A Pure Heart and The Consequences of Sin

A Pure Heart and The Consequences of Sin


August 2, 2012 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s August 2, 2012
Apparition and Message Given to Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers

The apparition of Our Lady to Mirjana today, August 2, 2012, took place at the Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain. Tens of thousands of people were there, present for the apparition. Our Lady appeared to Mirjana at 8:40 AM, and the apparition lasted almost 6 minutes. Afterwards, it took some time to make a way down the Mountain as the crowd was so pressed against each other. Following is Our Lady’s message given to Mirjana today, the day of prayer for nonbelievers:

“Dear children, I am with you and I am not giving up. I desire to have you come to know my Son. I desire for my children to be with me in eternal life. I desire for you to feel the joy of peace and to have eternal salvation. I am praying that you may overcome human weaknesses. I am imploring my Son to give you pure hearts. My dear children, only pure hearts know how to carry a cross and know how to sacrifice for all those sinners who have offended the Heavenly Father and who, even today, offend Him, although they have not come to know Him. I am praying that you may come to know the light of true faith which comes only from prayer of pure hearts. It is then that all those who are near you will feel the love of my Son. Pray for those whom my Son has chosen to lead you on the way to salvation. May your mouth refrain from every judgment. Thank you.”

Our Lady blessed every single person present and all the religious articles brought for blessing.

A Pure Heart and The Consequences of Sin

A Friend of Medjugorje


With sin and darkness surrounding us as a vast ocean it is easy for us to grow apathetic that our situation is so hopeless that it cannot change. But, today Our Lady tries to wash away all despairing and hopeless thoughts. Our condition causes us to ponder our society which is dying, as aspects of it are already dead. This is fact. True, to what we detect and see, there is no hope for these ways and elements of societies around the world to recover as they are already dead or dying. It is by the judgment of God. Our Lady’s presence is a judgment. Not in the sense Our Lady says, “May your mouth refrain from every judgment” in regards those Jesus has chosen to lead you on the way of salvation, rather the judgment spoken of here is against a system run by people, often good people, that as a system has taken on an evil power in and of itself. Who can come against it? A beast of such proportion that it drives the society of those who make up the culture – those who do, and those who do not, want to be a part of it. Yet both groups, the good and the bad, contribute to its growth, just as an evil cancer grows sapping the health of a body, overcoming it until the whole body becomes unhealthy. Christians must cease contributing to the way society is walking. Our Lady tells us, therefore, “I am not giving up,” and to come to Her Son. Our Lady’s prayer is before God Himself for you to overcome human weakness. You cannot do so by staying attached to things and ways that make you weak. It is the things and ways that make you weak which are going to die as they are the cancers of society of which prognosis has at this moment a judgment of death. But Our Lady’s presence is a judgment of mercy.

If you choose not to break away from those things and directions of the culture you will die with it, and in its death you, if unrepentant, will not be with Our Lady in eternal life. Thank God Our Lady says, “I am not giving up. I desire to have you come to know my Son. I desire for my children to be with me in eternal life.” Her seeds of hope are Her messages seeded out throughout the societies of the world. We can find glimmers of hope of those who are not staying attached to the direction the world follows toward death. Even Protestants, though they may not know it, are touched by Our Lady’s messages and are affected by the grace of Our Lady’s messages. The son of the founder of the nation’s second largest fast food chicken restaurant, Chick-fil-A, has countered the culture for decades not opening on Sunday. They make more profit in six days than any of the other similar fast food chains do in seven. What is in the heart of the owner is lived out in what he does. People have a wrong mentality that “If I’m a Christian, I believe in Christ, it does not have to correlate from my private life to what I am charged with in my public life.” If you are Christian, your company should reflect the attributes of Christian principles that you, as a Christian, are to possess. That means closing on Sunday. It also means that a Christian should do as Chick-fil-A’s President, Dan Cathy, did. As a principle he lives by, he stated that he was for traditional, Biblical marriages.

