Freedom With Consequences

Freedom With Consequences

Father David Gobson from Ireland in Medjugorje

Fr. David Gibson, May 11, 2010 in Medjugorje

Father David Gibson from Ireland in Medjugorje, May 11, 2010

The readings for the mass this morning, when I had a chance to look over them, I thought there were lots of places you could go with these. So please forgive me if I start to wander, and I can’t keep myself on track, but I’ll try my best.

The story in the first reading, this morning, from the Acts of the Apostles, is typical of God’s action towards His people. The story of God’s action towards us, is always the story of being set free. Right from the beginning, God’s only intention towards us has been to set us free, so we can freely choose to be with Him. We live in a world that honors freedom, but in fact, we find ourselves to be slaves in so many different areas of our lives. I often think of young couples at home living in Ireland, and their compulsion to burden themselves with massive mortgages. Their compulsion to be the slave of banks, for thirty or forty years, with huge worries every month about how they’re going to come up with thousands of euros, so that they can keep the roof over their head. Is that freedom? I think not. And particularly in our world today, when we’ve become very aware of how quickly money and resources can become very scarce through the actions of others, we realize how trapped we can be. So many of your sons and daughters, so many of you perhaps, find yourselves worried beyond words, about how you’re going to keep the roof over your head, how you’re going to provide for your families over the next couple of months and years. Maybe you’re even worried about how you’re going to provide for them tomorrow. That is the slavery we find ourselves in at this particular time.

Well, as human beings, we always seem to have a longing to be enslaved to something or someone. The level of addiction in our society testifies to that. So many of our brothers and sisters addicted in so many different ways, and not just the big addictions that we see all in lights like drugs and alcohol, and addictions of the flesh, which is becoming very prevalent and is a big excuse for infidelity in our world today. So many people addicted in so many different ways. We are addicted to fame, addicted to the cost of personality, all the things that we’re warned about in the Scriptures. I am reminded of the story in the Scriptures of God setting His people free from their slavery in Egypt, and how after He had eventually set them free, they mumbled and grumbled and wanted to go back. They would rather be slaves, comfortable, knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow, and not having to experience the freedom of being the children of God, of not knowing what tomorrow will bring. That is the beauty of being a child of God. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We entrust ourselves to God’s providence. But we have a fascination with wanting to know, and that fascination is exemplified in all the people we know who call themselves Christians, but dabble in the unknown, who want to find out and be able to have control of the future. The future is not ours to know, and Jesus makes it quite clear in the Scriptures, that the future was not even His to know, but that time would unfold itself in God’s time, and the future would happen as it’s supposed to happen.

We are called to be people of trust, to put our faith and to put our hope in God, that everything will be alright in the end. God constantly tries to convince us of that, and He sends His Blessed Mother, I’m convinced, to this place, to call that to mind for us each and every day. That we may believe everything will be alright. That we are in God’s hands and allow ourselves to be. We put our trust in so many places other than God, and I think, if we are to learn anything of the events of recent weeks and months, the Icelandic volcano that has been the consternation of our lives over the last number of weeks, proves to us that pride as human beings, as explorers, as scientists, has been put to flight. One simple act of the earth can ground the entire world for days on end, and we don’t know what to do or where to go. It was like the end of the world was coming when we couldn’t fly from one airport to the next, because suddenly something that we had our trust in, our ability to jump in an airplane and go anywhere we wanted to go, was taken away from us. It was like the end of the world, even if we weren’t flying or planning to fly anywhere. I was listening to people, it was like the end of the world for them. We need to place our trust and our hope in God. And God assures us, and Jesus assures us in the Gospel this morning, that everything will be alright because He is going to the Father, and He has said in the Acts, that the Holy Spirit will guide us and lead us and guarantee us a victory. That’s why we are called to be joyful as Christians. We are called to put our trust in God and in His Church.

I am very convinced that the Church is very secure, because she stands on two solid feet, the feet of Scripture and of Tradition. She teaches us from that solid foundation. Jesus guarantees that the Holy Spirit will lead us into the complete truth. So many people say to me that they have a problem with the way the Church teaches on this matter or that matter, considering our morals or our life affairs. And I am reminded of the words at the end of Saint John’s Gospel, when the Gospel writer says to us, “there are many other signs that Jesus worked and many other words that He spoke, that are not written in this book, these words that are written, are written so that you may believe.” Jesus said and did far more than is recorded in Scripture. God has said and done far more than is recorded in the Bible. Our Tradition in the Church, the Spoken Word that has been handed down to us, to teach us truth, that guaranteed by the presence of Peter, the rock on which the Church was built. The Church has always called to itself the right to interpret the Scriptures, the right to gather the Scriptures together. Right from the beginning, there was a lot of writing about the life of Jesus, but the Church took to Herself the authority that was given to her by God, to choose which of these writings, are truly the word of God, and which are simply the scribblings of human beings. It shocks me sometimes, to listen to priests and theologians, quote the Gospel of Thomas, or talk about the writings of Mary Magdalene, or talk about some other piece of antiquated writing that is not in the cannon of Scripture, and use it as if it was. I may try and sit down and write out my story, and that would be just as valuable to you as those pieces of documentation are. I’m not saying they’re not tremendously valuable as historical documents, but they have no value when it comes to faith, no value. Our Scripture is very clear, our tradition is very clear, and our Holy Father, thanks be to God, is not shy of reminding us of the authority the Church has, when it comes to our life of faith and our moral life. Despite the sins and transgressions of priests and bishops and God knows who else, he continues to stand up and to say, yes these things happened, but they do not take away from the fact that we are charged to speak the truth, and we cannot allow anything to undermine our call and our challenge to speak the truth. 

