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December 9, 2021, 9:29 am

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Families, Holiness in Families and Youth at the Center of Our Lady’s Prayer Tonight

August 24, 2018 A.D.

Ivan’s Prayer Group Apparition was held at the Blue Cross tonight. Singing began at 8:40pm, and at 9:15pm Ivan’s prayer group led the Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries of the Rosary. When Our Lady appeared to Ivan at around 10:00 p.m. The apparition lasted six minutes long. Throughout the apparitions several demonics could be heard. Following is Ivan’s description after the apparition:

“Also today, as every day after the meeting with Our Lady, I would like to bring closer and describe also to you what was the most important from tonight’s meeting. Also, today, Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy, and She greeted all of us with Her motherly greeting, ‘Praised be Jesus my dear children.’ Then, Our Lady prayed with Her arms extended over all of us for a longer while. Especially She prayed over you who are sick present here. Then Our Lady especially, today, prayed for the families, for holiness in the families and for the youth. Our Lady then blessed all of us with Her motherly blessing, and blessed everything you brought to be blessed. I then recommended all of you, your needs, your intentions, your families and especially I presented to Our Lady and recommended all of you, the sick, who are present. After that, Our Lady continued to pray for a while over all of you, and She left in that prayer, in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, with a greeting, ‘Go in peace my dear children.’ I would like to emphasize once more that tonight, today, Our Lady prayed especially for families and holiness in the family and for the youth. Thank you.”

Aug. 24: Sunset at Our Lady's Apparition to Ivan in Medjugorje

Looking out from the Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain, storm clouds move away as the sun sets over the village of Medjugorje tonight, Friday, August 24, 2018. Our Lady is here to shine a light on everything in the world. As She brings the light of truth, darkness and storms disappear, leaving the world more cleansed, more pure by Her presence. Are we thanking God every day for Her daily presence in the world?

We should pay particular attention to the fact that Our Lady prayed especially for families, for holiness in the family and for the youth. This is important in light of what a Friend of Medjugorje spoke during last night’s Mejanomics Special Report, Scandal? How to Fix It…, a telling exposé of the scandal in the Church, where it came from, and how to fix it. The answer is simpler than one may think, and it begins in the family.

During these days as Pope Francis visits Ireland for the World Meeting of Families, we remember that recently Ireland voted to remove the protections of the unborn from their constitution, thus beginning a dangerous path which will endanger the future of the family and the nation. Be in prayer, remembering that tomorrow, August 25, Our Lady will give a message for the world through Marija.
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