Description of Heaven

Description of Heaven


All six of the Medjugorje visionaries have seen Heaven. They all have said that there are no words to describe the beauty of Heaven and if we knew what awaits us in Heaven, there are no difficulties or trials that we experience that won’t be worth eternal life in Heaven. The following description is of Heaven, through the words of the Medjugorje visionaries:


In describing Heaven in an interview with Fr. Livio for Radio Maria, Vicka explained that when they arrived at Heaven, there was a great big wooden door. She said that the door was closed, but when they arrived Our Lady opened it and they entered into Heaven. She said St. Peter was standing at the right of the door. Vicka said, “I immediately understood that it was him. With a key, rather small, with the beard, a little sturdy, with hair.”1

Fr. Bubalo asked Vicka to describe Heaven. She responded:

“…it can’t be described. That is something beyond description. It is filled with some sort of beautiful light…people…flowers…angels…All is filled with some indescribable joy. Your heart stands still when you look at it.”2

The following is taken from another interview with Vicka:

Question: “Vicka, tell us about Heaven

Vicka: “Heaven is a vast space, and it has a brilliant light which does not leave it. It is a life which we do not know here on earth. We saw people dressed in gray, pink, and yellow robes. They were walking, praying, and singing. Small angels were flying above them. The Blessed Mother showed us how happy these people are.

Question: How could you tell they were happy?

Vicka: “You can see it on their faces. But it is impossible to describe with words the great happiness I saw in Heaven…In Paradise, when the Blessed Mother passed, everybody responded to Her, and She to them. There was a recognition between them…They were standing there communicating with Her, like in a tunnel, only it wasn’t exactly like a tunnel, but a tunnel is the closest comparison. People were praying, they were singing, they were looking…People in Heaven know the absolute fullness of a created being.

Question: “How long were you there?

Vicka: “Maybe twenty minutes.

Question: “…Did the people talk to you?

Vicka: “It was very unusual. They were speaking, but I could not understand them…The people were in small groups. I was with Jakov and the Blessed Mother. We spoke to each other, but there was no communication with anyone else. About the people there, the Blessed Mother only said to us, ‘You see how people who are in Heaven are happy?’”3

Mirjana didn’t physically go to Heaven, but saw Heaven during an apparition. The following is her description of what she saw:


Mirjana: “I saw Heaven as if it were a movie. The first thing I noticed was the faces of the people there; they were radiating a type of inner light which showed how immensely happy they were.

Question: “Is Heaven an actual place?

Mirjana: “Yes. The trees, the meadows, the sky are totally different from anything we know on the earth. And the light is much more brilliant. Heaven is beautiful beyond any possible comparison with anything I know of on the earth.

Question: “Did the people you saw have bodies?

Mirjana: “Yes.

Question: “What ages were they?

Mirjana: “They were different from what we are like now. Perhaps they were all around 30 years of age…They were walking in a beautiful park. They have everything. They need or want nothing. They are totally full…They were dressed in the types of clothing that Jesus wore.”4


Mirjana was asked why Our Lady showed her Heaven. Mirjana answered:

“She told me many people on earth today do not believe Heaven exists. She said God has chosen us six visionaries to be instruments of His love and mercy. I have personally seen Heaven. It exists! I’ve seen it! Those who stay faithful to God to the end will see Heaven as a reward for their faithfulness.”5


Ivanka shared the following:


Question: “Did you see Heaven, hell, and Purgatory, Ivanka?

Ivanka: “I saw Purgatory and Heaven as a picture. I told the Blessed Mother I did not want to see hell.

Question: “What did Heaven look like?

Ivanka: “It is a place that is very, very beautiful. Most beautiful…Everyone I saw was filled with a happiness I can’t explain – and I can’t forget.

Question: “Do you long for that happiness yourself?

Ivanka: “I know some of that happiness when I am with the Blessed Mother, and when I pray.

Question: “Can you tell us more about Heaven?