Some of the most distressing things that I’ve heard about priests, some of them begin with the line, ‘Father you know we have a great priest in our parish,’ and that goes on to include sentences like, ‘he’s so down to earth. He’s so ordinary. He’s in the pub every night. He’s a great singer. And you know what else, he never asks us for money.’ One of the killers, ‘He says Mass in fifteen minutes.’ I don’t think you understand the power that you have over us, who are priests. You have the power of care. You have the power to constantly remind us of who we aren’t, to remind us of our weakness and of our need for God. You also have the power of flattery over us, the power to flatter us into thinking that somehow or other we are entitled. And you use that power, and sometimes you use it to build up your priests, and sometimes you use it to tear them down. I think you must be very careful how you use your power over your priests. I am convinced, and I say this with no disrespect to my brother priests and no disrespect to the bishop, about us who are priests, is that we are weaker. God chooses the weak, and Saint Paul backs me up on that. God chooses the weak because weakness is the strength of the priesthood and also its downfall. When a priest knows that he is weak, and that he is not worthy, and that without God in his life, he is not capable of accomplishing anything, then he is a good priest. When a priest thinks that he is invincible, and thinks that all the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to him are his own, that’s when we get into difficulty. I am constantly worried about my brother priests who allow themselves to be flattered into thinking that they are diamonds of the media, people who only tell their people what they want to hear, who don’t ever challenge them to live the life that God wants us to live. If we never challenge our people, we never give them something to rise to. 

You know when you raise your children, you try to instill goals in them, so that they strive to do their best, to be the best that they can. If a priest doesn’t challenge his people, then they are going nowhere. If a priest hasn’t the conviction to stand up and to preach the Good News, to preach the Gospel, to speak the truth about our faith and about our moral life, then his people are going nowhere. They are not benefiting by his presence as they should. Priests are so afraid, in many occasions, to stand up and to speak the truth to you, because they’re afraid of your reaction. Sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth, because sometimes it’s difficult for us to hear it. Nobody wants to be told that what they’re doing is wrong, nobody wants to be challenged. Nobody wants to be chastised, even if that’s in a loving way. Your children don’t want it from you, and yet you see what happens to them when you don’t chastise them. You see what happens to them when you don’t discipline them. Some of the greatest horror stories or movies that I’ve ever seen on TV, are the ones that concern those nannies. Nanny 911, Super Nanny, who has to go into a household and discipline children who’ve turned into absolute monsters because their parents can’t discipline them, or their parents can’t teach them how to be good human beings. Psychologists are doing this all the time now. ‘You have to let them be themselves. You have to let them be this. You have to let them be that.’ But you also have to teach them how to be human beings, and how to live in community with their brothers and sisters, and how to be part of the family and not to be selfish. There is an advertisement on TV in Ireland. It involves a lady in a shopping center going down one of the aisles, with lots of sweet things and candies on one side and lots of sodas and soft drinks on the other side. She’s got a little child walking beside her and he’s trying to grab something off the shelf and she puts it back. The child gets into a tantrum, and the mother throws herself down on the ground. She starts banging on the ground and beating the ground, and the child just stops and stares at the mother. We all see it all the time, and I hope I’m not speaking about your child or about your grandchild.

