December 30: Our Lady’s Apparition Tonight

December 30: Our Lady’s Apparition Tonight

Jan 9: Updated correct translation of Our Lady’s message given at Ivan’s prayer group, December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011 A.D.

On a very cold evening, December 30, 2011, thousands gathered on top of Apparition Mountain for Our Lady’s apparition to Ivan. The following is the correct translation of Our Lady’s message given, December 30, 2011 through Ivan, during the prayer group meeting. Ivan said:

Tonight Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy and at the beginning, as always, She greeted us all with Her Motherly greeting: “Praised be Jesus, my dear children.” After this Our Lady said:

“Dear children, also today, the Mother calls you with joy, be my carriers of my messages in this tired world. Live my messages. Accept my messages with responsibility. Dear children, pray together with me for my plans which I desire to realize. Especially today I call you to pray for unity, for unity of my Church, of my priests. Dear children, pray, pray, pray. The Mother prays with you and intercedes for all of you before Her Son. Thank you, dear children, also today for having accepted me, for having accepted my messages and for living my messages.”

Afterwards Our Lady, for two times, prayed over all of us. Ivan recommended all those present to Our Lady, especially the sick and told us that She blessed all those present. Ivan said that Our Lady left in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, as always, saying: “Go in peace, my dear children.”


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67 thoughts on “December 30: Our Lady’s Apparition Tonight”

  1. Thanks for sending me her message. I am alone tonight and needed someone to contact me. Moved into a trailer with nowhere to lay down. I don’t have access to Mass and am below poverty. Please pray for me and my family. thanks.


  3. Interesting Mother Mary stated in her message “this tired world”. There is so much going on right now. It’s easy to become dismayed. I think this is her way of letting us know she understands that worldly problems can weigh us down but not to lose heart. She is with us. She is truely the perfect mother

  4. Blanca Araceli Quilichini

    I always love when Our Mother “Gospa” let us in peace, and bless and pray extending Her arms in all because each one of you all in Medjugorje is representing all the world the human been so I also receive the blessing and the peace. So I don’t need words only these small sign make my day and my coming new year 2012… Thank you Gospa I always will be at you feet in the cross, I send you my heart and all the nothing that I am. amen…. love dindi

  5. Thank you for the advance notice about the apparition. We calculated the time and prayed a rosary in union with Ivan’s prayer group. It was quite nice because we happened to be driving in the mountains of Tennessee. Couldn’t help but picture ourselves in Medjugorge. Thanks again!The Cotters

  6. Thank you for your messages which I wait to hear from Our Blessed Mother with love in my heart to grow closer to Jesus through our Mother’s heart. God Bless you all for the hope you give us! Servant of Mary Trude

  7. With Praise to Our Lord for His graces and gifts! We pray to have you with us in our hears to live your messages and to please Our Lord. I pray for peace and healing for my family; each family to live the example of our Holy Family.

  8. We are entering a New Year tonight and we know from Our Lady’s messages it will be a tough one. So let us not enter it in a loud noisy way but in prayer and supplication for ourselves and the whole world. May God and Mary bless us all and keep us safe in body and soul. A Blessed and prayerful New Year to all at and all your readers and may we all be better people at the end of 2012.God Bless you all always

  9. Thank you so much for sending us our Loving Mother’s messages. I entreat everyone to pray for the youth of the world and consecrate them to the Immaculate Heart of Mary every day. We are living in Mary’s Times and she has great God given powers now

  10. Blessed Mary it was the best gift that I received from your message. Thank you blessed Mary for your presence everyday in my life. My greatest dream is to come to Medjugorje to meet you and everyday I pray so that my dream came true with your blessing. I love you and your son Jesus our saviour.

  11. Thank you Mary. And thanks to everyone involved in relaying these Messages to the World. Nothing is more important than knowing what our Lord and Lady expects from Their people. Words cannot express our gratitude and wonder.

  12. Dearest n Blessed Mother Mary, you are always here for us. I am going to Medjugorje next year because of you. I hope I can go there without difficulty. I pray to you every day that all my problems be settled. I trust and believe in you always and forever.

