A Time for Choosing Life or Death

A Time for Choosing Life or Death

 Following Our Lady’s messages charges us with more responsibility by the truth found in them…

June 13, 2013 A.D.

This is a time for choosing life or death.  Following is from A Friend of Medjugorje and clearly shows the path before us as the followers of Our Lady’s Medjugorje apparitions:

This is a time for choosing life or death. Lot’s son-in-laws flatly refused to listen and leave.  Lot tried in vain to get his wife to be obedient and go all the way, leaving Sodom behind.  Like her, many are reluctant to go all the way to follow Our Lady’s call to change our lives and rid ourselves of all hindrances to a holy life.  Some try for awhile but, after a few months or years, gradually lose their perseverance in living the messages.  We must remember that Lot was righteous and lived this way for a certain extended span of time in Sodom, probably detached from the evils there.  We, too, must make an uncompromising commitment to live Our Lady’s messages.  Our Lady is pleading on our behalf as Abraham pleaded for his people.  “God, let me find fifty,…forty,…ten just people.  God, will You spare the city for the sake of the innocent?”

If Abraham had found even ten innocent people, God would have spared Sodom.  God never said He would not chastise the wicked in Sodom, but only that He would spare it.  Our Lady is before God now, pleading to let Her find Her “ten” to spare the world.  It doesn’t mean the world will be spared chastisement, but it will be spared from the sure path of the destruction it is on.  The following presents three paths:

1.  Are we to be like Lot’s son-in-laws who heard Lot warn them to leave Sodom and paid no attention, comparable to those of us who have heard Our Lady’s call and have totally disregarded it?

2.  Or, are we to be like Lot’s wife who left and then looked back because she had regrets about leaving her home, her city, her life there, and in looking back she was turned into a pillar of salt?  By comparison, are we like those who hear Our Lady’s call, heed it in the beginning by reading and living the messages for a few months or years, and then begin to fall back into what we left because a holy life seems hard?  A compromise here, a concession there equals a pillar of salt.

3.  Or, are we to be like Lot who heard God’s call and never questioned God or regretted where he was being led and never looked back?  Lot can be compared to our hearing Our Lady’s call to leave the ways of the world and to live a completely new life, never thinking, “The TV was so nice,” or wishing, “We could go to the movies or enjoy excessive food or pleasures or lifestyles.”  Instead, we go forward as Lot did to a new place with no regrets and follow Our Lady’s messages, building new communities where family can be family, where communities become villages, rich in their roots, with a real heritage and Christian traditions and where we can live as the early Church did. We live this life, the world would consider us to be nuts.  But we must know that every mighty oak was once a nut who stood its ground.  While society swirls around us, daily contradicting and suppressing every facet of Christian life, we must root ourselves deeply into Our Lady’s messages so when the floods of society’s excesses and compromises rise above the creek bank, assaulting our trunks and our roots, we will go unharmed, deeply rooted in the soil of uncompromising holiness and faith.  In the future many will say, “You were a nut.”  Those who pray and understand will say, “You were a hero.”  The Church will say, “You are among the saints.”

From the writing, “What it Means to be Chosen by God”
by a Friend of Medjugorje

**  The apparitions of Our Lady at Caritas, July 1-5, 2013, will give each of you the opportunity to become more “deeply rooted in the soil of uncompromising holiness and faith.” This is a time of choosing life or death for this nation. Make a decision to come to be with Our Lady during these days of prayer to consecrate yourself, your family and our nation back to God.  It will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Will You be here July 1-5, 2013

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