People need to learn. We need to know where there are boundaries. We need to know that there are things that are right and things that are wrong. Somebody needs to speak about those things too. It is the priest’s responsibility, the priest who on the day of his ordination, promised that he would teach the truth, that he would preach the truth. Not his truth, the Church’s truth; the truth of Jesus Christ. That he would speak to us about what God wants from us. So many fall into the trap of preaching their own truth. ‘This is what I think God wants.’ We don’t need to think or wonder what God wants. We know very well what God wants for us. You look at the Bible. You look at the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You go and ask your priest. Even if he tells you something you are suspicious about, you go back to your Bible. You go back to your Catechism of the Catholic Church. You speak to another priest. You find out. It’s there. It’s not hidden away. It’s not a secret. God wants you to know, because He wants you to live your life so that you can be free, and the teachings of the Church are there in order to set us free, not to burden us. It’s real freedom. It’s freedom with consequences. It’s freedom enough to know that when you behave in a certain way, these are the consequences of our actions. And once we know about the consequences of our actions, then we can make informed decisions about how we want to live our lives. It’s when the consequences are hidden away from us or covered up, and we do it so often, we try to make acceptable in our communities, what is totally unacceptable to God. We try to find ways to justify people’s bad behavior and their sin. Cover it over. Let’s not talk about it and it might go away. In fact, the Church doesn’t change. “It might change. Perhaps God will change, He might change His mind, what He thought was wrong yesterday He might think it’s right tomorrow. God might even catch up with us in our modern way of thinking.” We have fooled ourselves for wrong. We have convinced ourselves so much of what is wrong in our lives is right, and let ourselves off the hook. But to let our brothers and sisters off the hook, and to let our children off the hook because we don’t want them to fall. So many parents that I talk to today, say it’s OK or they think it’s OK for their children to be living in sin. They know it’s not right. Your children deserve to be respected and loved and cherished, and the Church teaches us how to do that, but the world asks us to ignore it, and do our own thing anyway.

We give thanks to God for His gifts, the gift of the Scriptures and the gift of the Tradition of the Church, and we try our best to live our lives in accordance with God’s will.


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  1. George Nganga

    What can I say for love beyond words. Let Glory be to God our Father Son and the Holy Spirit for the gift of our mother Mary. It is through whom the incarnated Jesus through God our Father in union with the Holy Spirit our lifes have been founded a new so that we have now been born again in union with the Holy Spirit. How I long one day I will live with my mother Mary.

  2. What can I say for love beyond words. Let Glory be to God our Father Son and the Holy Spirit for the gift of our mother Mary. It is through whom the incarnated Jesus through God our Father in union with the Holy Spirit our lifes have been founded a new so that we have now been born again in union with the Holy Spirit. How I long one day I will live with my mother Mary.

  3. Elsamma James

    Thank you and God bless you for providing timely information about our Mama Mary’s presence. Heaven on earth feeling. Real blessings for us especially who are far away and unable to visit that place. Happy to read about Pope John Paul II.Please convey our (devotees) love to Mother Mary and please ask Mother to pray for us.God bless you All lucky people who are in Medjugorje who can see Mother Mary

  4. I’m so graitfull to you for share to emotions yo u have at the mountains where you had the metting wit Our Lady of Medjugorje. I would like to know how my wife and me cna join you to go to the next perigrination, and where can I contact you. Thanks

  5. Pauline Michaud

    Thank you for providing this blessing for us who have not yet had the opportunity to visit the holy site of Medjugorje. Please keep these wonderful messages coming.

  6. Veranne Do Nascimento

    It’s beautiful and good information. It makes us feel joyful. Thanks for sharing with everybody!

  7. I was very privileged and honored to been given the opportunity to see Pope John Paul II when he visited Miami, Florida in 1987. I was within 100 feet of him and I was just so amazed by his presence of holiness. I knew then, as many others did, that he was a saint and a very special child or God. We are all blessed that he was with us in our lifetime. Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  8. Peter Gascoigne

    For a long time I too have felt that Pope John Paul 11 was special and to read about Ivan’s apparition Of Our Lady smiling to this Pope & John Paul smiling back fills me with immense gratitude of just how great he was. It’s hard to describe but you feel as though you’re intimately part of a unique family. Thank you Jesus.

  9. Margaret Moore

    I have been to Fatima and Lourdes and loved that exprence and would love to go to Medjugorje to be there too. I have seen Ivan in Az. about 3 yrs ago and the Blessed Mother visited us there. Was wonderful. Thanks for keeping me updated on whats going on. The priests, bishops and the Holy Father are in my prayers.

  10. Ann Mulkerrin

    Just beautiful! It moved me deeply. Our beloved priests so dear to our mother are in my heart as well. I am sograteful for all the priests who have touched my life and ask God’s blessings on their souls, lives and ministry.

  11. Peace be with youI have been to your lovely place two times and I never shall forget the Peace I experienced there. Mother Mary Most Holy was there. I received a great grace that night. I had overstayed and unaware that little by little had become dark and in the sky there were black clouds for the storming coming. I got scared. My group had left without me and I suddenly was alone there at the bus stop. Rain begin to fall and I was scared! Out of nowhere came a minivan who stopped and asked me what I was doing there alone. they took me in and drove me to my motel. I barely put my feet in the room that a roar of lightening and thunder followed! didn’t I blessed the Blessed Mother! this has been the second time she rescued me out of no where in the middle of an approaching thunderstorm. I have no ward to express you my gratitude for your good work! Ad Majorem Dei gloriam. Giovanna

  12. rolando tubongbanua

    thank you Ivan for sending the messages of our Blessed mother and also regarding Pope John Paul II. let us continue praying for our Pope,bishops,clergy and deacons.

