Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on December 13, 1999

December 13, 2011 A.D.

What Happened December 13, 1999

The community gathered in the bedroom around 7:00 a.m. to begin praying in preparation for the apparition. Marija and the community prayed the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary, singing Christmas carols between each decade. The founder of the community had invited every one to write out petitions and place them on the bed, from the oldest to the youngest. Of this apparition, all prayed in thanksgiving for such a beautiful five days and for this unexpected seventh apparition. For Our Lady to change the time of the apparition because of Marija’s flying out this day and come early was a great grace.


As Our Lady appeared, we could tell by Marija’s face this apparition was special. We didn’t know why, but Marija throughout this apparition had a smile on her face. In ecstasy, Marija’s face is almost always with a serious expression. As the apparition ended, Marija’s eyes followed Our Lady back to Heaven for several moments. Marija then broke her constant routine of always saying the Magnificat and said in English, “Our Lady came with five angels!” She began then to pray the Magnificat and weeping could be heard throughout the room, as we were all moved at this gift of Our Lady. Following is Marija’s description of the apparition:“Our Lady came with five angels today! Our Lady prayed over us and blessed us. She looked at each and every one of us.”After the apparition, we asked Marija to describe the angels. She said they were small, like the size of a two year old. Two had black hair, two had brown hair, and one had blond hair. Two were on each side of Our Lady and the blond haired angel fluttered above Her head. Marija said that they were gazing at Our Lady, never taking their eyes off of Her. Marija also said that never, in all her apparitions, has she seen the angels look away from Our Lady even for a second.


Marija left shortly after the apparition ended. Even before the event ended, we were already receiving letters in the mail of those who were only able to attend the first few days. The outpouring of graces that people received during Our Lady’s visit was stunning. For weeks we continued to receive incredible conversion stories of those who, in faith, had come to be with Our Lady. It was a beautiful consolation for the founder and members of the Community of Caritas who had spent the past ten years in building the mission, suffering persecution, enduring very long work schedules, and doing the hard work of changing their lives to follow Our Lady’s messages. It was an experience of Heaven. You should have seen it in color!

The Bedroom of Apparitions

At the request of Our Lady the day before, only the community was invited to be present at the last apparition of Our Lady in the Bedroom. We gathered at the house early to have time to write out our petitions where we placed them on the Bed. There was so much to reflect upon and a deep reluctance in our hearts to see Our Lady leave us so soon after sharing so many sweet moments with Her.

It was difficult praying the Rosary and singing the Christmas carols between the decades, we were so filled with love for Our Lady, and so thankful for all the unexpected gifts She gave. The community was given a little taste of what our founder and his wife had felt on the last day of Marija’s visit in 1989 after 3 months of having Our Lady in their home. We had given everything of ourselves to make these days of prayer with Our Lady possible for the 40,000 pilgrims who attended, and we were totally exhausted, but so moved at Our Lady’s goodness to us, graces given to us that we knew we were unworthy to receive. The five angels that appeared that day with Our Lady was just the icing on the cake.

The Tabernacle of Our Lady's Messages

Climbing to the Grotto La Pluie where a statue of Our Lady resides, nestled in the mountains behind Caritas, one can see the most beautiful view of the valley—the valley blessed by Our Lady’s appearance—and the bell tower of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages peeking out above the tree tops. It is a valley consecrated to Our Lady every day in our prayers. We love to climb to this spot and think of the many times Our Lady has descended down from Heaven, through the clouds, through the sky, coming through even the very roof of our founder’s house to be with Her children whom She loves and wishes to teach and to guide.

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