August 28 & 29 Event in Birmingham Near Caritas

August 28 & 29 Event in Birmingham Near Caritas

Information about an event taking place 20 miles from Caritas

Updated August 11, 2015
For Immediate Release
August 8, 2015 A.D.

Many have told us they will be in downtown Birmingham, Alabama for the Restoring Unity, “Never Again is Now” event with Glenn Beck, August 28-29, 2015. This event is not associated with Caritas so we do not have the details of the event itself.  If you had heard about this event and had planned to come already, we wanted to invite you to visit Caritas to pray to Our Lady on the sites She sanctified for the healing of our nation.  We know from the messages Our Lady has given here in the Bedroom of Apparitions and in the Field of Apparitions, and Her actions here that She is bringing about a revival in this nation through this sacred place. Though Caritas is not involved in planning or promoting this event, it is no coincidence that such an event for our nation, would happen near these Holy Sites.

We received requests from people attending the event in downtown Birmingham, if we would offer free primitive camping on the Caritas grounds. If you are interested in camping, please call Caritas at 205-672-2000 (ext. 218 or 219) to receive more information and to let us know you are coming. Many are taking the opportunity to be near the Holy Apparition sites at Caritas while attending the Glenn Beck event. There is no cost to camping, but we do need to know if you are coming and camping. Below are the guidelines for those camping and visiting Caritas during the event.

Please be advised of the following guidelines to visit Caritas.

1. No Immodest Dress 5. No Cameras
2. No Cell Phones 6. No Smoking
3. No Video Cameras 7. No Lounge Chairs/Other Chairs
4. No Gum Chewing 8. No Pets

Guidelines to be Followed on the Grounds.

♥ The following modesty rules will be strictly adhered to on the Caritas grounds, including parking and camping areas. All violators will be turned away. No sleeveless or low cut dresses. No sleeveless or low cut shirts, blouses, or sweaters. Dresses and skirts must be below the knee. Only knee-length shorts will be allowed for both men and women. Capris may be worn. No gym shorts or other short clothing. No mid-drifts or clothing that exposes the back or stomach. No see-through clothing or clothing that has inappropriate writing or pictures on it. Casual dress, jeans, etc., is OK. We are speaking about modest dress. Please remember that you will not be going to the beach or out sunning. Dress appropriately for the day and prayer times. Please save yourself the embarrassment of being turned away from the grounds of Caritas because of dress. It is important to inform all of this. We do not want anyone to be turned away, so repeatedly inform others and help make sure all are informed of this.

♥ No video cameras; no cameras, and absolutely no cell phone cameras are allowed. Violations will result in confiscation. You are on the grounds by invitation. Please remember, do not violate other pilgrims and the spirit of what is happening here. This is a serious violation of the spirit and reverence of the grounds here.

♥ No lounge chairs, three-legged portable chairs, or similar chairs allowed in the Field. If one must sit, wheelchairs or electric motor chairs are to be used. It is your responsibility to make provisions for wheelchairs. This is an offering of sacrifice, self-denial, and spiritual growth for your soul, not your flesh. As many have testified from their past experiences of the apparitions, the Bedroom, Field, Grotto, and other sites at Caritas, they relay that they were some of the most spiritual, moving, holiest moments they have ever experienced. Cameras, cell phones, etc., are all a distraction which inhibits the grace; the convenience of lounge chairs, etc., blocks sacrifices, which results in a loss of grace one could have received. Prayer is spontaneous and often throughout the day. Gum chewing is extremely irreverent during prayer or in the midst of others who are praying. Gum chewing is not allowed on the grounds. If you see someone doing it, please inform them to stop.

♥ Our Lady answers any objections to these rules, to be allowed on the Caritas grounds, by appearing on a rock strewn mountain in Medjugorje which is difficult to walk up, much less sit down comfortably once you are at the apparition site. For a peace-filled visit, please be reminded that Caritas has these guidelines for your benefit. The world may allow these things, but you are entering a world and a life, here at Caritas, created by Our Lady and Her messages.

Parking – The parking lot is open near the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. Anyone parking on the road must be off the white line or police will tow away your car. For safety of pedestrians, there is no parking on the road in front of the Field.

Priests – If you are a priest, we make a special invitation for you to come and to hear Confessions

For the Elderly – In the past, some elderly have paid the way for a friend to accompany and help them. It is a good way to come, and a good way to evangelize the one who is accompanying you, for Our Lady to convert them. “So be wise as serpents and innocent as doves,” (Matthew 10:16) to convert one who comes to help accompany you.

Prayer Groups – Ivan once said that satan hates prayer groups. Come with your whole prayer group. It is Our Lady’s desire to foster your prayer group. Our Lady said on September 25, 2000: “…Renew prayer in your families and form prayer groups. In this way, you will experience joy in prayer and togetherness…” Rent a van, bus, or meet up separately, whatever is necessary to answer Her call.

Free primitive camping in a tent or self-contained camper is available for all who wish to come or who cannot afford to stay in a hotel. Primitive camping is no electricity or water. Portolets will be available. Free firewood is also available, but bring your own grill. Caritas camping and parking is TV free, radio free, cell phone free, smoking free, and alcohol free. Violators will be asked to leave immediately. Some campgrounds and service stations are available for showers and septic dumping call 205-672-2000 ext 382 for locations and phone numbers along with other primitive camping information.

The Gift Shop is open Monday – Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, and from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

If you want to stay at a hotel near Caritas during the event, see the listings below.


Official Hotel for Caritas Events with Special Rates is Hampton Inn & Suites:

1. Hampton Inn & Suites, approx. 10 miles, 205-981-0024

Second Choice Hotels, Call for Rates:

2. Oak Mountain Lodge, approx. 11 miles, 205-991-0100
3. Candlewood Suites, approx. 13 miles, 205-991-0272
4. Wingate Inn, approx. 13 miles, 205-995-8586
5. Hyatt Place Inverness, approx. 14 miles, 205-995-9242

Call the hotels directly and mention Caritas to receive the discounted prices.

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Map to Caritas


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