Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on February 2, 1994

Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on February 2, 1994

What Happened on February 2, 1994


Our Lady appeared to Marija at 10:45 a.m. in the bedroom. She gave no special message. In this apparition, the Caritas Community was gathered for the first time in Her presence. After Her words the day before, spoken only in the presence of Caritas’ founder and his family, the silence today was significant. The community was just being established. Individuals and families had responded to Our Lady’s call, but the formation of the community was just beginning. There was little history within the newly formed community itself of being tested and of overcoming obstacles. The community was just learning to fast twice a week, to establish a prayer life of four hours a day, of working together despite different personalities, etc. The silence of Our Lady while She was before the community, especially after the joyful greeting the day before, “spoke” to them of Our Lady confirming and acknowledging their founder, his position, and what he and his family had personally suffered for Our Lady to begin establishing this way of life being guided by Her messages.

In an article written by R. Michael Dunnigan in the January, 2011 issue of The Catholic World Report, Dunnigan explains the importance of religious founders in the eyes of the Church: ….

“The primary role of religious communities in the Church is not to staff hospitals or to teach in schools, or even to care for the poor. Rather, the essential meaning and purpose of religious life is to present a uniquely public witness to the faith for the benefit of both the Church and the world. ..In living out this witness in a particular religious community, the person of the founder is crucial. This always has been the case, but the Church has accentuated the importance of religious founders even more in the Vatican II era. Thus, the Church constantly urges religious brothers and sisters to be faithful to the spirit and aims of their founders. As moral theologian Germain Grisez has noted, the position of a religious founder is unique in the Church. The reason is that the members of a religious community collaborate with their founder not simply during his tenure in office nor even for the span of his earthly life, but even after his death and for the entire life of the community, generation after generation.”11

Our Lady’s actions will never work in contradiction to the teachings of the Church, but rather will confirm these teachings. On October 6, 1986, Our Lady gave a direct message to Caritas’ founder, through Medjugorje visionary, Marija, while he was in Medjugorje. She said to him, “Pray and by your life witness…” Our Lady then answered a personal question he had brought to Her. He asked Our Lady, through Marija, if the same conversion that is taking place in Medjugorje be allowed to take place in Alabama, in his own hometown, so to speak. Our Lady responded in the affirmative. She said, “…Not with words but rather through prayer will you attain what your desire is. Therefore, pray more and live in humility.” Seven and a half years later, Our Lady appears just in the presence of the founder and his family in their home and says “I am happy to be here.” For the past five years, after Our Lady had been in his home for 2 ½ months giving messages every day, the founder had been under severe attack that was specifically aimed at forcing him to abandon the path Our Lady had set him on. In the above messages, and in many other messages and actions, Our Lady confirmed the foundation and the authority of Caritas’ founder in the same spirit that the Church recognizes the unique position the founder holds in religious communities. In line with Her actions, She is silent before the community on February 2, 1994 to point them to the founder just as “…the Church constantly urges religious brothers and sisters to be faithful to the spirit and aims of their founders.” The community is not their own foundation, but rather their foundation is upon a single life, a single witness who accepted the call from Our Lady to “by your life witness.” This was an important lesson in that the community understood through Our Lady’s actions that by cooperating with the founder’s “spirit and aims” they become an extension of his witness. And it is his witness that is an extension of Our Lady’s through being obedient to Her messages.


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1“Cloaking Maciel in a Capuchin Hood,” R. Michael Dunnigan, The Catholic World Report, January, 2011

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20 thoughts on “Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on February 2, 1994”

  1. This is a very awesome thing to listen to has a lot of impact and information for all those who know this nation is a republic. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to this and do some research. He could impact us a lot in the near future.