  13. Carlos A. Riveros


  14. Thanks and May God Bless You all my dear friends! This is the end of the year 2011. Our Mother, Mother of God gave her Blessings for the world.She wants us to pray. Yes mother we were praying, your children. Please be with us when we pray Mother.I want to make the whole world know this miracle, and make them understand. But it is so difficult Mother, they were in lukewarm situation. Please have mercy on them.We were longing to hear your messages on every month, every moment. We feel your warmth mother, your Rose smell, it is awesome. We can not live without you, Please give us this secured feeling through out our whole life.Thanks be to God our Father in Heaven and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!

  15. Thank you for all you do to spread the messages of Our Blessed Lady of Medjugorje. My wife and I always look at Her messages and have great love for Her. She has always looked after our family over the years and still does so. God bless you all.

  16. Please convey my thanks to Ivan and all the people who are responsible for setting up and dispensing these Apparition of the Blessed Mother Mary’s messages. It is so special and encouraging to hear Her words. It gives me the courage to carry on for awhile longer. Love in Christ, Connie

  17. Blessed Mother are our mediator,and mother of perpetual over my family give them hope and and the grace to endure their struggles .Guide me in my walk with your son Jesus.Give me wisdom to share with my love ones who ask for help.Your servant Karen

  18. For me these massages is words from heaven Our mother changed my whole life from darkness to light as she said i feel that she introduced me to her Son,I see her messages very simple but very powerful and above all the world things.Thank you Mother God >

  19. I just read my email today, I’m very happy that Our Lady of Medjugorje is always there for us, She is always there to intercede for us to Jesus, I always pray to Her every night for all my worries in this world, and I’m happy that some of my petitions were granted, my husband and I are hoping that we can also visit Medjugorje, I know with her blessings, we can go there, yes, we always pray, pray not only for ourselves but also for others and to the rest of the world

  20. I can understand why Our Blessed Mother wants us to pray,and pray more.The world is in such a turmoil,with all the fighting,and riots going on.We need to pray for the younger generation to pray and attend mass.Also to pray for our priest

  21. It is very very important that we pray for our priests and our church for they are our guides who can help us understand God’s message in a more profound and meaningful way. Thank you blessed Mother!

  22. I love these messages. They help to keep me grounded and I feel like I am involved due to being able to read them. Thanks so much. Love in Christ & His mother, Mary, Cindy

  23. I love Our Lady so much and try to write in my journal to her every evening. I am disabled and ill and She and Our Precious Lord help me everyday. My life has changed so much since they both come first in my life. My cross is so much lighter. My health has become worse, but I’ve never been happier. I love Our Lady with all my heart and soul and Her Precious Son Our Lord Jesus. I Trust them with everything in my soul. I worry no more. I read Her messages and look forward to reading the next. God Bless You. Yours, in Jesus, Mary and Joseph Christy Mattingly

  24. Thank you for posting Our Lady’s message. Our Lady said “pray, pray, pray”, and that is my New Years resolution- to pray,pray, pray.

  25. In these trouble times, it is especially important to see messages of Our Lady on the internet. I think we get special blessings and courage in this tough world of ours. God bless you and Thank you, Our Lady for not forgetting us! Prayers for my mom, her mind fails at times and I am dizzy wondering what to do for her. Thank you all who are together for this site and hopefully we will be here and many more years… Happy New Year, may it be blessed!! Denise xo

  26. deborah persoleo

    This message was beautiful and uplifting for my weary spirit and body. Mother provides perfectly as she directs our hearts to Jesus.

  27. Oh how blessed we are to even hear Our Lady’s messsages to us, what a privilage. If only the whole world would understand, what peace we could all have. May God have Mercy on all of us and may the Queen of Heaven and Earth always look out after us. Praise God.

