Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on December 14, 2001

Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on December 14, 2001


December 19, 2011 A.D.


What Happened on December 14, 2001


The following is Marija’s description of the apparition of December 14, 2001, in the Field:


When Our Lady appeared today, I prayed for each of you and asked Our Lady to bless us and to hear our intentions. In a special way, I prayed for all the sick. Our Lady extended Her hands over the crowds, and She prayed a long time over us. Then I asked Our Lady if She had something to tell us. Our Lady smiled and said:

“Live my messages.”


And then She blessed us, and She left saying, “Go in peace.” And She left with a smile on Her lips.


Marija speaking to the Crowds at Caritas 2001

Marija stands before a large crowd of pilgrims during the Five Days of Prayer in December, 2001. Our Lady called six individuals to become witnesses to the world. Medjugorje visionary Ivanka was told by Our Lady, speaking of these six visionaries:

May 7, 1985

“…No one in the world has had the grace which you, your brothers, and sisters have received…”

It is a great grace to have the opportunity to listen and see one of Our Lady’s visionaries. Our Lady has formed them in Her messages and so often they reveal, often subtly, the way of thinking of Our Lady. It may be an example from their own lives or a thought on how to deal with a problem but when it is said it is so striking that one knows it was something directly from Our Lady.

Marija speaking to the Crowds at Caritas 2001

Marija does not walk around with her hands folded and eyes lifted to heaven all the time in a false piety. She is a normal, very joyful and approachable person. Marija takes seriously her responsibility to be a witness for Our Lady. It brings her joy to fulfill this responsibility for Our Lady’s sake and for the sake of souls who are moved by her testimony, who begin to feel the impulse to change their lives.


Our Lady's statue in the Field at Caritas 2001

There may have been an expectation among some of the pilgrims for Our Lady to comment or address the tragedy of the September 11 events in some way. Yet, there was no disappointment that She did not. Her messages and joy were in fact encouraging to everyone in that She set the course to carry on as we have been, assuring everyone that She is with us, that She loves us, and to continue to strive to live Her messages. The prayer days of December 10-14, 2001were not the sweet days of joy we had experienced with Our Lady in 1999, but we were living in a different world then we were then. However, Our Lady consoled our hearts by Her presence and gave confidence that God was still in control. But we would forever be aware that we are truly in a battle between Heaven and hell, just as Our Lady foretold on August 2, 1981:

August 2, 1981

“…A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake. ”

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