  13. Adeliza Olkeriil

    Thank you for this message. I love the Blessed Mother for she has brought me closer to her son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I pray for priests, bishops, nuns and the Holy Father. They need all our prayers. The evil one tries so hard to snatch those who are getting closer to the Lord. So let’s all pray for them. Thank you my Blessed Mother.

  14. Caritas what you are doing in the name of Jesus and the guidance of Our Lady is truly truly a blessing. Thank you for informing us of Ivan’s special apparition with Our Lady and Pope John Paul II. Our Pope was truly amazing. The year that he blessed as the year of The Holy Spirit circa 1987-88 resulted in my renewed committment as a Catholic and became aware of Medugorje and its mission. Like you Gloria H., Our Lady and Our Lord allowed me to feel and understand their love for every single person in this world, those who preceded and those to come. Words cannot express my experience and even when I try, others do not comprehend so I share with a select few.

  15. I recently signed up for the site, and when I finally got an email saying IVAN would be in prayer at 10 pm. I was thrilled, I dropped everything I had going on, went into my room with my Rosary and prayed… it was 4 pm my time. But I knew she was present to IVAN, on this Earth. I really love this site, I read things from it everyday. Thanks for showing us the prayers from Mary. God bless everyone. <3

  16. am so happy to hear this message from Our Lady it sound motherly and natural .i really wish to be oppotuned to be there present one daymay our Lord JESUS LIFT ALL THE VISIONARIES UP TO CONTINUE BEING THERE FOR US.STANDING THERE AS A POINT OF CONTACT FOR US BE LIFTED TO A HIGHER GROUND AMEN

  17. Sister Mary Patin

    I am first learning about caritas and Mary’s apparitions from friends have met from Atlanta, GA since my retirement. They have introduced me to Mary’s Conversation Journal that I pray daily, and I have fallen in love with Mary all over again. I do have more time to pray and will increase my prayers for our Shepherds and spread Mary’s message to more people.

  18. Sister Mary Patin

    I am first learning about caritas and Mary’s apparitions from friends have met from Atlanta, GA since my retirement. They have introduced me to Mary’s Conversation Journal that I pray daily, and I have fallen in love with Mary all over again. I do have more time to pray and will increase my prayers for our Shepherds and spread Mary’s message to more people.

  19. Thank you for posting this encounter between Our Lady and Ivan. It is always a source of encouragment, a bit like a ‘hug’ from our Heavenly Mother.

  20. Thank you for posting this encounter between Our Lady and Ivan. It is always a source of encouragment, a bit like a ‘hug’ from our Heavenly Mother.

  21. Thanks Ivan for the messages and all those in Medjugorje. I have been reading a lot on Our Lady’s messages and have sent them out to friends. I am very happy and Our Lady’s words has been helping me in my interior life. I pray that soon I would have the opportunity of coming to Medjugorje to be with Our Lady.Blessed be the Name of Mary, Virgin and Mother!

  22. fouad chedraoui

    10 min has passed and i have no words that could express the feelings that i have to our blessed queen of heaven. let us pray and I will pray and forgive me.when i am down you lifted me, and when i think of my sorrows and remember yours and how you accepted them; i accept mine. i pray and read your messages, I hear you; calling me child pray for my son jesus. I asked for guidance and you led me. Mother of all, forgive me, I need not see, and I need not hear because i feel you right here. I believe in your time of grace. I thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers.

  23. Thank you for the message from our Mother. I so look forward to reading these messages and yes, looking at the cross on Blue Mountain I always vision myself gazing into the sky with the hopes of seeing her. I think now more than ever our Priests ,Bishops and Archbishops need prays. Lets join forces and pray for them.

  24. Very nice to pray with IVAN again as we did at st joseph’s on april 30. Thank you so much for the email I read it just in time.May the Sacred Heart of JESUS and the Immaculate Heart of MARY fill your life with love and blessings.

  25. Dolores Finlan

    I am so inspired when I see the postings of Our Lady’s messages. Thank you and please do not stop spreading her messages. God bless!!

  26. Thank you for letting us hear about these messages. We were in Medjugorje in November and I wish we can go back to that blessed place where we could feel Her presence. We all should pray more for our clergy and specially for the Pope.

  27. It’s beyond my ability to understand that the Blessed Mother Mary,who gave birth to baby Jesus in the Nativity,is appearing to the visionaries with messages to mankind about how we should live in our lives here on the earth.I think that it is wonderful that the Blessed Mother Mary is helping all of mankind to find a relationship to her Son Jesus Christ,who died for all our sins on the Cross.I want to say thank you to all the visionaries for revealing the motherly messages from the beautiful Blessed Mother Mary.Peace be with you.

