A Special Grace for Medjugorje.com Core Group Members

A Special Grace for Medjugorje.com Core Group Members



Visionary Marija Lunetti arrived at Caritas last night and there was an apparition in the Bedroom almost immediately upon her arrival. This envelope contains all the names of our Medjugorje.com core group members. The envelope was laid on the Bed last night, Monday, June 29, 2009 during Our Lady’s apparition. Those who joined together to make up the 4,000 people to fund Medjugorje.com are serious about spreading the messages and we are serious to see that Our Lady bless those of you who have given these financial gifts on behalf of people worldwide to hear and spread Our Lady’s messages themselves through the newly rebuilt Medjugorje.com website. It is a tool to help convert the world. Presently, we have 1200 core group members who are giving monthly or annually 14¢ a day to help bring Medjugorje to the world. If you are not one already, you’re commitment of becoming a core group member of Medjugorje.com will insure it’s continuation in the future. We never miss an opportunity for Caritas benefactors to receive the blessing of your names being in Our Lady’s presence in the apparitions so that you can share in the blessing and spiritual benefits when we gather. We still have the need of 2800 more people to become stable to feed the world Our Lady’s messages. Please pray if this is a gift you can give Our Lady who is giving the world the only hope it has for a future.

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