitions, are the most important event happening in the world today. Nothing comes close to the magnitude of Her apparitions and messages, in the scope of what God is doing in the world. Her Medjugorje apparitions are the compass, the map, the answer for what is taking place in the world. All of you who prayed, fasted and donated last year are a part of helping millions of people find an answer, whether through the Radio WAVE broadcasts, the most complete Medjugorje Message Search in the world, or being able to send a petition to be presented in Medjugorje and here at Caritas. We cannot claim for ourselves all the conversions through which have taken place since last year, without including all of our supporters as equally responsible for those conversions. From Our Lady we say, thank you.

The Plan for the Future of

In our continual desire to please Our Lady and to seek excellence, it is our desire to continue improving and making better every day. We have already improved the speed of the site, making the site almost twice as fast as last year.

Another improvement was that we have made the Radio WAVE Past Shows player “stick” to the top of page as you scroll down and read the interactive transcripts while listening. There are other improvements being slated for the near future as well. These little “tweaks” to the site are a representation of the fact that we work for the Queen of Heaven, and our conscience does not rest with something less than what Our Lady deserves.

We do not want to do another plea for The demand on the mission of Caritas is beyond what we can handle financially. We cannot fund everything that needs to be done each month to meet the demand for what people ask of us. What we are asking is something very different and simple, very easy to do. We are asking every user to become a Caritas Field Angel, by committing to donate $5 a month. That is all. We are not asking for large dollar amounts, we are asking every user to make a recurring donation of $5 a month. If we have enough people do this, we can avoid a multi-month campaign to raise this year’s budget. We do not want to have to take down the site again. Our Field Angel program will achieve this if every user commits to a small monthly gift. You can do this either by clicking here and choosing to make a Recurring Field Angel Donation, or by calling on the phone to Caritas at 205-672-2000. Outside of the U.S. dial, 001-205-672-2000. We can answer any questions you have. You can become a Field Angel four ways:

• By calling or writing to Caritas in the U.S. and setting up your $5 a month Field Angel donation through an ACH debit to your checking account – the safest and best method. Call Caritas at 205-672-2000 to set this up. Again, outside of the U.S. dial, 001-205-672-2000.

By clicking here and making a $5 Monthly Recurring Field Angel Donation on your Credit Card (But we highly recommend to do it with your checking account because it’s more secure and costs very little compared to credit cards.)

By clicking here and making a $5 Monthly Recurring Field Angel Donation through your PayPal account (Again, the first choice is through the more secure automatic deduction through your checking account)

• By calling Caritas in the U.S. and giving your Card information over the phone for us to set up a Recurring Field Angel Donation

You can call Caritas in the U.S at 205-672-2000 if you have any questions about the options above. Using your checking account and having us set up a monthly ACH debit, is the least costly, safest and most-reliable method of donating. If oyu live outside of the U.S. and wish to call, dial to, 001-205-672-2000.

It is important that everyone becomes a Caritas Field Angel by setting up a recurring $5 a month donation. We want to avoid another plea. We do not want to stop improving and making the site better by having to stop for lack of funding. If everyone becomes a Caritas Field Angel by making a monthly recurring donation of $5, we will be 100% budgeted and stabilized, and will not do another fund raising campaign. It is important that everyone participates. One letter we received two weeks ago stated:

“I just set up a $30 auto deduct in obedient happy response to a Friend of Medjugorje’s request on the latest message. My support has not been consistent, and it needs to be for such a vital ministry as yours/ours. I will supplement the $30 monthly with extra donations in your envelopes as I have been sending of late. Thanks for all you do and most especially your example.”

Fredrick, CO

For a mission as vital as “ours/yours”, it is important that every user of the site takes part in becoming a Caritas Field Angel. Five dollars a month is not asking for much, and as M.S. stated above, “consistent” is the most important thing. While we welcome those, who make one-time large donations, monthly consistency is important for us to be able to plan what can be funded each month with the next steps. The demand on the mission of Caritas has outpaced our monthly funding. We simply cannot keep up with what people across the world ask of us, without your consistent monthly funding. Thank you to all who give, and as we have stated many times before, the future of Our Lady’s work is in your hands. Call Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000, or visit here to begin your monthly Field Angel donation. Outside of the Unites States you can call, 001-205-672-2000. Thank you.

A Friend of Medjugorje
On behalf of
Caritas of Birmingham
The Community of Caritas.

In remembrance of last year’s plea and release of Mej v3.0, which began on August 21 and ended on September 8, the 10 year anniversary of Radio WAVE, as a special thank you to all who will become a Field Angel between now and September 8, we will send you a free Radio WAVE CD, with some of the best Radio WAVE music, as played on the 10th anniversary broadcast, September 8, 2017. Thank you in advance for committing to be part of making Our Lady known and loved.

Visit the links below for last year’s releases of Mej v3.0:

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