  28. Rita Farrugia

    Thank you for letting me know about the meeting of the Ivan’s Prayer group but i wished to attend to it and to be there;thank you for your work you are making with many pilgrims Thank You So Much

  29. Thanks for keeping me updated with Our Lady”s Messages.Let us all respond to her in prayer and share .This is a Blessing from Her by using the internet good.” Mother of God, keep me and my family under your protection”

  30. Denise M.Sibilly

    An infomative news from Medjugorje Ivan prayer group Blessed Mother for visiting us through Ivan. to God be the glory and Thank You Blessed Mother.

  31. Thanks dear friends ! for letting the whole world know about our Lady’s messages. It is wonderful to know how Holy Father was there with our Mother, Queen of Heaven. We are so Lucky and Blessed to know about Medjugorje. Mother Mary ! pray for us!

  32. SR M Roseleen Emeribe

    I am happy with the recent appariation of Our Blessed Mother on the 18th of this month. I am so please to hear of the beautiful message and the prayer intentions for Our Holy Father and the priests, especially understanding how much that Our Blessed Mother loves Our late Father and Pope John Paul 11. Mother Mary you are excelent, Good ard kind, Mother please continue to pray for us, I love you.xxxxx

  33. Nelia Babo Soares

    Dear Mother, I love you with my whole heart, I know that you are with us as always & you always guide us to become your dearly children. Thanks for your loving response through the children of Medjugorge

  34. Yes this is amazing and miraculous. Thank you for the message from Our Lady Ivan and all those who sent out the words. I am so grateful. Praying for you all from Ontario tonight.

  35. lourdes.belarmino

    I was so amazed to know the Pope John Paul was shown to Ivan. I love him so dearly. Everybody does. Our Lady has a very deep relationship with him. How I wish I could see both of them. I will do my best to get to Alabama this coming July.

  36. Thank you mother for everything. You know what is in my heart. Thank you Caritas for sharing with us the messages.

  37. Its wonderful to know how close Blessed John Paul II is to his ‘Totus Tuus’ Heavenly Mother who saved his life from the assassin’s bullets in St. Peter’s Square, Rome on May 13, 1981, the anniversary Feastday of her fatima Apparition. Please visit my website dedicated to Blessed John Paul II at ‘www.blesseedjohnpaul2helpus.com’

  38. June 9, 1984 (Saturday) “Dear children! Tomorrow night pray forthe Spirit of Truth! Especially, you from the parish. Because youneed the Spirit of Truth to be able to convey the messages justthe way they are, neither adding anything to them, nor takinganything whatsoever way from them, but just the way I said them.Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire you with the spirit ofprayer, so you will pray more. I, your Mother, tell you that youare praying little. Thank you for having responded to my call.”http://www.medjugorjetoday.tv/5658/ivan-draws-crowd-in-medjugorje-comeback/

  39. Ivan is so amazing, Our Lady knew who to pick.. I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of Ivan’s apparition a long time ago. I stayed in a cloud for days. It’s still so vivid as if it were yesterday. I saw the love between Our Lady’s eyes and Ivan. It was so awesome. If only the world could feel that love. I can’t express that love but to a few, they can’t comprehend it. I can’t love Our Lady enough…

  40. Let us obey Our Lady and pray for the Shepherds of the Church, for their final perseverance and our own as well.

  41. This is Our Lady’s message and is completely different from yours. This was sent from Ana Shawl who is in Medjugorje with Ivan now. Who of you do we believe is the true message from our Blessed Mother?Patricia

  42. Thank you for Our Mother Mary’s message. Yes, we need to pray for our shepherds especially the bishops and priests in the USA. In these times of religious trials here. Pray for us all . When I read the messages I feel that I am there at the Blue Cross.

  43. Deacon Michael Salazar

    Every time that I read the messages it feels like Our Blessed Mother is speaking to me personally. I really do miss being in Medjugorje. I felt such a peace when I was there. God bless the people of Caritas for getting out these messages and God all Gods people.

  44. Linda Lind Bowman

    I look forward to the messages and sharing them.I believe and I trust. Thank you, Peace of Christ,Linda Bowman

  45. i find it really wonderful the visit of the mother of our savour to his beloved children, despite the fact of distance how i wish to be there even for a single day to recieve the blessings of our mother ever virgin, in God the father in whose definite love showed to us through the selfgiving sacrifice of his beloved son in unity of the holy trinity blessed be the virgin mother in whose heaven graces are to our reach, blessed be those our mothers message lives in them permanently.

