Clearing the Air When Does the 40th Year Begin of Our Lady’s Apparitions?

Clearing the Air When Does the 40th Year Begin of Our Lady’s Apparitions?

June 10, 2020 A.D.

Six years ago, a Friend of Medjugorje, wrote about his long-held belief that Our Lady would be appearing daily for 40 years. He began pondering the possibility decades ago, and began stating his certain belief in this as early as 1990, not through anyone speaking this to him, but what Our Lady was showing him in his heart. What follows is a segment taken from the June 24, 2014 Radio WAVE Broadcast entitled, “Wisdom’s Widsom of Living”, which was published in writing as, “7+33=40”. It is an accompaniment to the earlier broadcast, “Sensus Fidelium.” It is a wake-up call not to grow complacent in following Our Lady of Medjugorje. It is a fact that we live with knowing one day the apparitions will end. How we live the messages today will impact how great our consolation…or desolation will be when Our Lady is no longer with us.

From “7 + 33 = 40”
by a Friend of Medjugorje
July 10, 2014

Many people, years ago, thought Our Lady would stop appearing by the 10th anniversary. After we went through that passage of time, and as the 33rd anniversary approached, some began to say Our Lady was going to stop appearing on the 33rd anniversary. I never believed that. I have felt for a long, long time that the apparitions were going to go on for 40 years.

– a Friend of Medjugorje
7+33=40 – July 10, 2014

We have followed the genealogy of a Friend of Medjugorje’s understanding that the apparitions of Medjugorje will last 40 years, and have traced this back to 1991, when a clear understanding was reached. Since then, whenever a significant anniversary of the Medjugorje apparitions was being celebrated, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, everything a Friend of Medjugorje wrote was with the viewpoint of an understanding of 40 years of apparitions. He says again, during the pivotal 33-year anniversary:

…at this point of 33 years, in these seven years remaining until we reach the 40 year mark, what will we see manifest? Our Lady said:

June 25, 2014

“…discover the wisdom of living…”

These are incredible words. She has been coming to tell us how to live a new way of life because this life is under judgment. Life is not going to stay the way it is. We won’t know life as we have always known it… we have been trying to convince you of this to change your life. Why? Because if you don’t, you will go down with the life as it exists now, which because it is under judgment cannot stand and will not stand.

– a Friend of Medjugorje
7+33=40 – July 10, 2014

This is a clear prediction of what we are experiencing today, in June 2020. All you have to do is look around the state, nation, world. A Friend of Medjugorje says and writes what is not understood until it happens. His words clearly foretell the future, what is happening in the present. Again, he says:

And now that we have entered into this crucial 7-7-7 (in 2011), with seven years remaining of this 40-year trek, we are going to see a lot of tribulation.

– a Friend of Medjugorje
7+33=40 – July 10, 2014

Think about this. No warning of clouds. But rain is predicted. We trust the weatherman to tell us of what we cannot see coming, because of what he can see with a satellite and a few scientific instruments. How much more so, the prediction of the upcoming spiritual climate, which is informed by a “view from the heavens,” as the words of Our Lady form and inform a Friend of Medjugorje’s worldview. This leaves us with the final statement, which he tells, again, in 2011:

…Her goal is to bring people into apostleship, bring people into conversion through this 40-year mark of daily apparitions to prepare us for what world we will be entering into—for Her followers, a promised land; for the others, the loss thereof.

– a Friend of Medjugorje
7+33=40 – July 10, 2014

June 2020 a Friend of Medjugorje asks:
When Do We Enter the 40th Year of the Apparitions?

So when, exactly, does the 40th year of the apparitions begin? Several are stating and thinking that in a few days, June 25, 2020 is the beginning of the 40th year of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje. It is not. It is easy to be confused. So, to understand that we enter into the 40th year on June 24-25, 2021, the following explanation will clear up this confusion.

Our Lady said April 1982, in anticipation of the coming of June 25, 1982:

“I wish a feast for the Queen of Peace on the 25th of June, the anniversary of the first apparition.”

Our Lady said the first apparition of which also means the first anniversary, even though it was April 1982. We know there are 365 days in a year. From June 25, 1981 to June 25, 1982 is a year (365 days). It is the first year. The first anniversary celebration. The year comes behind the anniversary. The first day does not become a year until 1982 at the first anniversary.




40th Anniversary
June 23, 2021 ends the 40th anniversary year

The 40th Anniversary will be June 24-25, 2021.

A child’s first birthday is 365 days after his birth. On the child’s 364th day after being born, he is one day from turning one year old. Once the child turns one, this begins the countdown of the next 365 days, until he turns two years old. You do not count the first day of birth as if he is one year old. June 24, 1981 was the first apparition of Our Lady. Medjugorje was only one day old on that day. It was not one year old at that point. Our Lady makes clear the first anniversary of the apparitions is June 24, 1982. What this means is that we are entering into the 39th year of the apparitions on June 25, 2020. Therefore, the end of the 40th year, is June 25, 2021. At that point, we will have “entered” the 40th anniversary year.

