Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on January 17, 1989

What Happened On January 17, 1989


January 17, 1989, 5:40 p.m.

“Pray for my intentions. With this prayer, I would like to help each one of you.”

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On seven different occasions while Our Lady was appearing in the home of Caritas’ founder, for a 2 ½ month period of time, She said the words, “Pray for my intentions.” This was intriguing at the time, because this was not a common phrase of Our Lady. Only on two other occasions, before the apparitions at Caritas in 1988-1989, was it ever recorded that Our Lady said these words.


July 1, 1983

This apparition took place at 11:00 p.m. on Cross Mountain.


“I thank all those who have responded to my call. I bless all of you. I bless each of you. In these days, I ask you to pray for my intentions.”


July 1, 1985


Our Lady appeared on Apparition Mountain

“I thank all those who have responded to my call. I bless all of you, I bless each of you. These days, I ask you to pray for my intentions. Go in the peace of God.”


Since the 1988-1989 apparitions at Caritas, Our Lady has requested this on a number of other occasions, bringing the total to 19 times she said these words in a 30 year period. Of those 19 times, seven happened in the Bedroom during the 1988-1989 apparitions. The first time She said it in the Bedroom was in the context of a startling message:


November 26, 1988


Our Lady came and was very happy. With Her hands extended, She prayed over everyone and blessed them. Marija recommended all those present, especially the sick, to Our Lady and She prayed The Lord’s Prayer and the Glory Be. Our Lady’s message:


“I ask you once again to pray. Especially pray for my intentions. If you pray for my intentions, I will be glorified through you. All your prayers are going to help you through my hands.”


Our Lady made it plain through this message that She had intentions here, intentions that once fulfilled, would glorify Her. The Community of Caritas, the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, the Caritas Mission House in Medjugorje, and Radio Wave, millions of printed newsletters, booklets, brochures and books, tens of thousands of audio CDs, more than a thousand billboards around the nation, hundreds of different projects through the years—all to bring people to awareness of the Medjugorje apparitions, speak to whether Our Lady’s intentions have been and continue to be fulfilled, where She has been and continues to be glorified through the prayer, work and sacrifices of the community.

The amazing thing of all of this is that Our Lady could take a group of very imperfect people and use them in such a way as to bring Her glory. What has the community merited on their own? Nothing, for the grace to do what they do has all come through the gracious hands of Our Lady, just as She said in the Bedroom on November 26, 1988:


“…All your prayers are going to help you through my hands.”

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  1. Thank you for this message of invitation to conversion. I apologise I took quite a long time to open it. However, I still find it much practical for me as regards the message of June 6th 1988 concerning Prayer, peace, fasting and penance. I try, with the grace of God, the three Ps but am weak in fasting. I therefore ask for the intercession of the BVM and community of Caritas so that I may grow in this area.

  2. I thought Jesus was supposed to separate the wheat from The weeds, the sheep from the goats.Many times when we separate into the light, we are leavingMany loved ones in the gray area who are so convinced they are right. How can we leave them behind?

  3. Thank You Mother and thank you all my friends! Mother Mary we all Join with you on every 2nd day of the month. we give our hearts to you Mother including our sacrifices and penance. Offer them to our Lord, then we will purify and have strength and make our selves to be good apostles to the society. Praise the Lord!

  4. Angus A. Stevens

    I like your message about gray area where Christians are more like pagans and pagans are more like Christians. The gray area is a big deception of the devil! Taking the morning prayers and the reading of the bible out of public school is not my way of thinking. I do not go to PTA meetings because I am not a parent. If I was notified about this secular movement, I would put up a fight against it. I found out about this secular movement after the school policy was changed. No wonder, that some young people stick metal into their skin. It is all against the family and without that we have no country. I pray for all of the family unit(s) everyday. There are some other things I pray for as well. I do not want to get away from the thoughts that were brought to my conscious mind. Thank you very much for your email. In Jesus name, God Bless You, Angus A.

  5. I am so confused at the disbelief of people to whom I tell about this Incredible gift from heaven, to have been alive in this time of grace of Our Lady! I tell them, christians also, about Medjugorje and they look at me as if I were strange. I pray that they come to understand what a gift we have been given by the Father. thank you friend of Medjugorege for your special calling to help us understand this wonderful gift.

  6. I loved reading the 1st three days of the apparitions and the thought came to mind that it would be nice if those days were put into a book form. It could be titled as ” The Glorious 104 Days At Caritas”. or what ever title that you would like better.

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