  46. Evelyn Welter

    I did miss the apparition. I was too busy washing windows. I regret this very much because I did not take the time to read the message on my computer. This was also the 24th birthday of my oldest granddaughter, who I think is very special to God. She spends each Sunday volunteering at Our Lady Queen of the Universe Basilica in the morning and leads a choir at 5:00 P.M. at Corpus Christi church in Celebrations, Florida. She has been offered a full time job with Disney World and her prayer is that she not have to work on Sundays because she would have to give up these two ministries. I could have asked Our Lady to grant this request. I have been to Medjugorje and I know Our Lady is there. With deepest regrets I thank you for giving us this opportunity and I will be more diligent in reading my email from now on.

  47. carel van der Heyden

    Having visited Medjugorje my memories are constantly in my head and the good Virgin Mary has been my help during my life. I follow also Caritas and know that She will be appearing in July in Alabama. I follow everything which comes from Medjugorje.God bless Carel

  48. Sometime ago, I had a beautiful dream of Pope Paul . He was glimmering in his white garb, smiling at me. Then The Blessed Virgin descended towards me with her arms opened and in her usual colors, white and blue. I felt a compulsion to say the ‘Act of Contrition” kneeling down.It was a wonderful feeling… I also have seen Pope John paul after he died, in a dream;, Young ,with a priestly robe, and smiling, at me. In the background i could see all kinds of popes entering a door and bearing to the right. behind his image. Then it ended..The day before Pope Paul was shot,I had an overbearing urge to place a rose on a Altar underneath the feet of Our Lady. It was a somber moment. I believe in Medjugorje and always go on the net to find messages. Believe in God and never abandon the Blessed Virgin no matter what your circumstances are. There are still times I can’t get to mass , no way to get there, or lukewarm Catholics.At 73 yrs old ,and still a struggle to get there.

  49. Dear caritas, it’s a joyful news from Our Lady in Medjgorje and i feel blessed eventhough i’m far away in Malaysia but some day I will be there to meet you Mother Mary…Kota-kinabalu. sabah Malaysia

  50. Lama Bannoura Daoud

    I am so thankful that I can read our Lady’s messages. I wish that I can be there at least once. She is my heavenly mother who takes care of our tiniest needs.I want her to know that I love her so much and that I want her to help me in praying to save my family’s souls. Thank you Morher for saying “YES” to God’s message in the Annunciation. Jesus, my Lord, saved us through you.

  51. Kathleen Bosteder

    18 May 2012 Bend Oregon What a beautiful day. I just returned from the ordanation of Most Reverend Liam Cary as Bishop of Baker. He said that he new Pope John Paul when he was stationed in rome. And to have Our Lady praying for him on this day…it is all too much. Printed on his ordanation card “…..and the Mother of Jesus was there” John 2:1

  52. Thank you so very much Caritas for your emails sent to advice us of the apparitions and prayers dates and time. I am also greatful for the information you placed about the Pope John Paul II’s apparition to Ivan. I was not aware of this and I was so happy to have learned that his passing on to a better life was accompanied by our Heavenly Mother. Thank you and may you always continue to bring refreshing news to our hearst, souls, and mind. God Blesss you forever!!

  53. I have been in Medjugorje 24 years ago and since then, my life has changed ! My Love for Our Lady had gained a new strenght and I always feel her presence in my heart, my thoughts and my acts. I’d like to thank you all for giving us the chance to continue hearing her messages ! She is the only one who can guide us throught this difficult world, wwho can lead us to Jesus’s heart !!!

  54. Alice Alexander

    Dear Caritas,Something stirred in my heart reading Ivans message. Also, I had never heard that Pope John Paul II had appeared with the Blessed Mother Mary. What a wonderful thing.I want to go back to Medjugorje soon while I can stile walk. I went with you folks in 2008. I believe and will go with you again. I love you

  55. Wilma Milagros Kafka

    Thank you my LADY, MOTHER of all of us and especially of OUR REEDEMER.YOU NEVER FAIL US.Ivan’s message last night from you has ended four years of pain for me. What a blessing!!!!Today I am back asking for the same problem one of my children has. I dare do this so quick for our Lord says do not be afraid to ask, I am wth ypu always. Thank you. With all my love for Jesus and Mary

  56. Angelica Mete

    I feel so blessed to be able to see our Lady,s message when she visits and it brings me closer to her .Thank you

  57. Thank you for bringing this to us. I truly miss Pope John Paul II; but do know that he is in heaven with our sweet Mary and her son Jesus Christ.

  58. Jennifer W. Robbins

    Thank you for your message to be in prayer at the time of the apparition of Our Lady to Ivan. I was awake at 2.00 a.m. on the 19th according to the table so kindly provided by you. I prayed the Rosary – for our Lady’s intentions. Now after reading Ivan’s message – I will pray even more earnestly for our shepherds and our Sisters and Holy Father. Thank you for bringing me so close to darling Mother Mary.

