Caritas of Birmingham to Be Closed to Pilgrims through the End of April

Caritas of Birmingham to Be Closed to Pilgrims through the End of April

For Immediate Release
April 18, 2020
7:00 AM Central Time USA

(Caritas of Birmingham, Alabama) – A determination was made that Caritas of Birmingham will continue to be closed to visiting pilgrims through the end of April. At that time, another determination will be made about a time when Caritas will open again to pilgrims.

This also means that the Patriotic Rosary novena on April 25, 2020, at the Cross, will also be closed to pilgrims, though the Caritas Community will still pray the novena at the Cross. Once again, the same statements are made that:

1. The mission of Caritas will continue to operate at full capacity, filling orders, answering phones and taking prayer requests. People are encouraged to call with prayer needs. See contact information below, or make a prayer request here.

2. The daily prayer schedules will continue to be maintained by the Community of Caritas.

3. Those who were planning to visit are encouraged to drive by the Field and offer a prayer. You can pull off the road and pray. See also the Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Field.

4. Caritas asks that people continue to support the mission with their prayers and financial tithes. The mission will still be operating at full throttle, even though it will be closed to visitors.

This Press Release will be updated and superceded by another statement, prior to May 1, as a determination will be made on the time-frame of the closure. Those with questions are encouraged to contact Caritas at the information below.


Press Contact:
Medjugorje Network Information Services
Caritas of Birmingham (Alabama)
Internationally: 001-205-672-2000
[email protected]

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1 thought on “Caritas of Birmingham to Be Closed to Pilgrims through the End of April”

  1. R. Renee Reams

    Hello Caritas….A big thank you for the spiritual apparition in the field its just what I need during these times of self isolation. Praying for each of you to stay healthy and to continue to be blessed a 1000 fold for all you do to get hearts and souls close to Our Lady. Sending a spiritual hug to each and everyone. Your Vigilance is so motivational!

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