Darkness Came Over the Whole Land

Darkness Came Over the Whole Land

April 8, 2020 A.D.

In what would be the last second of the month message of Our Lady, She said through Mirjana:

March 2, 2020

“Bring the light of my Son and keep breaking the darkness which all the more wants to seize you…”

The world has a certain amount of darkness covering it at this moment. But, as we reflect this Holy Week, there was another time in history, in which darkness covered the whole land. And for the world, it was salvation.

Solar eclipse, August 21, 2017

(Photo taken Monday August 21, 2017, 1:21 PM) – A solar eclipse covered North America, on this day that the new Mej v3.0 was launched online. The date of the launch of the new Medjugorje.com site happened as a matter of readiness. When we reached a certain point in funding and development, the launch date was set. The dates of the launch and the solar eclipse happened by a “coincidence” which we understood was not coincidence, but a sign. A Friend of Medjugorje has felt that we are reaching a point in time, in which certain events are coming together, not preplanned, but coinciding by a Heavenly timetable.

God has made man curious to things which are out of the ordinary, like eclipses, etc. As we reflect about Holy Week, we remember that the Bible gives a clear description of Good Friday, and mentions a sign given in the heavens:

“It was now around midday and darkness came over the whole land until mid-afternoon with an eclipse of the sun.” – Luke 23:44-45

Why was this an important fact to know? The darkness which covered the land was a sign, though it was a natural occurance. A Friend of Medjugorje shares more about these signs which God gives:

Who dares to question the signs God is granting today, the signs with which God desires to reach us – the signs of the times. A ‘new time’, as Our Lady calls it, would mean an end of the present time. It cannot be otherwise, for when there is a beginning of a new time, there will certainly be an end of the present era of time… It is important to understand while there may be plenty of the physical signs which are invitations to believe and easy to read, there are also spiritual signs which tell us what is to come, which often are hard to read. Never in history has man turned from God, having known Him, and then continued business as usual. In century after century untold numbers of God’s people have turned away from Him, suffered for it, and turned back. History is a prophecy for the future. The spiritual evidence of the past is the sign for our future.

– a Friend of Medjugorje
Our Response to the Signs of the Times – 1994

As we look at Holy Week and the darkness which is covering our world through the Coronavirus pandemic, we invite you to take the physical signs on the earth and see them in the spiritual light, which a Friend of Medjugorje tells us is harder to discern. The darkness which covered the land by an eclipse on Good Friday was a physical sign, yet, while it was happening, God was saving His people. It is an interesting fact, that the ring of light seen around the sun during an eclipse, is called the “corona”. Another sign? We ask you to continue to be in prayer for a major writing coming from a Friend of Medjugorje, a turning point in the direction which Our Lady is pointing us. Be in prayer.

Caritas of Birmingham
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