  59. Thank you dear Mother,for loving me and taking care of me,and bringing me close to your Son my sweet Jesus.Thank you my Mother,for making me the person I am today.Thank you for allowing me to answer to the Almighty’s will.Thank you for peace in my heart.Thank you for making me pass.Bless me Mother so that I may come to Medjugore,and be close to you.I love you my sweet sweet mother.thank you.

  60. Patricia Lewis

    I wait eagerly every month to read the messages given to the two Visionaries……brings me so much of joy and peace even though I am half a world away.God bless you all. Please pray for me as I pray for you and the good work of the Caritas Group.

  61. It is always a blessings to get to read the messages of our Loving caring Mother Mary, every time i read her messages it reflects on our lives. It makes me feel blessed and renewed. Thank you most blessed Mother for being there for us. I am looking forward for my time to come and be with you during the apparitions.Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  62. Thank you for sending us updates about the latest aparition of our Virgen. It is such an immense joy to have been in Lebanon with Marija during one of the aparitions. In my personal opinion, this was the best trip of my life, considering that the things regarding God are first than any other material thing. I feel renewed, joyful, hopeful about what is our mission on this earth: to pray fervently for the conversion of sinners and to let people know about the beauty of our faith. Thank you.

  63. Thank you so much for passing the messages of Virgin Mother Mary, Ivan and Pope John Paul II, which I enjoy.and which I share with my friends in Prayers Group. We are indeed blessed for same. Thanks also for all members of the Medjugorge Team for their faithful work. May God Bless you all.

  64. Gloria G. Lopez

    It was very inspirational and beautiful to read this article and message about our Blessed Mother. Today, at our time 3:00pm I got down on my knees and prayed for the Pope and Bishop’s around the world to do the consecration to the Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart, so that our Holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart may Triumph around the world. Prayed for World Peace, End to Abortion, End to Gay Marriage’s, Conversion of all sinner’s and my family and prayer’s to our Blessed Mother. Thanked her for her Intercession for us all and for Her Son Jesus Christ.

  65. I always feel so warm and comforted when I read about Our Lady. I have been to Medjugorje three times many years ago. I was born on June 24th, the Feast of John the Baptist, and I was fortunate to be on the mountain at the anniversary one year. I am sorry to say I have fallen and need to find the way to rise to grace. Our Lady is the way. Thank you for sharing the news. God bless!

  66. I wanted to be a part but could not make it happen tonight. One day I want to come with my family. God’s will be done. Thank u for the info & message.

  67. Bonjours a Tous de la Polynesie FrançaiseOh! je supplie Ma Mère Marie, qu’elle excause une voeux pour moi et avec la Permission de Dieu notre Créateur de faire un Voyage a Medjugorie avec mon Epoux.Merci, d’avance Maman Marie


    Praise be to the HOLY TRINITY! Thank you Blessed Mother for your message.I pray the Holy Rosary daily and love the Blessed Mother!!May all the faithful trust in the DIVINE MERCY and be devoted to the Mother of GOD…

  69. Hi,you guys are doing a great job.You are really blessed doing our lady’s work.My friend and I were there afewyears ago and his leg was cured.I love her message and I use it for our novea every saturday.Thank you,Mother Mary for your wonderful intercession.

  70. It is always good to hear from Our Lady in Medjugorje and feel Her presence with me when I read Her messages. I have been to Medjugorje eleven times and have taken people there several times. I feel blessed that I am one of the many people that She has chosen to take people there. I could never have done it with out Her help. I am Blessed

  71. I felt like was there again as I read the message. I have stood below the Blue Cross before to hear a message and I have tears in my eyes thinking of the beauty of what is happening in Medjugorje with Our Beautiful Mother who loves us so – She just wants us to love her Son as much as She loves us. God bless you for bringing this to me.

  72. Dear Caritas, It was a joy to get an email reminder to be in prayer for Ivan’s prayer group. In this busier than ever rat race all of outside of Caritas live in..its so refreshing to get you calls to prayer. I immediately heed Our Lady’s request for pray, at least I try to on the same day and I lovingly join my prayers to the ones being prayers being sent up by all yall at Caritas. Thanks seems like such a smile word to be send you in exchange for keeping up all connected to whats going on in Heaven and on earth…something must be up..Our Lady has repeatedly asked us to prayer for our Shepherds…i will offer masses and adorations for them until her June 25th 2012 anniversary message. And as always you are all in my prayers and on my heart. Cant wait to join you for the July retreat. Hug, Renee

  73. i would love to include my prayerswith Ivan’s prayer group. If all possible, please notify me of dates and times of upcoming events. Please & Thank you

  74. The apparitions are always so moving. Since my a father was in the uprising of Warsaw & knew Our beloved Pope John Paul. My Father & Mother loved Our Beloved Blessed Lady & our Faith.This is also the anniversary of 7 family members passing away. I pray Our Blessed Virgin Mary & Pope John Paul will bless our family into Heaven That Mary will help me here to help others know her Son Jesus & Gods divine plan to help us remember to have hope & Our Father God loves us in our humanness

  75. Imelda Camarena

    I want to thanks God and Our Lady, for a miracle, that i had ask for years, i had faith that some day He was going to hear me, and just hapen. and i thanks all of you from Medjugorje team, to help people like me, to make posible for us send our petitions to Our Lady, thank you very much.