Ivanka: “God made us for Heaven. If you pray, you will know that.”6


Marija states:

Question: “Were you taken to Heaven or were you shown a vision of Heaven?

Marija: “I had a vision of Heaven, but Jakov and Vicka were actually taken there.

Question: “When you saw the vision, were you in the rectory room? Or where?

Marija: “It was in the house of Jakov…It was like you watch a movie on screen or looking out a window. I saw a vision. I wasn’t actually there like the other visionaries…I have never seen such a picture before; no one can even begin to imagine how it looks…the people were around the flowers. They were all the same age. No one in Heaven is older than the age of Christ. People in Heaven were full of joy and all of them are giving thanks for the gifts given to them of God. Every day they realize how much love God has for them…There was a multitude of people.”7

Ivan, when asked about Heaven, stated:

“Heaven is worth any cost! Jesus showed us that, with His death on the Cross. His death was not the end. He rose from the dead, glorified to put an end to death forever for God’s children. People in Heaven are happy. They live in the fullness of God.”8

Jakov was the other visionary, along with Vicka, that was physically taken up to Heaven. He was only 11-years-old at the time. The following are from a series of interviews:

Question: “Will you tell us about Heaven.

Jakov: “When you get there, then you will see how it is.

Question: “You have said that the reason the Blessed Mother took you there was to show you what it would be like for those who remain faithful to God – would you tell us anymore?

Jakov: “If I thought about it too much – I would die of loneliness.”9

Question: “Tell us your understanding of Heaven.

Jakov: “I have been there. It is difficult for me to talk about it.

Question: “Is it difficult to live on earth once you have been in Heaven?

Jakov: “That is an understatement.

Question: “Jakov, you said that if you thought about Heaven too much, you would die of loneliness. How do you handle the memories of Heaven, hell, and Purgatory?

Jakov: “The Blessed Mother asks us to be careful of the problem of the tyranny of memories.

Question: “What does that mean?

Jakov: “She asks us to trust God’s love to make all things well. She asks us to surrender the past to Her maternal care and to remember only in the light of God’s love.”10


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  2. I wouldn`t vote for Donald Trump if you paid me too. Joe Biden has more scruples and morals than Trump ever thought of having. Trump is a liar, a thief, a cheat, an adulterer and everything else unholy. The Democrats want to help people, the Republicans only help the rich. FACT.

  3. I recorded the Republican Convention on the CNN channel and the Fox News channel. Since CNN treated the convention as one event, rather than multiple shows (i.e. Fox), I watched the CNN replay. The next day my brother-in-law mentioned the great pro-life speech given by the Catholic Nun. I didn’t hear that speech on CNN. So I researched that segment and found it on Fox News. It WAS NOT SHOWN ON CNN. Instead, they had their talking heads and commercials during her powerful talk. Evil! They didn’t want their audience to hear the nun. No wonder Catholics are so confused. SAD.Robert A. Young

  4. I recorded the Republican Convention on the CNN channel and the Fox News channel. Since CNN treated the convention as one event, rather than multiple shows (i.e. Fox), I watched the CNN replay. The next day my brother-in-law mentioned the great pro-life speech given by the Catholic Nun. I didn’t hear that speech on CNN. So I researched that segment and found it on Fox News. It WAS NOT SHOWN ON CNN. Instead, they had their talking heads and commercials during her powerful talk. Evil! They didn’t want their audience to hear the nun. No wonder Catholics are so confused. SAD. Robert A. Young

  5. Thank you Our Lady for using a friend of Medjugorje and the Community of Caritas as instruments in your Immaculate Hands to always expose the truth and only the truth amen.