The dying culture went berserk. They don’t mind companies being for them, but are in deathly fear of any who with the influence of Chick-fil-A could come against normalizing their sin. They do not want to be reminded their way is death. Radical abominables screeched in loud voices across the nation though they are a minute group. The power of one statement, by one man who translates his convictions through his life into his company, is convicting, in the power of exorcism. The reactions of those steeped in the cancer of the sin of abominable lifestyles is because they hate to have their consciences convicted that what they do, what they live, is intolerable to healthy cultures and societies and the family around the world; a lifestyle that is clearly anti-family. Any prayerful study of Romans 1, verses 18-32, clearly shows this. Romans says there will be a penalty within one’s own body for this sin. What is AIDS? Who does it affect? What is it a consequence of? Sin has consequences for the ones who do not renounce their abominable sinful life, a “choice” in this case of not only a death sentence of the body, but also the soul, of the loss of eternal life with God. Living God’s ways has consequences. In Dan Cathy’s case, his principled Christian life translated into what he does, into his work, into an endeavor of goodness through his company. Why should Chick-fil-A not reflect who he is? Chick-fil-A, fueled by its customers, is a contributor of a positive culture of life for society. We need this, and Our Lady calls for it:

January 25, 2009

“…I desire, little children, for each of you to fall in love with eternal life which is your future, and for all worldly things to be a help for you to draw you closer to God the Creator…”


Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy’s company, is an example of this.

How is it that a culture of death, a wayward way of abominable sin can be promoted by company’s like Home Depot, Time magazine, JC Penny, and a hundred more other companies, and Chick-fil-A repeats the Christian principles of its founder and his son and is condemned? It is as Jesus relayed, “If they condemn Me they will condemn you.” By being a follower of Christ you are a contradiction to the world. It is Our Lady’s desire for people to come and know Her Son. No one who is not willing to become pure can truly know Him. But despite human weaknesses one can get on one’s knees, open one’s heart, implore Jesus to know Jesus and then implore Him to give you a pure heart.


“…I am imploring my Son to give you pure hearts…”


It does not matter if one has not come to know the Father. Not knowing Him does not cease His existence. He exists and is offended by sin, even by those who do not know Him. It is through this basis that Christians who live the Father’s statutes will be offended likewise by the approval of sin not just in others but in themselves also. It, therefore, is not about ‘live and let live’ in the culture if it is to thrive. Where a ‘live and let live’ mentality thrives, culture eventually dies.

In our mission for months we have prayed for purification, for pure hearts unimpeded by weaknesses in order to be strengthened by purification, not only for a personal decision of holiness, but that we become a stronger witness for others. Especially as Our Lady said today:


“…My dear children, only pure hearts know how to carry a cross and know how to sacrifice for all those sinners who have offended the Heavenly Father and who, even today, offend Him, although they have not come to know Him. I am praying that you may come to know the light of true faith which comes only from prayer of pure hearts. It is then that all those who are near you will feel the love of my Son…”


Our life is offered for everyone to come to know the love of the Father, His life of purity and peace. God gives this period of time of grace to pull as many out of a society that will die, and into a new culture that will experience a new springtime for the Church and the world. Make your choice. Grayness is drying up. The light is shining brighter every day, and everyone can see more and more clearly things becoming a black and white decision. You must decide.

With Love,
A Friend of Medjugorje


The massive amounts of people from across the United States who participated in the Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day, August 1, 2012, demonstrated that the politically correct agenda that is being forced upon Americans is not being accepted by the vast majority of Americans. On any given day, most people try to avoid traffic traps at lunch time and will look for places to go to eat where they can get in and out quickly. But on Wednesday, August 1, in the middle of a work week, in the morning, middle and end of a work day, thousands of people went out of their way to “get into the traffic”—prepared for the long waits and inconvenience, and in fact, taking delight in them as they understood what it represents. This is a sign of hope. The agenda has been pushed too far, for too long in the face of Christians.


