Changing History

Many complain about the sins of this nation (USA). We have all brought about the sins of our nation through our own unholiness. We do not have to be great sinners to breed an environment of great sins. The lack of holiness has allowed the great sins.” Holiness suppresses evil and drives it away. Throughout the history of our great Nation, many of our past leaders have encouraged us to humble ourselves before God, to acknowledge His blessing upon our nation, and to pray for His continued blessings. Men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln understood that pride and arrogance would be our fall as a Nation, and as our leaders, they are and continue to be our conscience in remembering that it is from God that all blessings flow. How much we are in need of this reminder today! Many of our present leaders are shamefully silent in regard to remembering God with gratitude for His gifts. How fortunate we are to be living in the time when God sends His own Mother to be our conscience to teach us humility, and to seek His blessings on our behalf. Changing History will inspire you to want to pray for our Nation.

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