Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on January 18, 1989

Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on January 18, 1989


What Happened on January 18, 1989


Once again Our Lady said in the home of the founder of Caritas:

January 18, 1989, 5:40 p.m.

“Pray for my intentions.”


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See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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38 thoughts on “Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on January 18, 1989”

  1. Thank you for sharing the recording of the two women from the UK. Please share many more recordings of visitors to the Mission House in Medjugorje.

  2. What a wonderful testimony from two ladies who also reside in the UK where I live. They confirm everything my friend and I believe through listening to Friend of Medjugorje broadcasts over the years.There are many organisations who serve the New World Order,the United Nations, NATO, the EU and individuals such as Obama, Soros the Clinton’s and many others throughout the world. They serve satan for the temporary rewards of this life. Thank God for President Trump who was put into the office of the President by Divine intervention, and Caritas who brings so much clarity to what is happening in the world. I also agree every country needs someone like President Trump. In the UK the will of the people to leave the EU has been subverted by globalists. May God bless Caritas, President Trump and all who work for the Kingdom of God, so we may live godly lives. Maria

  3. Thank you all so very much for your prayers for my mother and family. I have felt our lady presence around me since leaving a very violent husband. I left with my 3 sons many years we have had our ups and downs. I prayed and lit a candle the same time as Our Lady was appearing I ask for protection of my family and my country and peace in the world. Jesus Mary and Joseph we love you save souls

  4. Chris scheper

    I have always had a strong devotion to our Lady but, since I have discovered mej.com and the Caritas Community my devotion has become much stronger. Thank you for that. I have taken part in all the novenas and I will continue to do so, my Love for Jesus and Our Mother is much stronger and deeper than ever. I want to thank you all for what you do and I strongly believe with all my heart that what you are doing is one of the main reasons that our earth is still in existance. All the prayer and fasting is why our Lord has spared the earth from damnation. Thank you Love Chris

  5. Thank you so much for giving us the message that Our Loving Lady asked to write out petitions. We are far away but very close to Her as she always is present when we call. She answers so beautifully in Her way. She listens when we send petitions. We want to make it to Medjugorje again. Its expensive but we Know and Faithfully pray that she will provide for us to go there again with our children. I have asked my children and all whom I know to petition our Lady through the Internet. She has blessed all who do so. We have felt her power and presence. Thats the first thing we can think of is to write to her as we cannot be in Medjugorje we are there with Our Lady through the Petitions. Thank you so much for your messages and information from Medjugorje. For those pilgrims who are far way we have Our Mother sending us messages through you as the medium. We Know that what she wants will be done on Earth. We will be writing out our petitions every day because of the grace she is bestowing.

  6. I have always had a strong devotion to our Lady but, since I have discovered mej.com and the Caritas Community my devotion has become much stronger. Thank you for that. I have taken part in all the novenas and I will continue to do so, my Love for Jesus and Our Mother is much stronger and deeper than ever. I want to thank you all for what you do and I strongly believe with all my heart that what you are doing is one of the main reasons that our earth is still in existance. All the prayer and fasting is why our Lord has spared the earth from damnation. Thank you Love Chris

  7. Paddy and MonicaRoe &family;

    Thank you so much for all your good work and your constant reaching out to us with all this good news May we ask a special prayer for our Country Ireland ,Our Government are about to bring into IRELAND ABORTION They intend to pass Legislation next TUESDAY9TH OF JULY 2013 please please ask Our Holy Mother to ask Her Son to Stop them. Gods Love Peace and Joy be with you all Paddy and Monica

  8. charmaine singh

    thank you for the warm message and sharing with the world the wonderful being with our LADY,MOTHER MARY.we are in spirit there also.may our MOTHER bless us in our country,

  9. mary hasenstab

    It was a warm joyful feeling of much love and people being close to Out Blessed Mother and the Caritas group. The pictures of Marija and her family was a real good touch to the happiness that was there.

  10. Thanks for this great article. Just a reminder you have the time difference between sydney and singapore as 4 hours, where as its 2 hours.Thanks,Daniel

  11. praise be Jesus Christ please pray for my daughter she was told that she could not have any more children then she became pregant and then lost the baby at two months we are devasated gods will be done thank you for bringing medjugorje into our home god bless all of you and marina and her family praise god please pray for my eye thank you and all franciscians

  12. Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who could not make it to Caritas.My heart has really been blessed with Our Mothers words and your pictures.May God Bless all there and bless and bring our nation back to God – Pray for all my family that they will come back to the Sacraments.