To clarify further: the 40th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions is so significant an occurance, however, that to begin to speak about it as the 40th year before we have actually reached the mark seriously diminshes the significance of the event. Knowing that we have 12 months until the 40th anniversary is a serious impulse for action and conversion.

A married couple celebrates 40 years of marriage on their anniversary date, and continues celebrating this “40 years”, after the anniversary date. They continue their recognition of 40 years for the entire year following that anniversary date until they finally reach the 41st anniversary. It is important to have the same outlook on Our Lady’s 40th anniversary.

As we head towards the secrets, remember what was told to you in 2014. Life is not going to stay the way it is. We won’t know life as we have always known it… We are going to see a lot of tribulation. We should all long for the secrets. The power of the devil’s chokehold on the world will be broken.

Be Ready, Be Prepared,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

medjugorje visionary Ivanka June 25, 1988

(Medjugorje photo taken Saturday, June 25, 1988) – The above picture was taken by a Friend of Medjugorje on the 7th anniversary of the apparitions. During this apparition, Our Lady, through Ivanka, asked for everyone present to kneel down. But, when the apparition began, a Friend of Medjugorje and his wife were the only ones kneeling. Others joined, including Fr. Rene Laurentin, who is, at the time this picture was taken, still sitting. Ivanka said after the apparition, that when everyone had knelt down, Our Lady gave them Her Special Blessing. Ivanka then relayed Our Lady’s message, which was not only profound, but prophetic. Our Lady said:

“The people here will be witnesses of the love of God.”

This message through Ivanka, was not fully understood until Our Lady came to a Friend of Medjugorje and his wife’s home in November 1988. Our Lady, from November 1988, through January 1989, would give many messages through visionary Marija in their home, often speaking about love. We have seen many times through the years, that a Friend of Medjugorje and his wife would be martyred for the sake of love, as was told in the writing, A Lesson in Love.

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9 thoughts on “Clearing the Air When Does the 40th Year Begin of Our Lady’s Apparitions?”

  1. Small world! What a lovely photo. I personally know or have met three people in this photo. The late Grace Millard, her husband filming, Fr Rene, and my wife and I stayed at Ivanka’s son’s house three years ago. I tried to meet Terry, last summer, July 2019. He was not on the grounds at the time of my arrival (Caritas) Grace travelled much taking groups to Medjugorje a total of 75 times within a 30+ year period.

  2. Small world! What a lovely photo. I personally know or have met three people in this photo. The late Grace Millard, her husband filming, Fr Rene, and my wife and I stayed at Ivanka’s son’s house three years ago. I tried to meet Terry, last summer, July 2019. He was not on the grounds at the time of my arrival (Caritas) Grace travelled much taking groups to Medjugorje a total of 75 times within a 30+ year period.

  3. Our Lady will lead us out of spiritual difficulties and problems which the world is facing now if we do her requests of prayer, fasting, penance and repentance. We will be delivered just like the Isralites made it to the Promised Land after 40 years.

  4. May I please just add a sincere message of thanks from the bottom of my heart to a Friend of Medjugorje. I was brought to this site a few years ago and it is your words that have and continue to teach me more about my faith. I am sincerely grateful for being saved. Thank you also to all who work tirelessly and faithfully to bring us Our Lady’s messages. May God keep you all blessed always xxxxx

  5. I have shared these thoughts for some time and have felt this will be the time of the great battle between our Blessed Mother and the vile one. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners. I plead with you to take my heart, mind and soul into your hands and guide me safely on this journey. May your sacred Medjugorje continue to give us guidance from your words. Lord have mercy on us all xx

  6. As Friend of Medjugorje has told us before, this will be the Vigil year, starting June 24th-25th. This is a time to “Guard”, and “Stay Awake”. We must be full of “Watchfulness”, & not let our Conversion, become reduced. While the Master is out, we mustn’t allow ourselves, to not be prepared, for His coming. Our Lamps, must remain full of oil, with the wicks trimmed, ready to meet the Bride or Groom, at a moments notice. It is a year, of purposeful task, meditation & prayer. A time to recognize Our Lady’s Mosaic, as coming more into focus, as we prepare for Key Elements of Her Plan, to unfold. We will continue to see God’s hand, as He shapes the coming new time. This is a time, like when the Birth Pangs, become closer and closer apart. We’ve been prepared to yield to Our Creator’s will, filled with a Unifying Grace, through Our Holy Mother. Grace will Grow for Many, while for others, some will even lose, that which they thought they had. This will draw many to examine self.

  7. Jennifer McKittrick

    Yes, I agree with your spiritual assessment as to the timing of the 40th Anniversary! I have felt this in my heart for a long time and I joyfully await praying with the beautiful faith-filled pilgrims from around the world in June 2021. May God continue to inspire us and guide us to be true Apostles of Our Lady’s love. Jennifer, Katie and Lauren McKittrick

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