  2. Michael John Hebert

    Control Words, To Control The Language. Control Language, To Control The Ideas. Control Ideas, To Control The Thoughts Control Thoughts, To Control The Culture. Control Culture, To Control The Society. Control Society, To Control The World

  3. Michael John Hebert

    Wow, OK, I getcha ! So maybe some people out there will like some of the ammunition of words I’ve been using against the authors of lies I like “Illicities”, instead of Sanctuary Cities. It makes sense, they are illicit in nature, vile, and ill. I use the term, “GeoMandering”, to define Gerrymandering of the entire American continent and not just districts. I call States, “SeperStates”, when they are bent on rending Our Constitution and creating a Socialist Regime here in the USA. “College ElecTearIt’s”, are the fools, who want to rid us of our Electoral College. I call the process of Driver’s Licenses, to Illegal Aliens in one state, migrating to another state getting Voter Registration illegally, unbeknownst by the next DMV, “Voter Laundering” I call the Democrats, Progressives and Left in general the, “UnFounding Father’s”. Democratic Freebies are, “DemonCratic Swag” I call Climate Change, “InClimate Weather” Progressives have become, “RetroAgressives” Ran out of space

  4. Shirley Russell

    Dear Blessed Mother Mary:Thank you so much for loving us so much and appearing to us to give us messages from you and Jesus. We know you love us so much. We love you too, dear Blessed Mother Mary. I love you, Shirley

  5. Thank You, Mother Mary to come to us through the visionaries to give us Your messages. GOD bless all of us. In Jesus name. AMEN.


  7. Mother Mary, my Mother, Thank You so much for praying for peace! Thank You for the gift of might especially during these times when we stand much in need of it. You are a Mother who knows our needs and equips us with the Power necessary to face problems and counter attacks. Thank You our dear and loving Blessed Mother! We love You!

  8. Thank You Mother Sweet Mary for your loving messages you kindly convey to Mankind for the past 32 years which is still relevant in this troubled & restless Earth. You are truly a loving & caring mother whom visionary Ivan said difficult to describe. Under your kind calling, I was in Medjugorje in 1988 in my youth years & now I am longing to bring my wife for a revisit to both Medjugorje in Bosnia & Caritas USA GOD willing. I find PEACE in this places. Many thanks to FRIEND of Medjugorje for the constant updates on Medjugorje. Mother Mary & Son JESUS surely bless you all abundantly. Thank You Again.

  9. Dear beloved mother Mary, Your words are so clear and inspiring that has touched me. Help me to pray always, as I need you. Also for my children who has stray away from you. I wishes for wisdom and peace of heart and mind. Thank you for your blessings and graces you give me. Praise to Jesus everyday. Amen. May God bless you friend of Medjugorje. Do pray for me that I may be able to visit Medjugorje for my wish.

  10. Thanks and May God Bless You my friends and Thank You Mother for your Love for us! You said you gave us Might, yes Mother, this is a Gift to the whole world. I am trying so much to give my family and others also the gift God our Father is giving us by your apparitions. Please come Mother Mary, otherwise we will be haunted. Thank you for your Holy intercession. Praise be the Holy Trinity!

  11. Dear Blessed Mother Mary: Thank you so much for loving us so much and appearing to us to give us messages from you and Jesus. We know you love us so much. We love you too, dear Blessed Mother Mary. I love you, Shirley

  12. I love Our Blessed Virgin Mary Mother so much and thankher for speaking to Ivan to guide us to HER Beloved SonJesus until our lives have ended on this earth; I pray I willbe worthy enough to be with them in Heaven. I pray constantly for ALL the Holy Souls in Purgatory that they may soon be with GOD in HEAVEN, too.

  13. I have been failing badly in my attempt to fast on bread and water. Butter or jam was missing, hot tea with milk was needed, but suddenly, it has become very do-able…comfortable, joyful, even the slight headache is a sign that I am doing what I hoped to be able to do. Holy Mother does assist, and gives real help. I love you, Mother.

  14. Thank you for the messages. I do look forward to the messages for they have brought inspiration and trust. When I read them I know My Mother the blessed Virgin is looking and helping us. I pray the Rosay each day.May God Bless You

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