  6. A Friend of Medjugorje’s answer to Marurice Romero’s feedback follows below: I am not judging hearts. I am judging actions, anti-life, evil positions and hatred. It is very easy to discover truth. You are believing “lying voices.” You have lost the power of discernment to see the truth. Our Lady said:May 2, 2009“…You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more. You are permitting it to master you and take away your power of discernment…”We, as citizens, have a responsibility to know who and what we are voting for. You, yourself, must do the research. With that knowledge, to vote Democrat is a sin. You would be voting for a party of death and by doing so, you are complicit with death. Our Lady’s last words to you from the above message:“…My poor children, look around and look at the signs of the times. Do not permit darkness to envelop you…”Maurice, I do not understand how you cannot see truth. A Friend of Medjugorje

  7. Caritas of Birmingham

    Maurice, you are a good example of what Our Lady said, May 2, 2009, “You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more. You are permitting it to master you and to take away your power of discernment.”

  8. Reading these comments make me scared. I recall Pope Francis recommending a book about a person with a character similar to Trump’s. He was able to infiltrate the Church by deceitful means. I am a catholic. The Church is falling a prey to Republican propaganda. God who knows and judges hearts will be the final judge. AMDG.

  9. I’m very late listening to this. But, I’m praying for all Catholics who would vote Democrat. I am praying…that as you pray your rosary…that you submit yourself before Our Lady and GOD…just as She did…at the Anunciation…humbly to submit to God’s Truth…His Way…regardless of your understanding. Pls pray…because Our Lady needs all of Her children to submit our understanding to humility and trust in Him. Praying the Holy Spirit leads us ALL… to all Truth! Do not lean on your own understanding…pray for the Holy Spirit! For as She has said, ” If you have the Holy Spirit, you have everything.” Queen of Peace, pray for us!!

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  11. Spoken with conviction and truth! The battle is real. Fight for Our Lady’s Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ! Stand with Trump and stand for life!

  12. One cannot worry what their friends or family think when they stand for God. The Truth will be revealed and all darkness will be exposed. You will know what one stands for by his works. Look at both platforms and figure that out. We are obligated to make an effort of due diligence. My dad always said if you vote for one that values life and truly has reflected what he says, you know you are voting for the right candidate. The devil knows his time is coming to an end and is trying to grasp at any soul that will join him. This is a time of grace as Mary has often told us. We are fortunate for this blessing. Please act in accordance with God’s will in that we will have a future and find the peace that once reigned! Do not vote for selfish gain. Vote for God’s unselfish love and those that truly follow His Word as President Trump and his family has shown.

  13. I was amazed that the very word I coined a while ago, which appeared in your broadcast title: ‘Demon’crats! I have realized their agenda for quite some time and truly see the relation between the demon and their agenda. I have also realized for some time their “Pee Wee Herman” childish reaction to everything that was said of him: “I know you are, but what am I”. Everything we stand for, they (devil) takes credit for and say it comes from them. Everything we stand for, they call themselves (the light, etc.). Just like Disney who stood for family, has been taken by those that seceded him – Bought by [indecent] films, but kept his family name. Also, the non-practicing Catholics who say they are Catholic, call themselves Catholic, but practice not!

  14. I always pray daily to God to grant me the Spirit of Discernment and Wisdom. Also, I treasure the messages of Our Lady and her presence because one day she will stop appearing to give way to her Son’s coming. I try to live each day as if it is the last even though I struggle with this.

  15. Amen! Donald Trump has been chosen by God! May God protect him, his family and the United States of America as we approach election day. And may God dispel the darkness which is covering the earth.!

  16. With Abortion considered, “Women’s Health,” everyone forgets what this, truly means for the future. Consider the power this gives to the Left, once they take charge of Our Country. No longer will any woman, simply be allowed to birth her child, she will have to submit to their authority & whether or not, having her child, would be a healthy decision for her community. For those receiving welfare benefits, from the State, the expecting Mother, will be made healthy by removing “Societies Unwanted Child.” No longer will the decision be the Mother’s, it will be the State’s instead. Quotas will also be created, for “Inclusivness & Diversity,” limiting how many new babies of one race and gender, will be allowed to be born, while the State promises to keep all other women with “Unfortunate Pregnancies” healthy. It will no longer have anything to do, with the child or the parents decision, because it will only be a “Health Choice”, and not a “Life Choice”. This is satan’s hidden Agenda.

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