A Phenomenal Experience

A Phenomenal Experience

February 13, 2015 A.D.

There is always a shortage of words to describe a Medjugorje experience. A recent Medjugorje pilgrim from Cincinnatti, Ohio wrote to us:

“It was a phenomenal experience!!! There are not words to describe it properly! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!!! So thankful to God and Mary for this tremendous blessing!”

P.D. Cincinnatti


Sunset over Cross Mountain in Medjugorje

One of the many beautiful sunsets over Cross Mountain in Medjugorje

When the day comes to an end, one often is amazed by how fast 24 hours flies by. The thought of a ten-day pilgrimage can at first evoke thoughts of what to do for ten days, and is it worth taking all that time off of work, etc.?

“I didn’t know what to expect of the trip. I just wanted it to go well. Even at age 47, on week long trips, I’m anxious to get home after about 4 days. On the pilgrimage to Medjugorje, the 10 days went by so fast, there was no time to get home sick.”

T.S., Fort Laramie, Ohio

…No time to get home sick. Once you go to Medjugorje you realize that you are home.


“I felt like going on this pilgrimage was going with family. I was glad I was kept within Medjugorje, the days went by too quick.”

E.L., Virginia Beach, Virginia

The days of our life go by quickly, and taking ten days to give only for God and Our Lady will be days you will not regret, either in this life or the next.


Call BVM Caritas Pilgrimages today, 205-672-2000, extension 218 or 219. Or click to visit here and request information about a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.


A Little of More What You Receive With BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages:

  • A good pilgrimage does not just happen. Many things need to be balanced to get you the most from one trip, what it may take five or ten trips to Medjugorje in order to receive. From quiet time, to activities, to sharing, to praying… all are ingredients spiritually managed into our pilgrimages that have won the hearts of many who pilgrimage with BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages.

  • Grace is always available for those who come to Medjugorje, seeking an encounter with Our Lady. “My eyes and my heart will be here even when I no longer appear.” Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, March 18, 1996

  • Since 1986, founded by a Friend of Medjugorje, BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages’ sole purpose is to help souls encouter Our Lady in Medjugorje

And much, much more!

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