Billboards Announcing Our Lady’s March Apparitions Can Be Seen Around the Country

Billboards Announcing Our Lady’s March Apparitions Can Be Seen Around the Country


this is my time billboard
this is my time billboard

These are two billboards out of thousands that are up in various parts of the United States. These two in Muskegan, Michigan have a Daily Eye Contact of 14,272. In 2009, when we re-instituted the billboard program to announce Our Lady’s apparitions here, July 1-5, 2009, we met and heard from many people who learned of the apparitions through seeing a billboard, and among them, many came to be in Our Lady’s presence and it changed their lives. We still hear from people who write or call in who share with us that the billboard was their first knowledge of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje. One of the best investments you can make in leading hearts to Our Lady is through a $125.00 donation to sponsor a billboard.

If just one person sees the billboard and makes the decision to come to the apparitions and their life is changed, then the $125.00 is of more value than the greatest treasure on earth. Jesus has revealed to certain saints that he would suffer the entire Crucifixion again if it would save just one more soul—that is what one soul is worth to Jesus. Imagine, then, being able to save one soul for the cost of $125.00 donation. And what will that one soul produce for Our Lady? What impact will he make in his own family, at his workplace, in his own community? As a stone thrown in the middle of a pond, how many ripples will flow out from this one conversion?

We know that these billboards are attracting a great many people, and our prayer is that Our Lady will stamp Her image upon every heart that sees Her. And then, at any time She desires, that She will bring Her face of love to their memory when they are in most need to know that God exists and has sent the world His Mother to make His love known to every heart who hasn’t completely closed themselves to Him.

Please join us in our prayers for the 14,272 in Muskegan, Michigan who will daily pass by these billboards, that grace will be attached and hearts will be moved by Our Lady’s face. And remember the 903 other billboards placed in locations that are currently appearing across the United States. Prayer changes everything. Through your prayers, you can impact those who pass by Our Lady’s billboards every day, obtaining for them an open heart to receive Our Lady’s love and invitation.

Click here for more information on the billboard campaign.
Click here to donate for a billboard.

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  1. Second time listening to this. I feel I need to hear this one everyday. Your community is what I hope and pray for in my family. So many obstacles! My God, make of us what YOU WILL, despite us, may we become a Holy Family as you desire.

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