Broadcast Last Night, What Happened and What We are Doing About It

Broadcast Last Night, What Happened and What We are Doing About It

September 25, 2018 A.D.
10:40 AM Central Time USA

(Caritas of Birmingham, Alabama) – Last night’s special Mejanomics broadcast of Crimes: Silence, Bad Teachings and Something Diabolical, which was anticipated by many, ended abruptly 50 minutes after go-live time. The Mejanomics special broadcast will air again on Wednesday, September 26, at 8:00 PM Central Time.

What most did not know yesterday, is what was happening behind the scenes. Here is a short timeline of what culminated to create the events which ended the broadcast last night.

What Happened Yesterday?

At approximately 2:35 PM Central Time, weather related events nearby Caritas created a universal power outage that extended for several miles around Caritas. Caritas had at this point, not received any rain. When the power went out, our battery system picked up the slack and most around the world did not know what was going on. Primary electrical power was restored just after 3:15 PM.

At around 5:57 PM Central Time, the National Weather Service radars picked up strong thunderstorms headed towards the Caritas area, sweeping up from the southwest. The storms hit just after 6:00 PM.

A little before 6:45 PM, an event occurred where for a full 30 seconds, all three phases of primary electrical power pulsed in and out, which ended with one of the three phases of power completely knocked out. We immediately began a procedure to protect equipment all throughout the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. Once again, the backup batteries on our servers picked up, but because of being mostly drained earlier in the day, did not have much time.

We began to put equipment in place, in the event that the batteries would not last. One of the batteries ended up draining completely shortly before the Radio WAVE broadcast last night, which resulted in a total loss of power to the Radio WAVE station.

We were working on restoring the power when, at approximately 7:57 PM Central Time, the Network Operations Center for Radio WAVE contacted us with a message:

“…getting reports from viewers that there should be a live event happening. We are currently not getting any connection…”

We switched power for Radio WAVE to another phase of electrical which was working. The Radio WAVE station was back online at 7:59 PM, just in time for the special broadcast to start. We kept portable generators in the waiting, just in case we needed them, and we kept a vigilant eye on the backup batteries.

Backup battery at zero percent

A completely exhausted battery pack in the Radio WAVE studio, the evening of September 24, 2018.

Just before 8:50 PM Central Time, the already exhausted backup battery finally gave out just as we were switching to a generator.

We were in the midst of putting everything onto backup generators when all the power went completely out. When the power goes completely out like this, it is usually when the power company identifies the problem. The power company brings their linesman repair onsite and does a complete power shutdown in order to work safely under hazardous conditions. This is what happened last night.

This complete power outage at 8:55 PM, shutdown the entire network at Caritas. The Network Operations Center for Radio WAVE contacted us again:

“…looks like the streams went down again. We no longer have access to the encoder as well…”

We were finishing the power up on generators, when the power company restored partial power, and then full power just a few minutes later. This was all taking place, just as the final words of the Mejanomics special were being said. We then began the long process of startup of all the Caritas systems which was complete at 10:30 PM Central Time. The Network Operations Center for Radio WAVE confirmed:

“…can confirm good audio on this end…”

Our systems are now operating normal.

What We Are Doing About It

New Backup battery system at Caritas

The new battery backup, called an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), one part of the backup power system which was funded during last year’s Mej.com plea. This part of the UPS system weighs 1800 pounds and will supply power in the interim until the backup generator turns on.

Most people in a spiritual work such as Caritas, will be quick to blame the devil on things like this. But, why give him credit for something which he may have had nothing to do with? Weather is from God, and only except in rare circumstances, does the devil play a part in anything like this. Several events came together yesterday to create a “perfect storm” which resulted in the broadcast being cut off last night. Yesterday’s events were not necessarily caused by the devil, they were simply natural things, which, when one is in prayer, they teach, guide and give lessons on doing better the next time. This is our attitude about things like this.

All of the above having been said, many of you know that we have been working since last year’s Mej.com plea, to put together a backup power system which will, for the most part prevent something like this from happening. After several months of carefully refining and finalizing the system design, part of the system arrived just a few days ago, and the main generator with automatic transfer, will be shipping the second week of October. Those who gave to the Mej.com plea last year, know that we designated funds just for this. It has taken a year to design and plan a backup power system to meet our needs now, and during the time of the Great Evangelization. We are “in sight of the shore” and very close to having this in place. We can only pray that Our Lady protect Her equipment during the interim. Thank you to all who gave, for your generosity and support which is bringing a much-needed system close to being in place. To all of our Field Angels and those committing to a minimum of $5 a month, thank you for helping to sustain this work of Our Lady. Know you are in our prayers daily, and be sure to hear the broadcast in full, this coming Wednesday, September 26, at 8:00 PM Central Time USA on Radio WAVE 24 Hours.

In the Love of Our Lady,
A Friend of Medjugorje

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