Feedback About July 1-5 – Summary of Messages

Feedback About July 1-5 – Summary of Messages


* All messages from July 1-5 follow below the testimonies *

July 15, 2008
Dear Caritas,

My wife and I spent every day in the Field and in prayer. The prayers, rosaries, meditations, and consecrations offered to God through Our Lady for America were beautiful and meaningful. The heartfelt talks by Marija and A Friend of Medjugorje were inspiring and confirming to us who reside in the trenches. It was awesome that on Sunday July the 6th, Bishop Foley confirmed and strengthened in his homily, some of the very messages we received from A Friend of Medjugorje. It was providential and I am sure the Caritas Community were delighted. We believe the fruits of the pilgrimage are really produced once we get home and meditate on the week’s activities and begin passing on Our Lady’s Personal Blessing. Up at 5 a.m. to participate at daily Mass and leaving the Field near midnight on some nights brought back the memory of our Medjugorje trip, “You are pilgrims and not tourists.” How true! The weather being crispy cool sometimes and Our Lady’s Special Blessing were truly gifts from God. May God continue to bless you Caritas for all that you do for us.

J&M C.
Covington, Lousiana

July 15, 2008
Dear Community,


As much as our hearts wanted to physically be there with you and all those who came, but could not, we were consoled with the graces received as we prayed and particpated via Radio Wave. Thank you so much for all your efforts to reach us. Each day we looked forward to the broadcast. Truly it was a beautiful experience: the grace flowed all th way here to California. On July 4th we went to Mass and prayed the Patriotic Rosary before Mass began. The following day one of our deacons assigned to preach, who was present for the rosary, began his homily telling about the beauty of the Patriotic Rosary and hoped that we would continue the practice for next year. His homily echoed the message of the Founding Father quotes and the dire need to return to the roots of our country’s founding. Our Lady is so effective. We felt excited that we could help in some way. Thank you again and we are still savoring all those graces. You are all great and we love and miss you.


R&M E.
Grass Valley, California

July 15, 2008
Dear Friends at Caritas,


I was at Caritas July 1-5. I don’t travel very much, but I felt compelled to go there to be with Our Lady. I am still overwhelmed and consumed by my experience there. I am brought to tears just thinking about all the wonderful people I met and all the incredible experiences I had. I received a special blessing from Our Lady while I was there. I knew when I went there that I was not physically able to fully participate in all activities. Our Lady gave me a one week reprieve and I was able to kneel for prayers, walk around all day and even climb the mountain with mushy muscles and a spine that’s in very bad shape. I couldn’t possibly have done that on my own. I had no unusual pain. Even if I had had no back and neck problems, my sorely underused muscles should have been screaming. I also had the humbling privilege of being in the Bedroom for the Wednesday apparition. Our Lady’s presence surrounded me with love and peace. It’s impossible to thank Our Lady, Marija, the priests, and the Caritas family enough for the incredible week I had. Now that I’m home, I’m clearly carrying Caritas in my heart. My spiritual growth has been enormous.


Buchanan, New York

July 15, 2008
Dear Caritas,


Thank you for allowing us to share this remarkable and beautiful week with our Blessed Mother and your community. This experience has changed many things in my life. I realized our Blessed Mother’s presence with us during the apparitions and only pray we can fulfill our commitment as She has requested. Your community was most gracious and filled with the Father’s Love. Thank you.


B&R B.
Canyon Lake, Texas

July 15, 2008
Dear Caritas,


It is now July 15th, and my heart is still jumping. I can’t explain it, but I know you know what I mean. I had somehow developed a hunger, especially after reading “Visions of the Children,” but I knew I could never go to Medjugorje, what with two of my 3 kids still at home, one of them in college. Then I heard She was coming to me. It’s like, “Where have I been all these times that She came here?” I can tell you where I’ve been, I’ve been “Sleeping,” busy with this temporary life, not even thinking about eternal life. Let me tell you, all of the sudden, TV isn’t that important right now, and that’s weird for me cause I was like a “couch potato” after I would come home from work. The Rosary, I keep thinking about saying the Rosary now. I feel this urge to pray it, when before I would only say it every other week or so, or whenever I would go to a church meeting. But now, I want to pray it. It’s not a burden to me like it was before. It’s like a privilege now. So now I find myself more often in the “living” room, the Bible on the coffee table, and all the booklets that I got from you, and the Rosary. PS. There’s no TV in my living room! Praise be to God for giving me this renewed 2nd chance. OOOPS, there goes my heart again.


Houston, Texas

July 14, 2008
Dear Caritas,


We have arrived back home after a beautiful and grace-filled week at Caritas. The simple word, thank you, is just not enough to convey all that we experienced. The many years we have been receiving your newsletter, and now most recently tuning into the Radio Wave programming has made us feel connected to your community in a special way, but participating in an event and witnessing your community and work solidifies the connection in a much greater way.