Highway 280 in Birmingham, Alabama, runs past a Chick-fil-A store and traffic was backed up, even at times at a standstill, for several miles on both sides of the restaurant on August 1. The numbers of people who ate a Chick-fil-A sandwich on August 1 tells much more the mind and heart of the people than even voting day. Because of the corruption that exists within the political parties and among the candidates, there is no easy decision as to who to vote for, even within the conservative party. So many compromises are constantly being made, so many promises broken, so few who stand solidly behind their convictions. People responded to the very clear “this is where we stand on our issue,” voting on the statement of Chick-fil-A. In many Chick-fil-A locations across the country, people were flooding in from 6:00 in the morning until closing time at night. Stores even reported running out of food.


Looking at west-bound traffic on Highway 280 in Birmingham, Alabama, there was a whole line of cars that had their blinkers on, making their way to the turning lane to turn into Chick-fil-a restaurant. If one was looking in the opposite direction of east-bound traffic the same scene was displayed. As the traffic lights changed from red to green, incoming cars had to maneuver around outgoing cars in what seemed a never ending line of cars for hours. Traffic in both directions entering into Chick-fil-A was backed up for more than a mile.

Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain

The Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain is silhouetted in the light of the fading sun at sunset the evening of August 1, 2012. Many pilgrims have already arrived to stake their spot of ground in anticipation for Mirjana’s 2nd of the month apparition the following morning, a wait of 13-14 hours, wedged between rocks and people. Yet joy abounds on the mountain, in the midst of song and prayer, throughout the night.

Pilgrims await Our Lady's apparition to Medjugorje visionary Mirjana

A spot close to the Blue Cross is reserved for priests who wish to be near Mirjana during the apparition. It is a moving site to see so many priests continuously coming to Medjugorje. Thousands of vocations to the priesthood have been born in Medjugorje over the past 31 years. Today, as She so often does during Her messages on the 2nd of the month, Our Lady asked again for prayers for Her priests. “…Pray for those whom my Son has chosen to lead you on the way to salvation…” And then, just as a mother would speak to her child when giving councel that she expects to be obeyed, Our Lady reminds us that our priests need our prayers more than our criticisms. By Our Lady often asking for prayers for our priests, we must realize that our prayers are a powerful source of grace for priests and because of that, we should not neglect them in our prayers.

Pilgrims await Our Lady's apparition to Medjugorje visionary Mirjana

August 2 falls in the midst of the Youth Festival, one of the highest attended events each year in Medjugorje, which means also the crowds at Mirjana’s apparition each year are huge, with thousands of youth in attendance. This morning at the Blue Cross, at 5:30 a.m., pilgrims though tired from a sleepless night on the mountain, continue to pray rosary after rosary in anticipation of Our Lady’s coming.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana before apparition

Mirjana arrived earlier today than what was expected. She is typically greeted by pilgrims as she leaves her house. Many of the pilgrims who arrived later in the morning, with the Mountain already packed with people as far as the eye can see, decide to wait on the side of the street where Mirjana will be coming through with the hope of catching a glimpse of her as she walks by. The crowds press in on her from all sides, and it is with difficulty that she is able to get through the streets and up to the Blue Cross each 2nd of the month. Despite all the distractions, once Mirjana is kneeling before the Blue Cross, she settles into the silence of her heart. One can sense when Our Lady is about to appear to her, just by watching her. A moment after this picture was taken, Our Lady was suddenly before her and Mirjana becomes transfigured with joy.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana during apparition

Our Lady appears to Mirjana, this morning, August 2, 2012:

“Did you perceive what is to happen today, in Who came to the earth? The most beautiful creation in existence, Mary. She cannot even be compared to the beauty of a billion galaxies combined together, with a trillion, trillion stars across the perimeters of both sides of the universe, nor even if you added the even bigger breadth of Heaven with all its angels. All together, the sum total of beauty and awe of the entire universe and Heaven itself does not come close to the beauty of the Creature of the Creator, the Holy Virgin Mary. That most will never notice the daily visits of Our Lady, until it is too late, is a horror to the earth. A daily visit speaking to us, the sweetest music composed by God, will pass silently on into glorious history, unnoticed by the world.”


