Conversion, the Test of Love

Conversion, the Test of Love

June 19, 2018 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje’s words from June 2, 2018 tells what it means to love:

“…my children, remember that to love also means to desire the good for your neighbor and to desire conversion of your neighbor’s soul…”

This is not an easy thing, especially towards those who have caused one harm, or towards one whom you may have been praying for a long time.

Sun shining on the grapes in Medjugorje

A glorious sun shining over vineyards in Medjugorje, June 12, 2018. The grapes in this vineyard are not yet ripe. So too with souls, it takes time, the water of God’s grace, the rays of God’s love to make a soul ripe for conversion.

Our Lady’s words from June 2, 2018, tells what it means to love, which is the desiring of the conversion and good of our neighbor’s soul. This test of love is not easy to do, especially when the person that one prays for does not convert as soon as one would like or causes harm. The struggle to love someone who needs conversion is, in fact, our own conversion. A Friend of Medjugorje puts this in perspective:

“…conversion is a test of love. When we can turn against all our weakness, faults, uncharitable habits; when we resist and change every error in our lives, then we are headed toward total conversion. When is conversion complete? It will be completed in this life at the final draw of our last breath. Conversion may be likened to struggle. Struggle likened to war. The object of war is a more perfect peace. For the sake of love, love of Our Lady, Her daily blessing given each day during apparition time is to be turned into profound daily conversion. You cannot claim conversion, nor that you love, if you do not.”1

Therefore, each day, at the moment of the apparition, 6:40 PM Medjugorje Time,* consecrate your heart to love of neighbor, the conversion of whom will bring about your own conversion through the test of love.

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1. Treasure Chest, by a Friend of Medjugorje
*6:40 PM Medjugorje Time is 11:40 AM Central Time USA. See here the chart with your local Medjugorje apparition time. For more on the time of the Apparition, be sure to read, Will You Miss Out on the Second Greatest Moment in Time?, by a Friend of Medjugorje

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