April 2, 2010 Message on the Day for Nonbelievers

The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s April 2, 2010 Message on the day for non-believers through Mirjana:

he following is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s April 2, 2010 Message on the day for non-believers through Mirjana:


“Dear children; Today I bless you in a special way and I pray for you to return to the right way to my Son — your Savior, your Redeemer — to Him who gave you eternal life. Reflect on everything human, on everything that does not permit you to set out after my Son — on transience, imperfections and limitations — and then think of my Son, of His Divine infiniteness. By your surrender and prayer ennoble your body and perfect your soul. Be ready, my children. Thank you.”

As Our Lady was leaving, Mirjana saw a large golden Cross behind Our Lady.

More details and pictures from the apparition will be posted later on.
Check www.medjugorje.com for the next few hours today to get the rest of the information.

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  1. We trust in the word of the Lord. Thank you for the reassurances and reminder of Gods word. Praise the Lord forever and every day of our lives. Michael

  2. I just finished listening to the April 6 Mejanomics show and want to thank A Friend of Medjugorje — and praise the Holy Spirit. AFOM spoke words that were just for me. Recently, I have become so very tired, broken down physically, and discouraged at times with the extremely hard work of homesteading our rural land as my family strives toward an agrarian life. I’ve listened to the Mejanomics show “Rural Revolution” (June 11, 2015) many, many times, and try to remember to “pace myself” especially when I can hardly move the morning after yet another hard day’s work. But when I heard AFOM talking about being free of debt, the peace it brings, and working hard and sacrificing for what’s most important instead of giving in to the “easy way,” I was able to look out on our land from our mobile home, and breathe deeply at the freedom that has come from being debt free and learning lessons from working in God’s Creation that no man can teach. Thanks to this show, I feel a renewed strength.

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