A Friend of Medjugorje
From “Will You Miss Out on the Second Greatest Moment in Time?”

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana during apparition

It can be no coincidence that with so many youth present in the apparition today, that Our Lady spoke of “pure hearts.” In our world today, purity is all but lost within the youth of the world. Soiled by so much exposure to impurity at younger and younger ages, a great chasm now exists between God and the young people of the world. Scripture states, “Blessed be the pure in spirit, for they shall see God.” Impurity offends the Heavenly Father, and yet as Our Lady said today, many offend Him without even knowing Him. “…those sinners who have offended the Heavenly Father and who, even today, offend Him, although they have not come to know Him…” In looking at the plight of the youth, one can be tempted to despair, but Our Lady’s simple words, “…I am with you and I am not giving up…” gives us great reason to hope.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana during apparition

A sweet expression is captured on Mirjana’s face as she gazes into the loving eyes of Our Lady in today’s apparition.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana during apparition

There was more joy on Mirjana’s face during today’s apparition, than in many of her apparitions of the past. The Caritas Community also received a great joy in receiving Our Lady’s message today because on July 24, the community began doing a 9-hour, 9-day novena specifically praying that Our Lady purify our hearts. This has been an ongoing prayer of the community all year, but specifically, we prayed a 54-day rosary novena leading up to Our Lady’s July 1-5 apparitions at Caritas with this as our main intention. After the apparitions in July, we continued asking for this grace from Our Lady. Our Lady, several times in her apparitions, has urged Her children to say short, ardent prayers throughout our day.

July 25, 2005

“Dear children! Also today, I call you to fill your day with short and ardent prayers…”

We can respond to Our Lady’s message today by filling our day with the desire that She purify our hearts through praying short, ardent prayers.

Dear Mother, I give You my heart to purify.
O Mary, unite my heart to yours as yours is united to Jesus’.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana during apparition

Mirjana’s upturned face indicates Our Lady’s departure. The visionaries say they always see Our Lady ascend on a cloud back up to Heaven at the end of every apparition. Their eyes never leave Our Lady until She is completely out of sight. Often, in the early days of the apparitions, those who were near the visionaries would hear them softly whisper the Croation word, “Ode”, meaning, “She’s gone.”

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana-reading of Our Lady's message

After every apparition, Mirjana immediately dictates Our Lady’s message as it is written down in a book. The message is then read aloud to the crowds, first in Croatian, and then in English, Italian and several other languages.

“Our Lady’s messages are the very thoughts of God. When we read these messages, pray with them, study and meditate over them, we begin to learn them and, by the grace of God, live them. Through this process, we can replace our worldly ways and opinions with God’s own thoughts and desires in every area of our lives. As children of Mary, Her messages need to have a prominent place in each of our lives. Why is this necessary? Because Our Lady speaks strongly to us through Her messages to help us find God’s way in everything we do as individuals, as families, as parish churches. Her messages are living messages. They can speak to us today, tomorrow, next year, ten years down the road. Our Lady, Herself, is offering the world spiritual direction through Her messages, and if we go to Her with our prayers, petitions, and concerns, She very often gives us direct answers that can transform our lives.”


A Friend of Medjugorje
“Some Remarkable Things About Our Lady’s Messages”

Pilgrims in streets after Medjugorje apparition

There are no pictures that can adequately show the numbers of people present in today’s apparition. This is the street below the Blue Cross, with a solid mass of pilgrims easily stretching out a mile in either direction before, during and after the apparition. Looking up at Apparition Mountain, pilgrims were also packed going half way up the mountain on both paths. Though impossible to estimate the numbers, a conservative estimate would be 30,000 people present. It is an incredible experience just being part of such an immense crowd who were present for only one purpose—to be in the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to receive Her blessing and Her assurance that God has not forgotten His children in this broken and wounded world that we have made for ourselves.



