Feedback From You

Feedback From You

October 5, 2007

We received this question from a friend in Lebanon who has read the book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, and pass the response from A Friend of Medjugorje on to you.

Question to A Friend of Medjugorje: I wanted to ask you about buying religious items (such as icons and incense) from a sanctuary on Sundays. Is it against the Sabbath?

From Abir in Lebanon


In essence, the question to ask is have today’s retailers, who are open on Sundays, evolved from the religious gift shops in sanctuaries being opened on Sundays? Their witness in doing so preceded the rampant opening of businesses on Sundays. On the other hand, had the church shops been closed on Sundays, would we see the proliferation of stores, business trades, and shops opening or working on Sundays? We, ourselves, even during retreats with massive numbers here in attendance close our large gift shop on Sundays. When we have thousands of people on our site at Caritas while Marija is here, the gift shop’s religious sales are very substantial in offsetting the cost of hosting the gatherings. Yet, we close it up. The argument can be made, “Well, Sunday is the only day the people come and could buy the religious goods after Sunday Mass.” So what! It’s still Sunday and the witness to the people says, “If the church does it, what’s the big deal if I do it?” We must witness to the world with our lives. We are salt of the earth gone flat, unable to preserve society as salt preserves meat. We cannot convict because everything can be compromised. Our lives and witness are transmitted by our actions, first for the honoring of God’s commandments in front of God, and then in front of man. So the answer is “no” we should not participate in non-life threatening commerce on Sunday, whether it’s a church or a mall. The church gift shop must “accommodate” the people to keep the Sabbath commandment by closing, not convenience them to violate it by being opened. The church religious gift shops could open at other times, such as at daily Mass, etc. I hope this answers your question.

With Love for Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre

Reply: Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate it! Please excuse me if I ask you many questions but you know I trust you and I want to receive an adequate answer because I am sure it will be according to God’s will. May the Queen of Peace give you all the desires of your heart!

From Abir, Lebanon

We share with you a few of the many feedbacks we have received, especially following Our Lady’s October 2, 2007 message to Mirjana:

“Dear Friends of Jesus and Mary: I have received your message and humbly obey your requests to follow in their footsteps. I continue to pray the Rosary and devote more time before the altar of God. Thank you for all your generosity and guidance to me over these years.”

From John
Spokane, Washington

“I just copied the prayer, “Come, Mary” (for nonbelievers) and instead of pouring myself a glass of wine, I am going to offer up my Irish “thirst” as a sacrifice tonight. With God’s grace, I may make that a permanent fast from alcohol, because I want to be a part of whatever we are on the brink of! I am a member of a small prayer group of eight ladies that meet every Thursday, after daily Mass, for an hour, using the Lectio Divina format. My word was “be fertile” which means to “bear fruit”, and God willing, I intend to by prayer, fasting, and sacrifice. Amen!

From Mary,
Las Vegas, Nevada

 I really love the radio broadcast…I miss the Community of Caritas and hope to see all soon. Tonight’s message is for our lives. I hope and pray we all have the graces needed so Our Lady will help us when the sign appears. Love and prayers,

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

The website is very much up to date and gives every detail that is connected to Medjugorje events. It helps efficiently to carry around the message so vivid of Our Lady! It is my earnest desire that I would be able to visit Medjugorje one day and I hope that Our Lady would grant this and makes it possible for me, though at the moment it is rather impossible, but I believe that what in our eyes is impossible, for God nothing is impossible!

Valletta, San Gwann—Malta, Europe

 Thank you for your connection to Mej. I feel like I am there when I read the important talks and Word you connect us with. Our Lady is like a John the Baptist-after all it was his feast day in June 24, 1981 that the seers saw her. She is a voice calling in the desert of our world. She calls us to repent and turn our hearts toward God and to prepare the way. We are no longer babies in the world after all we have over 2000 years of Christian history to learn from our mistakes and to settle in and bring the body in conformity with spirit. Pray, pray, pray is the action. Book of James states Faith without works is dead. May your works bring many souls to Christ and produce doers for Our Lady’s mission for our sake and the sake of our world.

Escondido, California

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  1. R obert E. Jumonville

    This is very good, and makes me wish all the more that I could become a Priest, though it is unlikely at this time, and I am already 73. I wish all the Priest could read this to parishners at Mass.

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