Feed The Soul…

Feed The Soul…





Why would anyone walk on their knees up this mountain? Has this woman gone mad? Why would anyone do such a harsh thing? You say because of the cross. An Indian once said, “You say your God became a man and other men killed him. Man cannot kill God.” This statement, of a mind who doesn’t believe, is true. This statement, for one who believes, is true. But both cannot be true. That is also true unless we understand the cross is a contradiction for each other’s thoughts. One thought of the cross is ridiculous as it enslaved and killed the man upon it. The other thought sees it as profound liberation and frees the man upon it. Is the woman on her knees on Apparition Mountain enslaving herself to the cross just to scourge her knees or free her soul to be in union with her Savior? Is she punishing herself or liberating herself?

Another Indian had his grandchild on his knee, and he spoke, “I have 2 wolves inside me.” The child asked, “What are they doing?” The old Indian chief said, “They are at war, fighting viciously.” “Why?” the child asked. “One is hateful, mean, a thief – greedy, selfish, and thinks only of his position in the pack. The other one is patient, quiet, loves, and is kind with every goodness and desire for the pack.” The little Indian boy asked which will win. He answered, “The one I feed.

Christians today only think of taking care of their flesh and give little attention to the soul. Yes, they pray. Yes, they go to church. But they starve their souls, feeding their flesh with many desires, entertainment, pleasures, and material goods and conveniencing self. Most often than not, the bad wolf is always fed, while the good wolf languishes.

Stop feeding your flesh and feed your soul. Go to Medjugorje. Go up the mountains. Walk up, go up barefoot, go up on your knees. Fast. Do acts of penance. All will nourish your soul, get a favor granted, be afforded spiritual healing or freed from a vice. It is the soul’s food. It will strengthen your soul to defeat the flesh it is clothed in. The union with God is the reward – a feeling of peace unlike anything you have experienced. Go to Medjugorje.

In the love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre

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