Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on January 24, 1989

Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on January 24, 1989

What Happened on January 24, 25, 26, 1989


January 24, 1989

Today Marija was late for the apparition and couldn’t get to the home at the appointed time. Our Lady came to her but gave no special message; however, Our Lady did say that She extended Her blessing and received all the intentions of the several thousand people who were present near the tree.


January 25, 1989 (Given to Marija while she was in America)

“Dear children, today I am calling you to the way of holiness. Pray that you may comprehend the beauty and the greatness of this way, where God reveals Himself to you in a special way. Pray that you may be open to everything that God does through you so that in your life you may be enabled to give thanks to God and to rejoice over everything that He does through each individual. I give you my blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


With these being the last days of the apparitions of the 2 ½ months spanning from November 18, 1988 to January 26, 1989 that Marija was in Alabama, thousands of people were by this time coming from all across the nation to experience and be blessed in the apparitions. Pilgrims mostly gathered in the Field, which was adjacent to the house where Marija was staying. After each apparition, someone from the house would go to the Field and announce what Our Lady had said and did in the apparition.

January 25 was, of course, the monthly message to the world. It was actually the 3rd monthly message received in the home of Caritas’ founder during Marija’s stay. Each of these monthly messages had special significance for the founder in light of Our Lady’s request that he establish a community here, foundationed upon Her messages. This last monthly message, given just days after Our Lady made known this special request, put into greater context what She was calling for: “…I am calling you to the way of holiness. Pray that you may comprehend the beauty and the greatness of this way, where God reveals Himself to you in a special way…”


January 26, 1989, 10:40 a.m.

This day ended Our Lady’s apparitions for the period of November 1988 through January 1989. The apparition was very intense and emotional. Bearing the responsibility of having the privilege of hosting Our Lady’s apparitions for this time, the family had given everything of themselves to Marija, to the hundreds of guests that had come to their house, and to the tens of thousands of pilgrims who journeyed here to encounter Our Lady in this time. They could hardly recite the Rosary, knowing that Our Lady was leaving. Our Lady told them:

“Dear children, I desire that your lives become prayer.”

Our Lady ended the apparitions with the same message She began them with. November 20, 1988 – Her first words, “May your life be prayer…” It was clear, through the three months of Her presence that Our Lady desired something to unfold here that She, Herself, was initiating.

Marija said that Our Lady was always very happy in all the apparitions that took place in the home. Marija flew to Italy and convalesced for another two months before returning to Medjugorje.


pilgrims in the field

As the number of pilgrims increased as word spread of Our Lady’s apparitions, the Field became the gathering spot for them. An altar was set up next to a large pine tree in the otherwise empty field. A large pedestal of rocks was formed upon which a small statue of Our Lady was placed to honor Her. Anyone who comes to visit the Field today will see the exact scene as those first pilgrims in 1988-1989. The only thing that has been added in the past 22 years is an iron fence around the tree to protect it from good-meaning pilgrims who wish to take a piece of the bark off the tree as a relic.

cars on 43

County Highway 43 became practically impassible during the apparitions of Our Lady while Marija was staying in the home of Caritas’ founder. Though out in the country, there was no available parking anywhere other than the side of the road. People walked for miles to arrive at the Field. Yet, despite the inconvenience, the excitement of having the unexpected opportunity to be in the presence of the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje made every sacrifice worth it. The crowds were filled with joy. Over the years, the community has had the opportunity to meet many of the pilgrims who happened to be present for these apparitions. Without exception, they testified to the power of that experience. For many, it was the cause of their conversion, a conversion that has lasted all these years.


In the last days of Our Lady’s apparitions in the Bedroom, in January 1989, a woman approached Caritas’ founder and wife with 12 dozen red roses. They were a gift to Our Lady in thanksgiving for coming and allowing so many people to be present for Her apparitions. Taking the flowers, our founder and his wife arranged them on the Bed where Our Lady appeared, as a carpet for Her feet. A little white blanket belonging to their newborn son was placed at the head of the Bed for petitions to be laid upon. Each year the Bedroom is opened for pilgrims to pray in during the Five Days of Prayer for the Reconciliation of Ourselves, Our Families and Our Nation Back to God, December 8-12th. The original white bedspread from these first apparitions in the Bedroom is laid upon the bed, and roses are arranged just as they were in 1989. The same little baby blanket is taken out of its tissue a placed at the head of the Bed again. Everything is recreated from the January 26, 1989 apparition, for the community and pilgrims as a sweet remembrance of saying good-bye to Our Lady after Her first visit in the home of our founder and his family.

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12 thoughts on “Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on January 24, 1989”

  1. This Message really touched my heart and I have decided to recite rosary every day, which Im not doing it regularly,It gave me a great Peace and faith towards our beloved mother, Hope to visit Medjugorje very soon through grace and blessings.

  2. This Message really touched my heart and I have decided to recite rosary every day, which Im not doing it regularly,It gave me a great Peace and faith towards our beloved mother, Hope to visit Medjugorje very soon through grace and blessings.

  3. Thank You Mother Mary for holding us by the hand and for showing us the way to real and meaningful living. Love You so much! Glaphyra

  4. I have been following these messages for long time now. For me these are repeated continuosly. I wonder why She never said a word about the worst situation we are facing in this world. For example about the wars in the middle east and other countries nearly everywhere war or civil wars with killing of thousand innocent everyday. Nothing about atrocities ,nothing about the scandals and abuses by the clergy. I am just asking why. (If you dont like to let my comment seen at least answer me personnaly) Thanks.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful article and so true. I pray every day for the conversion of sinners. I love Mary with all my heart. I believe that my daughter is in heaven because I consecrated her to Mary. I am terribly sad that my daughter is not here with me, but at the same time I am joyful that she is in heaven with Mary and I never have to worry about her again. Thank you Caritas for loving Mary and Jesus so much. Thank you for all of the beautiful prayers you put on this website. Thank you for encouraging me to continue even when I want to quit. With the love of Jesus and Mary I pray for you.

  6. Thanks and May God Bless You all! Thanks Mother for your Love for us. I have sent this message to my friends and loved ones. May all read and be converted! May all experience the love of our Father. and our Saviour! No words to explain my gratitude! “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven!

  7. caterina verardi

    caterinagrazie mille per questi messaggi della madonnaamo leggere con tutto il mio cuore amo tanto medjugorjesono stata una volta a settenbre del 2012 e voglio tornaredinuovo io o avuto un segno della madonna alla montagnaapparizione e grazie mia regina mia madre ti amo tanto

  8. I thank you so much for sending me these messages from Medjugorje which I love to read! Indeed I have been to Medjugorje 5 times already, and ever since the first time I went 6 years ago, I want to go back every year! I have been this year at the Anniversary and once more, just loved it! It is heaven on earth! That is how I describe to my friends when I come back! A place of prayer, faith and peace! Thank you dearest Gospa! Bless us all and the entire world!

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