M&S H.
Ida Grove, Iowa

July 15, 2008
Dear Caritas,


I didn’t see what I am about to share with you in any of your reports. But during the Apparition on July 4, there was not a breeze in the Field. I know that it has been reported that Our Lady is in the wind. I had my eyes closed during Our Lady’s presence, when suddenly my friend from Jacksonville, FL poked me and said, “Look at the flag!” I did and was astonished to see that it was unfurled and blowing in the wind! It was to me a sign from Our Lady that She accepted the consecration of our country to Her and to Her Son Jesus…On Monday, we visited the Field during the Apparition. I told Our Lady that I so wanted to stay here because of the peace I felt. I cried when I heard in my heart, “Go home and be a good grandmother.” So simple, so sweet. Thank you, Caritas, for all that you did for so many of us. Peace in Our Lady.


Lockport, New York

July 12, 2008
Dear Friends,


Our family received the grace this year to be able to be at Caritas for the 4th of July feast day. Every once in awhile I have the occasion to receive God bumps. This feast was one of those occasions. The days leading up to the 4th were so filled with the grace and joy that only Our Lady and Jesus can give us. The 4th of July, with all the prayers, the flag flying and the Patriotic Rosary and the Patriotic songs was an overwhelming experience. I truly had God bumps and the tears flowed freely. The joy and excitement were directly from Heaven. When we arrived back home, my friend told me that the youth of our parish had done the Patriotic Rosary at our church. The whole experience of the 5 days, from the prayers, to the mass every morning at St. Mark’s, to all the consecrations, the apparitions, and the grace, has helped me rededicated and refocus my life. Thank you for living Our Lady’s messages and giving of your lives to help us do the same. God bless you all.


Sulphur, Louisiana

July 6, 2008
Dear Caritas,


Thank you all for providing a wonderful place for Marija to stay here in Alabama. We spent a couple of days in Sterrett while she was here, but had to go back home to be ‘on call’ at the apartment complex where my friend works. Our visit was a little piece of Heaven on earth. Caritas looked absolutely magnificent, and everyone was so kind and full of peace there. I love Marija so much and am so happy she has a safe and loving home at Caritas. I thank God for people like a Friend of Medjugorje and his family and friends for providing such a truly wonderful environment for everyone to visit. Thank you so much. May God bless Marija and her family. I thank our Dear Blessed Mother over and over and over for binging her there. With love,


Tuscumbia, Alabama

July 8, 2008


Hello everyone! I want to thank you for your “yes” to Our Lady and allowing us to partake in something so wonderful. I was there the entire July 1-5, also at the morning prayers in the Field and Mass every day. I had a very spirit-filled time…Thank you and God bless all.


San Antonio, Texas

July 5, 2008
Dear Friends,


I have just arrived at my friend’s where I will spend the night before I return home. I cannot help but thank you, each of you, for the profound shift I feel in my whole being. I spent three days with you, the night of the 3rd in the Field, a time in the Bedroom, the Patriotic Rosary, the beautiful songs and music, and today deeply touched by the blessing we all received.

Words cannot express the profound peace I feel and the opening to God present in my heart. It was very difficult to leave today, wanting as my heart did to stay and savor the delicacy and love of the experience here. You are all my friends in the deepest sense of the Word and I cherish the years of day-to-day preparation and love and prayers that have gone into making this event even possible.

A Friend of Medjugorje said today, “I just want what we all want.” Well yes, and thank you for choosing to make that desire your lives’ focus. We are the beneficiaries of that focus and dedication. And now we can live it ourselves and pass it on.

I feel as if a whole new world has opened up for me and I thank God for all of you, for all the love, effort, early mornings and late nights and the ever present love which spurs you into action.

Thank you for bringing Mary into our hearts through your love and your extended hands. And now we go forth with our extended hands held in Hers and His. With so much love,


Nashville, Tennessee

July 6, 2008
Dear Caritas,


Thank you Caritas for allowing my family to participate in this event. My husband saw your pamphlet in Christ the King Church on the LSU campus, and 20 members of my extended family were able to come for 2 days. It was the last pamphlet left, and we usually attend St. Patrick Church. Our Lady wanted us to get the message. I felt compelled to come and spread the word to as many people as I could, including a priest, a brother of the Sacred Heart, and a school sister of Notre Dame. I brought many petitions on July 4th from people I knew. Since I was there on July 4th and 5th only, I would like to consecrate my family, also. I want to spread this message through my Legion of Mary group. When I arrived home, I gave the Special Blessing from Mary to my husband who was unable to attend. My children, grandchildren, and other relatives were really touched.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

July 6, 2008


Thank you!!!! The July celebration was breathtaking. My husband and I will never forget it. We feel truly blessed to have been a part. Thanks is not enough. It was great to see you all again.

