Family Consecrations Prayed on Your Behalf

Family Consecrations Prayed on Your Behalf

Updated 1:30 PM Caritas Time
October 7, 2013 A.D.

The Community of Caritas gathered last night, the Caritas feast day of October 6*, in the Bedroom of Apparitions in the home of the founder of Caritas and his wife to pray the Rosary and Family Consecration prayer for the Community, and on behalf of all those joining across the world. The conversion of the family leads to the conversion of the nation. Today we pray the Patriotic Rosary in the Field of Apparitions for the conversion of the nation – the Patriotic Rosary can be downloaded below.

Family Consecration in the Bedroom of Apparitions October 6, 2013

The Community of Caritas gathered in the Bedroom of Apparitions and prayed the Rosary, followed by the Family Consecration prayer. The Consecration prayer was originally prayed by Medjugorje visionary Marija on a Caritas pilgrimage group in Medjugorje back in 1987. The prayer was adapted by A Friend of Medjugorje for praying together as a family. All Caritas Field Angels, Core Group Members and their families were remembered in prayer in a special way. Over 38,000 petitions were placed on the bed during the Rosary. A small portion of those petitions can be seen in the picture above.


Caritas Rosary Time Today, Monday October 7

Patriotic Rosary in the Field of Apparitions October 7, 2013

Our Lady in the Field of Apparitions today, October 7, during the daily Rosary, with the flag waving in the background. The Community prayed the Patriotic Rosary in the Field of Apparitions during the daily Rosary today, in union with people across the nation and other countries, as we bring the United States of America’s conversion before Our Lady.


The Patriotic Rosary

The Patriotic RosaryTM

by A Friend of Medjugorje

Prayed from within cloistered convents to inside the Pentagon; from dangerous military fields around the globe to the quietness of the Bedroom and Field here at Caritas.

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* For information about the October 6 Feast Day, click to visit here…

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2 thoughts on “Family Consecrations Prayed on Your Behalf”

  1. Ours was a special rosary also, united with the Caritas Community…we felt so much a part of all of you. It was quiet and peaceful prayer time. We felt Our Lady uniting us across the land…all of us praying together for our nation, saying “yes” to Our Lady. She increases our faith when we give uo fear. We must have confidence in Our Lady…born of faith.

  2. It is wonderful to see our Holy Father take such a positive role in consecrating Our Lady to the whole world this coming Sunday. We joined in praying the Rosary for the family on the 6th and praying the Patriotic Rosary on the 7th at our Medjugorje prayer group. At the conclusion, we all felt it was the best meeting we have had. We can only pray that the Country our forefathers established and prayed that it would remain in the graces of God, will come back to its senses. Our Lady will lead us out of the darkness which has spread over this nation if we give Her the Rosary every day as a people devoted to Her Son, Jesus.

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