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“It’s the last resort…”

Home We’re in the middle of a situation, if there’s not an interception, we’re doomed. So, you hear people in the sports world say, “Oh, ...
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“Our Lady wants the next March 18th apparition to Mirjana to be anticipated…”

  February 22, 2021 A.D.   Where were you on March 18, 2020? Empty pews behind St. James Church, Saturday, March 21, 2020 – 5:34 ...

A Formula for Life’s Needs

June 13, 2020 A.D.   Following is a sample of many letters we receive on a daily basis. Both of these letters came to us ...

All Graces At Your Disposal

June 2, 2020 A.D.   It is important to pray. These words might seem simplistic. But, considering what is happening in our nation and the ...

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