  13. james bergeson

    Very good.I would love to go back to medugorjie.I was there in 1999 if I remember right.keep up the good work.

  14. Thank you for sharing this beautiful time. We are so sad that we cannot be there this year. God bless you all with love and the joy of Jesus and our Blessed Mother.

  15. What a wonderful article and pictures. Thanks so much. Having Marija and her family in Alabama is a Gift and Treasure beyond words. Thanks to A Friend of Medjugorje and his wife for being such gracious hosts during these events, and all the Caritas workers who give of themselves totally throughout the year. Alabama is so Blessed to have this happening here. Words cannot express the gratitude to our Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our Lady for allowing us this Gift! The newly erected Cross is stunning, to say the least. Thank you again!!!

  16. Thank you for this letter that you send out. We were not able to be there in person because of family problems so I am very grateful for these updates. I know that they take alot of energy to write, with pictures included, but they give the homebound hope that God is with us in our situation and that we are not alone or forsaken. Thank you again and God bless Marija with her family, the hostess family, and all the pilgrams. This is the sign for I love you in sign language . _m/

  17. Thank you for sending this to me. I ask for a prayer for my friend, Sharon Carlson, very ill….I ask Jesus to take her in his arms and that she will have a happy death. I will miss her very much. Sharon has suffered for many, many years, took very good care of her husband, Carl till he past about 4 years ago. She and Carl belived and lived by the Bible and the 10 commandments. God bless you all. Fran Baugnet

  18. Thank you for all the pictures and explainations. I have been trying for quite some time to love our blessed Mother as Jesus did and I have finally found her in my heart, and that she is truely my mother too. God bless you.

  19. katherine piaskowski

    Reading this just puts me in awe. I struggle so much with the spiritual world, believing but not seeing nor hearing as in the human world. This comes to me at a time when I have been desperately clinging to Mary helping me to place all my trust in her Son. This message gives me the hope and courage to carry on. Thank you

  20. Steve Signaigo

    I am coming Friday with friends. Will the apparition be at the house or in the field by the tree?

  21. Please place my petition before Most Holy Mary.O Mother, my heart is full & i present to you ALL who, & that my son, my mother, & I are praying for, as well as our deep gratitude for the miraculous bounty of Christ the Lord that continues to be given to us.Ask the Lord God to look with Mercy & favor upon us & our household as we await the coming return of Jesus, that we may be completely prepared both spiritually, & temporarily to serve His will, & those he may send to us.& please bless Adam & his family.We love You, Most Holy Mother, & send the greetings of our household. Precious Mother, every beautiful flower from the garden we send via our guardian angels!In Jesus, always faithful,Alida, Michaelangelo & Rosa

  22. Jeannie Botha

    We are indeed blessed for receveing from the Mother of God all these messages. We need to share it with everybody we meet also our friends and family. The writing is on the wall and our Mother is preparing us for the great return of her Son Jesus. We give honour and praise to Jesus, who through His blessed Mother, calls us His children. We are children of the King of Kings, we have royal blood flowing in our veins and we have Holy Spirit DNA. Thank you Mother Mary for being the Divine Instrument to lead us to Jesus and those who have strayed, back to Jesus.

  23. Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing this interview with these women from The UK. We are not so “United” anymore. This really shows the evils of our time and how we are being attacked by satan through coups and socialist thinkers who want to rid the world of Christianity. I’m going to send this to my democrat sister. Please pray for her to see truth and to accept it and to be converted. Brenda Moscow, ID

  24. Wow! To hear the unity of heart of Her apostles! It doesn’t matter where we are, the Holy Spirit unites us, leading us all to the same Truth! Praying for Trump, praying for Francis and all our shepherds, praying for all who seek to do what is good and right and just and holy…that they will be given the power of the Holy Spirit and armies of angels to accomplish God’s Will on earth! Praying for blind eyes to be opened! Praying for evil to continue to be exposed! Praying for all those in posession of miraculous medals! Praying for all those rejecting Truth! Praying for continued conversion for all of us! Praying for all unbelievers! Praing for Caritas, it’s mission and its founder! Praying Our Lady’s plan’s and God’s Will on earth as it is in Heaven! Amen!

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