Feedback From You

Feedback From You


August 6, 2007

Dear Caritas,

“Just wanted to say thanks for hosting another spiritual enriching event. Being with y’all is such a high that as the days go by, I can feel my heart longing to be there. It makes me think of what Our Lady says – that we’ll lament Her messages. The food was great, especially the milk! Thanks for the invitation. See you in December.”

Chattanooga, Tennessee

August 1, 2007

Dear Caritas,

“I have been meaning to thank you for all you do for Our Lady. I am a convert and was present two years ago for Our Lady’s birthday celebration. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. was there in the Field for the amazing weather change and apparition. I actually showed up


A painting of the Baby Mary in Her father and mother’s house? The scene “is” Joachim and Anne’s house, not 2000 years ago, but on Mary’s eve, August 4, 2007 in the Field. The child is actually a Caritas community member who was propped up to look at the scene of Mary’s birth lit up by candles.

Friday night for the amazing all night vigil. I had a bag with books, blankets, religious articles, etc. but most importantly my Bible. Everything in my bag was soaked that evening of August 5th but I was overjoyed to find my Bible was completely dry. Not a drop of it was wet. I am not joking. A miracle most definitely.
Thank you for all you do. I wish I could get there with you this weekend, but I cannot afford the trip. I will be with you in prayer. God bless you.”


Topeka, Kansas

Hi, My Dear Friends,

“WOW! Not even Stephen King at his best (worst???) sent a shutter up my spine as much as “Look What Happened…” did. To coin a phrase, it is a real page turner. Halfway through I was ready to set up residence under my bed in hiding.
Until reading this book, I had no idea that our government is not only opening wide our country’s door to satan, but we are putting out the welcome mat for him. This scared me senseless.
Scared (past tense) is the operative word here. Past tense because after reading the final chapter SEIZE THE MOMENT I came to know fear is not an option when battling the beast. Now I know we have the ways and means to not only pull in the welcome mat and slam the door in satan’s face, but we can also open the upstairs window and pour a bucket of holy water on him to get his sorry self out of our neighborhood.
Thank you for an incredible book. It is a real eye opener. It is a MUST read for anyone who loves our country and wants to put us back on the right road again. The road God set us upon when He first blessed us. Open the door to God and put out the welcome mat for Him. God, please bless American again!!”

Jersey City, New Jersey



June 8, 2007

Dear Caritas,

“I am currently reading “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” and I love it. Recently, the Holy Spirit has been leading me to learn about the Christian Worldview so thank you for letting Him use you as a tool! Now He can use me as a tool as I homeschool my children. When I went to Adoration recently, I randomly opened to 2 Maccabees 4:17 which says, “Contempt for the laws of God does not pass unpunished, a fact which time was to prove.”
I have ordered 5 books to share and My Bible Study group is going to allow me to present an overview of each chapter of the book ever week. Keep up the good work. Take care and God bless.

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

July 5, 2007

Dear Caritas,

“I want to thank you for this awesome book (“Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”). I ordered 4 right off and just ordered 10 more for my siblings. The first one I gave to my pastor and we will be discussing it at our men’s group after Mass, which is the First Saturday of each month. I served this country 40 years ago and have seen it go down hill since the 60’s. I think this book is 100% right on. I know we all used to look at Sundays a lot different than we do now. I, since reading this book, am determined to make it happen once more. God bless and thanks for your wisdom and this web site.

Alton Bay, New Hampshire

marys house

The Nativity of Our Lady, Mary’s Eve, August 4, 2007. The Marian Mysteries were prayed while the Community and friends meditated upon the glorious night of Mary’s birth. With the creation of Mary, creation began to be renewed. Adam and Eve’s fall is cancelled through Mary and Christ, the second Eve and the second Adam.

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