We experienced so many wonderful things. I cannot wait to go back to Caritas. One of the most wonderful things that happened was God used us to reach another person to inform them of the messages. My husband and I have both had deep conversions thanks to Caritas. We have tried to share it with the church and prayer groups that we attend for the past three years. It has been as if we were speaking to a wall. No one seemed to care or want to listen. We only heard how it was not sanctioned by the Church. Well, we plastered the church with flyers, emails, etc. One person (Sandy) came with her friend, her daughter, her sister and her niece. I was so excited and felt blessed. On the first day, Sandy was chosen to go into the bedroom for the apparition. The Holy Spirit chose her. This affected her whole group deeply. She has now emailed and told the entire prayer group. I feel a renewed charge. I know the next event will have more people from Arkansas. The last three years of our spreading the messages to deaf ears I feel has come to an end in that church. We will now move to another church in the area to plant more seeds. We attend many different churches in our area to reach many different people. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to go again. God bless you all.


Alexander, Arkansas

July 9, 2008
Dear Caritas,


Thank you Caritas for allowing us such a beautiful spiritual experience. I went with six members of our family and we are all amazed at the number of blessings we all received. Your kindness, generosity and holiness are an example for all to live by. Thank you for your dedication to live the messages. Most of my family members are going back to the Church and to Our Lady. Praise be Jesus. I just hope and pray and Our Lady will come back next July 4th. In the love of Christ,


West Palm Beach, Florida

July 9, 2008
Dear Friends at Caritas,


After longing to go to Caritas for so many years, I was finally able to be there for the apparitions of Our Lady this July. What an experience!! I was in Medjugorje 20 years ago and many times in these 5 days I found myself transported in mind and memory to that beautiful time I had there then. My husband wasn’t able to go with me back then, and always I hoped I could take him. So it was with such a happy heart that I was able to take him to Caritas and we, together, were able to receive Our Lady’s blessings. Thank you for your faithfulness and diligence in all you do. We had a very happy and inspirational time there. May God continue to bless all of you.


Rosenberg, Texas

July 11, 2008
Dear Caritas,


My husband and I drove from Maryland to Alabama on July 2nd. We sincerely wanted to be there for all the apparitions, but it was not possible. We arrived early on July 3rd, set up camp and prayed and waited for Our Lady to appear at 10:00 p.m. that night. The emotions felt that night were very intense. We had gone there because our marriage is almost ready to break apart…as is our lives. Before choosing a divorce, I put it in God’s and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s hands to guide our steps. I came away feeling that choosing forgiveness and understanding our weaknesses and faults is better than throwing away our lives together… and together we will find the path back to God and His divine mercy.

I want to thank the people who helped make our camping for this Very Special Event so pleasant and although Our Lady knows our hearts, I want to say Thank you so very much for all we have received. We will pass on the love and good will to others as a reflection of what we have gotten from God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, and the Angels. With affection,


Annapolis, Maryland

July 9, 2008
Dear Caritas,

I would like to say thank you to all of you for saying yes to Our Blessed Mother Mary and for all your hard work, fasting, prayers and novenas. This was the greatest 4th of July I have ever had. I just loved everything. I could feel all of Our Blessed Mother Mary’s love, blessings, joy. My heart is over flowing with love, peace, joy (Jesus)!! We all were so blessed by Our Lady and the healing from Jesus in His sacraments of His church from his priest. Wow.

I talked with so many people that were lost but now can see and were crying. I could feel their joy in how our Blessed Mother Mary gave them the graces to show them the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus has for them.

I was so moved by the Patriotic Rosary and the candles, roses, and the petitions for the Reconciling of Ourselves, our Families, and our Nation Back to God…Thank you. Keep up your great work there. I am sure I will come there sometime soon to share in Our Lady’s plan to save the world and souls.


Richmond, Minnesota

** July 5, 2008 **


 July 5, 2008 with Marija at Caritas Click Here 

Click Here to Listen to the July 5, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

Click Here to Download to the July 5, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast


** July 4, 2008 **


This day has been long awaited, every since it was announced that Marija would be coming and bringing Our Lady to spend this important day with us, a 4th of July in which we have never needed Our Lady like we need Her now.

When pilgrims arrived for 5:00 a.m. prayer today, they were surprised to find a giant American flag hanging from a 61 ft. pole, towering over the Field, to herald in the feast day of our nation’s birth. What added to the surprise was that most people hadn’t left the Field last night until near the midnight hour. The flagpole had not been there when they left. So they knew it had to be placed in the early morning hours. One pilgrim who had spent the night in the Field woke up around 2:30 a.m. and was deeply moved to see several of the young men from the community raising the American flag, lit up only by the candlelight illuminating Our Lady’s statue. It was a stirring site for everyone, young and old alike, and helped to move our spirits to a deeper prayer that our nation will be blessed to return to God. To see our flag flying so majestically, with everything it represents to the American people, there beside Our Lady, in the Field that has been blessed so many times through Our Lady’s presence—it filled our hearts with hope for a better tomorrow.