  28. Dear Mama Mary thank you and praise and thanks to Abba father and your beloved son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all the blessings, gifts and grace given to me my family my inlaws my children and grand child.I conssecrate all of them to your sacred heart and ask for your special maternal blessings on all of us and ourf riends and all those who we look after and all those in authority our friends our colleagues and even our enemies.Protect us all from the evil one and lead us to the kingdom of God.Save us from eternal damnation and give us the grace of a holy death and eternal life with you and all the saints in heaven.Pray for forgiveness of our sins and I pray dear Mama for consolation of the heart of Jesus and Mary.Please free the souls in purgatory of my ancestors .Mam please help me to be a true witness to Jesus and grant me the grace to fulfil God’s plan for me.

  29. Dear Mama Mary thank you and praise and thanks to Abba father and your beloved son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all the blessings, gifts and grace given to me my family my inlaws my children and grand child.I conssecrate all of them to your sacred heart and ask for your special maternal blessings on all of us and ourf riends and all those who we look after and all those in authority our friends our colleagues and even our enemies.Protect us all from the evil one and lead us to the kingdom of God.Save us from eternal damnation and give us the grace of a holy death and eternal life with you and all the saints in heaven.Pray for forgiveness of our sins and I pray dear Mama for consolation of the heart of Jesus and Mary.Please free the souls in purgatory of my ancestors .Mam please help me to be a true witness to Jesus and grant me the grace to fulfil God’s plan for me.

  30. Mother Mary, as always am so grateful for all the interecession you give us in everyday path of our lives. I hope this new year you will continue to pray for my family,among nations and the whole world who has suffered so much as the result of sinfulness and greed. Grant that our personal prayers like my health be restored and faith be renewed especially for my husband and my sons. Thank you so much for this opportunity,

  31. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you save souls! Thank you , Blessed Mother, for your great love for all your children all these many years! May all Christians stand for truth and witness with their lives the GOSPEL of CHRIST to others to help save souls for GOD!

  32. As. My. Wife. And. I. Come to the end of our lives we pray for our sick sinful world and our only thoughts is Our Lady calls us home sooner than later but as we suffer each day our failing bodies. Just like our tired world I also pray we are called home in each others arms of the you gave us 54 yrs ago in the little parish of St Mungos greenoc on the 27/12/58 we love you Jesus and Mary ….take us home to heaven to be with our daughter Barbara and all our family……praise. The Lord

  33. Oh Heavenly Mother, thank you for all of your prayers for us. May our lives grow more richly in the messages you bring. May our relationship with your Son grow more deeply, through your intercession. We ask this through Christ your Son who lives and reigns forever. Amen

  34. roger m. pasaylo

    Thank you very much our dear Mother Mary, we love you very much as we also love our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank also for reminding us every day to pray the Holy Rosary for the conversion of all sinners and for the peace of the world. thank you for your message that give us strength, hope and joy. Thank you for interceding prayers to our Heavenly Father.. We always love you.

  35. I always find our mother’s message to be one of love and care for her children one of concern, as well, She always ask us to pray..pray..pray. Something the world needs more of.

  36. Thank You Our Blessed Lady for all the blessings You have received from Your Son Jesus for My Family and for all the people you have helped. Please watch over my children and Grandchildren and their families and keep them close to You and Your Son Jesus. Stay with me and my husband always, heal our marriage and the problems we are having. Thank You Blessed Lady for asking Your Son Jesus to answer my request.

  37. Thank You Mother! Your Motherly love is our courage. I am praying for the fullfillment of your plans. Most of the people in this world not aware of your Love for this tired world. They were so proud of their Education and about their worldly values.My Mother have Mercy on them. I Honour you dear Caritas for your efforts and dedication. Love you and May God Bless You All!

  38. Thank you Our Lady for everything you did and do for us and thank you for healing david please mum bless my son david in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit amen

  39. George M Nganga

    Let the world know than ever before Blessed Virgin Mother Mary is now with, us at no least doubt. Let us join Her in her calling. Through her intercession am now healed my back, stomach, chest and am a proud owner of a very beautiful massionette house for my family. I know her practically. It is like she replaced my biological mother when she died in 1999 on Aug. I believe she is with her in heaven both praying for us.