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15 thoughts on “A Pure Heart and The Consequences of Sin”

  1. I just got back from Medjugorje this afternoon things have changed so much and what we have to do. My experiance was so big, words can not explain it. On our last day we had a private apperition in Maria two hearts chapel. It was amazing can I can not put it in words or even wrap it around my head the experience. All I know is Mary has alot of work for me to do. Thank you caritas for the experience of a life time. God Bless and Peace is all I want for everyone in this world.

  2. Joseph Clement Barnabas

    It is true that we should pray for the youths of this world, since they are the future generation to carry this world. Dear Mother Mary we will continue to pray for the youth and we earnestly pray to you to protect the youth of this time. As everyone elese have experienced the messages are lifegiving every day. I get inspired by the messages I read from the book “Message from Heaven”. God Bless Mejegorje

  3. This site is quite inspiring and give immense strength to work for our life after death. Oh Mother.. help us that we may be able to reject all the temptations of this world and prepare ourselves for a peaceful death.

  4. Lesly Sillada Narvas

    Thanks Mama Mary to be my source of strength. Thanks for praying us that we may now the light of true faith which comes only from prayer of pure heart.. Thanks for guiding me through- from day 1 up to now, i continued praying rosary and keep on praying to your Son. Giving thanks to Him for everything that He gave to me and to my family. And please hear my prayer and my petition to you Our Lady of Medjugorje. Amen.

  5. And just think how many more people would have showed up at Chick-fil-A if it wasn’t a fasting day! (We are going to continue to support them (just not on Wednesdays & Fridays).

  6. The messages are impressive im praying foy my conversion and for the world conversion than you so much you brothers of Medjugorje for send me everything about Medjugorje for my salvation and salvation of family and neighbors.

  7. Thank you for giving me a deeper insight into “I am not giving up” even though She said in her previous message that this world is without a future. A new world is needed, a new world is coming!!

  8. Judith A. Roque


  9. Thankyou Mother Mary for the assurance that You are always with us. Help us maintain a pure heart always, without giving in to temptations or despair. May we be a source of inspiration to all whom we may come in contact with.

  10. Powerful! How comforting to read the words, “I am not giving up.”! Like a true Mother, she continues to plead with us to come back to her Son and to pray for her sons, her Priests! We are so in need of holy priests! Jesus living in Mary, have mercy on us and on all non-believers, that they come to conversion and believe!

  11. First, Thank you Blessed Mother for this Great Hope that you are not leaving us that you are with your children. The personal witness of the 20 yr old working at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday August 1 when another visible witness from within and without honored the true family all across this great Nation. The 2012 Youth festival in Medjugorje is also happening around the world evidence by this 20 yr old testimony. Also the other food service business like McDonald’s, KFC acknowledged solidarity with Chick-fil-A. And one more the Catholic family business Colorado that was given a Court decision in their favor against HHS Mandate. Our Blessed Mother means business.

  12. Thanks and may God Bless You All my dear friends! Thanks and praise the Lord for sending Mother Mary to the world! This message gives us confidence and help us to purify our hearts and souls. Every word of this message gives us a special meaning to think and study. It shows how much the mother of God care for us and her motherly love for us sinners.My Mother, we were longing to be with you and lord Jesus in Eternity. Please pray for us!

  13. I am a 20 year old girl and I have been working at Chick-fil-A for over a year. On August 1, 2012, it was truly amazing to see what was in the hearts of our people, so contrary to what the media implies. Our lines were wrapped around the building all day long with so many supporters. We had the biggest sale day in the history of our store, and broke our lunch hour record from 11 to 12 and 12 to 1. I feel I have a purpose in working for a Christian-based company like Chick-fil-A. Thank you for this article and all that you do!

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