This morning after Mass, Marija gave everyone an opportunity to ask questions about anything they desired to know. She began by speaking about the apparition the night before, describing what Our Lady looked like, to encourage everyone to have hope in Our Lady for our nation, and in the midst of covering many different topics, shared many intimate stories of her own walk with Our Lady.

The special event of the day, besides the apparition that everyone was looking forward to attending, was the Patriotic Rosary which was prayed in the morning, where every state in the nation was consecrated to Our Lady’s heart through this special Rosary. Though Marija did not have an apparition at 11:40 a.m., in Medjugorje the other visionaries were receiving Our Lady, where She had left Heaven to bring Her blessing to the world. Everyone looked towards Our Lady of Medjugorje and asked Her to send Her blessing to the Field at this moment as the community does everyday here in the Field. The Rosary ended with playing Sacred Bond, a special musical production that Caritas produced several years ago, inspired by a writing of A Friend of Medjugorje as he described the profound connection Our Lady, as the Patroness of the United States has with the citizens of this nation, a term he created as a Sacred Bond between this nation and Our Lady.

The Bedroom continued to draw hundreds of people throughout the day. It is always a very moving experience for many people, even with spending only a few moments within this room in which Our Lady has appeared more than 100 times.

But, of course, the biggest event of the day was the apparition of Our Lady. As evening approached, the weather began to change, threatening rain. Grey clouds moved in, the wind picked up, and shortly before 6:00 pm, the rain did come and poured down, putting out all the candles in the Field. Though the rain dampened the Field, it did not dampen the spirits of the people who had come so far to be with Our Lady. The weather cleared and the candles were relit in time for the prayers to begin at 8:00 p.m. Everything was the same as the night before, but when it came time to pray the Solemn Consecration of Our Nation to Our Lady, small lights lit up the entire Field from flashlights of people turning their eyes to this prayer, but though the light was from flashlights, the effect was more like candlelight. Everyone then, in one voice, prayed this beautiful prayer to Our Lady. You could hear the words echoing through the Field. Everyone was intense in their prayer. It was the most beautiful scene, as the love for our country could be seen on every face, in heard in every voice. Marija then began to pray the seven Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s, and Glory Be’s and suddenly, it seemed, Our Lady was before us. Marija’s face was serious throughout the apparition that lasted for five minutes. Immediately upon the apparition ending, Marija could be seen writing something on paper, and it was soon realized Our Lady had given a message—which filled everyone’s hearts with excitement and anticipation. The first words brought joy to everyone’s hearts when it was announced that Our Lady had come with three angels tonight. Our Lady prayed over everyone present, blessed them and blessed all their religious articles. Marija recommended all those present and in a special way all the sick. Our Lady gave the following message: “Thank you for all your prayers, be my extended hands in this peaceless world.” Though everyone felt a joy that Our Lady had given so much to us in this apparition, there was a solemn feeling among the people, a seriousness to what Our Lady had said and many left the Field in quiet reflection. But there can be no doubt that Our Lady has heard the prayers of these five days, that the consecrations were accepted, and faith tells us that Heaven will respond to the faithfulness of not only those who gathered here with Our Lady here at Caritas, but the thousands around the nation, and world, who also have been offering their intentions for Our Lady’s intentions for our nation.

Tomorrow will be a day of thanksgiving for all of Our Lady’s gifts bestowed upon everyone during these days. The apparition tomorrow will be at 11:40 a.m. in the Bedroom.

For More About July 4, 2008 Click Here

Click Here to Listen to the July 4, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

Click Here to Download to the July 4, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast


**July 3, 2008**


Apparition to Marija in the Field July 3, 2008 Click HERE

Click Here to Listen to the July 3, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

Click Here to Download to the July 3, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast


 **July 2, 2008**


July 2, 2008 with Marija at Caritas Click HERE

Click Here to Listen to the July 2, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

Click Here to Download to the July 2, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast


**July 1, 2008**


July 1, 2008 with Marija at Caritas Click HERE

Click Here to Listen to the July 1, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

Click Here to Download to the July 1, 2008 Radio WAVE Broadcast

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  1. My heart is crying tears in praise to my heavenly family for this message. Your words today confirm 100s of thoughts and msgs. that I have had for almost 40 yrs. thru my prayers but I have been mostly constantly mocked, rejected and ridiculed by my husband, children, sisters and so called church family ( many of whom are truly saved) but believe the lies of the world, the flesh and the devil. Hearing the words of this msg. is a blood “of Christ” transfusion for me. praise God..Praise God..amen

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