  40. I want to thank you Mother Mary countless times, you being a true role model for this modern world which is full of gadgets and new technology. Your inspiration for dedicating your Son to this world who died for our sins made us free from all bondage is a perfect example to this modern world mothers for which we thank you Mother. May all the mothers, sisters and daughters of this world follow your example by accepting the way, Mother, you accepted God’s plans. Blessed Mother, I thank & praise you very much for guiding me & my family throughout my life.

  41. Thank you very much for the messages. It gives hope in a world where there is not to much hope. Your friend through Jesus and Mary, Angus A.

  42. Thank you for the privilege of getting to know our Heavenly Mother much better and to have her hear our prayers and petitions to her dear son Jesus, our Saviour, who we love so very much and put all our faith in. Mother Mary, we love you and thank you for all that you do for us. Please continue to pray for us, for our family, friends, relatives, our country and all those who need our prayers. Please pray for my granddaughter, Hayley, who is two and a half year old, to walk soon and to walk properly. Thank you again and again

  43. former non-believer

    Dear Mother Mary, May people the world over realize that God is the only way to true peace in the world; that God is the only true imperative for striving towards a true “Common good” of all. Please intercede for the whole of humanity which has lost its way by being too self-absorbed and keeps hoping in vain to find happiness in material “things” and the latest distractions.

  44. I love what everyone has to say to Our Lady! Thank You dear Lady .. I love you ! Keep my children and grandchildren close to you and your Dear Son. You are part of my iin so many ways . Stay with me always please.Let the HOly Spirit shine on my children . Gie them the faith. I love and adore your Divine Son! Hugs and kisses

  45. Our Lady left in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, as always, Saying: “Go in peace, my dear children.” Let us love and tenderness toward their children. We love you with all our hearts heavenly Mother. Thank you for your words.

  46. Mother Mary please hear our prayers. i pray to you to watch over me and my family.. Thank you for everything that have done for me and my family. please keep me and my family close to your hearts..

  47. eugenia florez mazzini


  48. Thank you for your messages and the many blessings through your dear son Jesus. Pray for me and my children and those who are in need in this time of life challenging for Y2012

  49. Thank you Mother Mary for blessing us even those in Uganda. Please pray for us to love your dear son Jesus Christ as you loved Him. thanks Maama

  50. Thankyou Amma, for being there for us at all moments.You are our great joy. Thankyou for Your blessings during this New Year! We love You!

  51. Thank you dear mother for blessing us on the new year. May your blessing give us peace, health and joy to carry us through this year

  52. Jennifer Rawlins

    Mary our loving Mother your message to pray, pray, pray is your urgent plea to your children, for our Priests, our Church and our families. Mary our Protector and Intercessor you are our link through Jesus to the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, pray for us, to triumph over sin. Help us to imitate your virtues of humility, purity and obedience. Our loving Mother teach us pray. You are the Daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us.

  53. On his the feast of her Motherhood of God we salute the Blessed Virgin Mary and thank her sincerely for her care and love for us as shown through her prayers and messages. We pray that during 2012 her love may bring us all closer to her Son and that her protection for our beloved priests may increase and vocations grow.

  54. Happy New Year from the Philippines! Are we not blessed to be receiving our Lady’s message last Dec 30, celebrate her Solemnity on Jan 1 and then another message on Jan 2? Thank you Caritas for sharing. Hopefully I continue to receive the grace to pray some more and hear and practice the messages of our Lady.

  55. What Our Lady say, “Go in Peace” we should all be peacemaker. This is a good way to start the New Year is to be at peace with ourselves and with each others.

  56. I was sick on 30th and 31st Dec 2011 and I am perfectly alright. I am suffering from acute pancreatitis disease. Mother Mary blessed me. I tried to visit Medjugorje but I did not get visa. Hope this year Mother Mary will bring me there jerome

  57. Dear Mother Mary, Thank you for your love and affection with which you care for us. Thank you for your messages. Give us the grace and strength to live your messages faithfully. Thank you mother for interceeding to your son for our needs. Mother Mary , Mother of the church and mother of all of us Bless us, as we are entering to new year. I long to see you Mother, reveal yourself to me. Mother I love you.

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