  76. Mireille Sakr Nehme

    Thank you sooooooooo much for spreading the news and pics of Our Lady`s apparitions….I wait eagerly for these precious news and I transfer them to my friends all around the world….May God bless you and bless our church always…..

  77. Gracias, por este articulo..Como hubiera querido estar presente…Pero por lo menos espiritualmente.Que bonito mensaje., de nuestra Virgencita…Gracias..

  78. I remember being in Alabama the first time of an apparition, and how I was called back from a sinful life. Praise Our Heavenly Father who cares so much for His children here on earth. Thank You, Father for Our Blessed Lady and her visits here to bring her nation back to You forever. Than You Holy Spirit, for praying for all of us, and for You, Blessed Jesus, who gave us Your Life.

  79. Mrs. Eve B. Mahony

    I was so happy to read of Ivan and Our Lady. When I read of Pope John Paul II being with Our Lady, tears flowed with happiness. I wasn’t really surprised, but overjoyed. What a blessing it is to receive these e-mails. My heart is filled with joy whenever I read of Mary’s great love for all. Many thanks from a forgiven sinner. Praise the Most Holy Trinity and Our Mother, Mary.

  80. Thank you so much for relaying messages to us on this website.Does Ivan give all of the message he received or is there only some that he shares as directed by the Blessed Mother?

  81. Bernadette Piotrowski

    …what a privilege, to be able to witness our Lady’s presence together with our Pope John Paul II – on his birthday May 18. He is in heaven, how beautiful and wonderful, but not surprising. He truly is a saint. After reading of this apparition, it has put my heart in such peace and made my eyes fill up with happy tears. I wish I can be in Medjugorje. God Bless you and thank you.Bernadette

  82. Wilma Milagros Kafka

    I think of you dear Mother all day. Looking at the sky, the trees , the flowers, in every place. I look forward to the evenings when I feel the closest to you. I know you are here with me loving me and protecting me right now. Thank you Dear Mother and thank you Ivan. May your blessings be with our priests,nuns Holy Father And I humbly ask tonight for my health especially the horribte arthritic pain I suffer in them and thru my body.May your will come upon me. In 1990 you Mother Mary you bless me by showing me the way to Jesus. Thank you, I have been very blessed

  83. I always look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to reading Our Lady’s messages thru whoever seer it is being given. It gives me inspiration and strength especially in my daily prayers. I come from a far flung city that can not be located on the globe, but your messages always reach me in good order and condition. Thank you so much. May God Bless us all always.tootsie

  84. Always so happy to hear Our Lady’s messages. We were in Alabama when she appeared to Marija and was in the Bedroom for prayer. So happy Our Lady is visiting us. Pray for my grandson who is 13 an always asks about things of faith. Could be an upcoming priest. His name is Dean. Thank you so much.

  85. What a jolt of a sermon. There are not many priests that can tell it like it is. World events should be a wake up call for all us that our time may be short lived. We need to stop all the fighting with our neighbors here and on the other side of the world. Put God first and trust in Him and if you do that then who can be against you?

  86. wow! Thank you for this and thank God for this priest. I am very grateful for this year deticated to priests. I know that we are seeing and will continue to see the fruits of this year and the Church’s prayers. Thanks be to God for our Holy Father and for priests striving for holiness. Pray for holy families to foster holy vocations.

  87. wow! Thank you for this and thank God for this priest. I am very grateful for this year deticated to priests. I know that we are seeing and will continue to see the fruits of this year and the Church’s prayers. Thanks be to God for our Holy Father and for priests striving for holiness. Pray for holy families to foster holy vocations.

  88. Thomas O'Connor

    Father David Gibson says it as it is. I remember as a child and as a teenager that the sermons on Sunday were always challenging. Agreed, I did not always like them however, they were challenges to live life as God wants us to live it. I admit, I miss sermons like that. Thank you and God Bless You!

  89. I simply wish to thank you for graciously and generously sharing this powerful Homily with us. At times we read something so moving, life changing, and hard hitting that there are no words to add. Nothing to compliment it. Please know that your efforts bless us. And even when we do not take the time to say so – we appreciate you and need your continued devotion to Our Lady. Blessings & prayers to all of you! Linda

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